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Ralph - 2005-07-22
I have a lutino lovebird. Her name is Mini and she is a great joy to have in our home.

They are vary smart birds.

kristian - 2005-07-21
I love the lutino lovebird. they are the most beautiful of all lovebirds. very easy to train

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josh pendlebury - 2005-07-21
i think blue and gold macaws are the best looking bird ever (:

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Indira - 2005-07-20
My Raja is the best gift I ever got. I love him so much and I feel that from him as well. We are forming our bond and day by day we are getting closer. I have always dreamt of owning a scarlet macaw and my husband made that dream come true for me. He never has nipped me since the day I brought him home, although he will nip others in the household. I guess he has chosen me as part of his flock and am proud of that and intend to never fail him. My kids, I have six of them, all love him and wonder who will get him one day after I leave the world, I always tell them, "the one I see that does the very best by him will have the honour". My dream is unbelievable, I know you will all understand the respect I give my bird, as he does by me. I now take him for walks, we will grow together and learn from each other. It is truly an amazing pet to own and respect and love. We do get close he loves when I pet him on his head and neck. Take care all you parrot lovers, esp. macaws.

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andy white - 2005-07-19
my two red sided babies jaid (boy) and jasmine(girl) own my mother and myself...they are the light of our lives...and boy can they talk. my boy lets me pull his wing out to show people he trusts me that much.

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jeff asiedu - 2005-07-18
thank you for the information, because i just bought a green cheeked conure and its the first day.its going on my hand, trusting me, and talking a little bit. thank you for your tips and every thing

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Anonymous - 2005-07-17
I have a 1 year old rainbow lorikeet(marbles) and he has copied my whistles, hellos, the phone, microwave, fire truck and more. i recommend a rainbow lorikeet for any one who loves animals. they are very entertaining and hours of fun for the whole family. but make sure everyone has their fair share because marbles attacks everyone but me and only i can put him in his cage and touch hie toys. anyway they are fab birds and i love him.

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Lauren - 2005-07-16
I have a cockatiel called Milo. She was given to me by my cousin! Milo is so wonderful, beautiful, and a great companion 2 me. The only things that are a let down is that she is scared of a lot of things, poos 2 much, and chews everything! I love Milo so much and I would never ever get rid of her. Cockatiels are wonderful and i encourage someone who wants a pet but doesn't have much room to get one.

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BrazilianBoy - 2005-07-16
They can speak and whistle... They're vey noise as well, and if you haven't a good painting at your wall (or a hard wallpaper) they may eat it. A singular behaviour about them is to chose one of the members of your family (or one of the inhabitants...) to like more than other ones. Be sure, they'll fight until death for them.

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Paige - 2005-07-16
I just got a blue parakeet named aiko(means lil loved one). I love him so much, I have never had one before and im only 12 but I read up on them alot! I got him because I found a baby robin when it was pink and I raised him and let him go. then my grandmother got me aiko at a petsmart. I really want to train him to talk


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