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Cirera - 2005-07-13
Thank you SO much! I got a cockatiel for my birthday, and you helped me pick out a mutation, find out how to care for them, and helped me pick out a loving friend. Thank,so much!

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Steven Wright - 2005-07-12
I love my BlueMasked Love birds. I'm now breeding them.

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Emily Da Great - 2005-07-12
I have two black masked lovebirds. Their names are Lucy and Ricky, from " I Love Lucy". They are very affectionate to one another, but are very timid toward me. I know for a fact that they were not hand fed as babies. I strongly encourage buyers to buy hand fed chicks. Otherwise, they may not want to be around you.

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Matthew Stiteler - 2005-07-11
I have a parakeet named "Benny". He is very friendly and loves to talk. but about two months ago he got out and flew away. So we made flyers and put an ad in the newspaper. then after a devastating 3 days we received a call and they said they found a parakeet. So we quickly got into the car to go get him. When we got there we were so happy that we got him back. We then took him home and we were so relieved to have him. it turns out that he went seven miles away from where we live. At first he did not talk but about a week later he was back to normal. We are so lucky to have Benny.

Patricia and Leslie - 2005-07-11
Hey, We have 2 parakeets. One is green, and the other one is blue and white. We do not keep them in a cage becase it makes them aggravated to be in the cage all the time. So my dad got a branch for them. They both sleep and play on the branch. Their feathers are fully grown so they can fly around the house. we also put a mirror by the branch so they are always looking at their reflection and kissing it. IT IS SO FUNNY! Well you do have to be careful with them because if they know how to fly they would want to go. My mom just got a *cockatiel* and we tried to see if like they could live together, but the parakeets are so scared because it is like three times the size of them. We will try again later to see if they get better their relationship. If it does we will come back and tell you about it.

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Colleen,Willy,Zane and Chicklet - 2005-07-10
I have three cockatiels Willy, Zane and Chicklet. they were given to me by a family member and I would'nt trade them for the world. Somethings are a little bit harder to work out when you have older birds, but when they finally start getting use to you it's great. They have beautiful voices, fantastic senses-of-humor and are just loveable. Just try one. I bet you can't put it down! Take care Everybirds.

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lois - 2005-07-10
I spotted my new Senegal, Skeeter, for sale at a bird fair in New Orleans. The sign said he was 14 yrs old and "semi-tame". His band says 1991 so the age part is correct. However, he is a little lover. His feathers are perfect. And so is his attitude. I brought him and his cage home with me for only $150. What a bargain that was for me. I love him already and he seems completely nonplushed by moving to a new home. Please don't ever think that only baby parrots are to be considered as pets. This "old man" is calm, cool and an absolutely delight. His favorite toy and security in life is his swing. It looks to be as old as he is. But he can make that thing swing and will do so on que. Sweet, sweet, Skeeter.

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Lori Chesnutt - 2005-07-10
Thames pet shop has sold us a bird we named Sunshine. He eats out of your hand is not at all aggressive, drinks when offered water. Preens our hair sits happily on your finger, shoulder arm, flys short distances from one person to another. He is more out of the cage than in and has so far been watched very carefully so he doesn't bite the furniture. We are totally in love with our new bird. Thanks for sharing your stories too they are interesting.

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Bob Bendery - 2005-07-09
Grey cockatiel, male .... six years old. Just a few words to say that this creature, birdy-bird is his name, has provided so much happiness and entertainment in our home since he was a baby. So much affection, especially kisses, and always ready for eating with us. The cockatiel blends with you .... total commitment with so much love. You are his family. Can't find another bird in this price range with so much love and social skills. Message .... if you care to share your life with a feathered creature who will love you, stay with the generic,grey male cockatiel. So important to spend time every day with your cockatiel, especially when it comes time to scratch the head. Your cockatiel will love this and return for more.

Our world would be better off if every household contained a cockatiel with caring people. There would be so much love provided by this special bird!

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Phoebe - 2005-07-08
It's great to see my little "Lucky" is famous -- on the web!! I handraised Lucky for Crystal & he was talking before weaned. Little bird with a HUGE personality - love him. (& you and Norm, Crystal) Phoebe


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