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Matthew Krulik - 2005-08-17
Hi, I bought a sun conure about four months ago and my life has not been the same since. My fiance and I named her Lilly. She is the sweetest little bird. Lilly loves to "hide" underneath my shirt and follows me everywhere, usually on my shirt, head, or hand. She often tries to mimic me, for example, whenever I brush my teeth she will sit there and shake her head and she loves to take showers. Unlike other conures that I have read about, she loves people. My friends often come over just to hold her. I have never seen so much personality wrapped up in a bird. Something else she does is whenever the door opens she squaks until I call her name. She's my little "guard bird"!

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Ellen - 2005-08-17
steven found me in my crab apple tree in 1985. he or she seemed so tame. i would feed him seeds from a plate. pet store said he wouldn't live through the winter, but I had an old cage and the rest is history. 20 years later he is happy as a lark! i am so blessed. not cooing as much as usual. is heathy and let out daily. cute as can be. lucky ringneck owers. mike and ellen.

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brandon - 2005-08-16
I have a grey cockatiel named sam. he has some budgie freinds and is very happy. sam loves to walk on the carpet and he thinks he can fly. I love my cockatiel. I got him off freecycle from kamloops bc. he has a friend named blaze, get it? WHAT IN SAM BLAZE IS GOING ON, well blaze is a green baby budgie. he is what we would call a human teen. sam is lonely becouse blaze is playing with the other budgies and sam is on my shoulder right now. say hi sam

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Trish - 2005-08-15
I adopted my double yellow headed (dyh) amazon about 4 years ago thru a neighbor who was bird sitting for an "alleged" breeder. The owner didn't like the bird, and the bird HATED the owner. I kept Homer (my dyh amazon) for two weeks and could not let him go back. ONE time the former owner came to see him because he could not believe Homer sat on my shoulder or gave babies kisses, etc., and the minute the man walked in my house Homer lost it and was very, very upset. Homer was supposed to be about 8 or 9 years old when I got him (at a discount because Homer was a "mean" bird) and now he is upset if my 7 year old doesn't speak to him when he gets home from school! What a mean bird! Also, he's in love with my dauther in law, good taste in women!I used to walk him to a neighbor who was dying of cancer at the time and he sat on my shoulder thru the woods, up the back stairs and right to my friend. Homer went right to our neighbor every time we visited. He's not always verbal but has body language & behaviors; but he has a family, and I have chosen not to ever breed him. I find sites and play the wild (free) amazons for him. He's got a band aound one leg, no doubt hatched & raised in captivity but he's part of our family, yet I still see how he responds to the sounds of the free birds. I feel guilty, but know he can never live in the wild. I am glad he is with us now. At least for now he gets to rule the roost. He supposedly has been DNA sexed but I have never seen the papers. That doesn't matter since we won't breed him and he is just one of us. Would never had imagined I could love one feathery critter so much. He is, for all his crabby ways, a life long friend.

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Mike - 2005-08-15
I bought a peachface lovebird yesterday and his name is zazu. He loves his cage and all of his toys this is a very good experience
for someones 1st bird. i love zazu.

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John Grimlan - 2005-08-15
My black-masked lovebird was given to me by his previous owner after his mate, a peach-faced female, escaped and flew away. He's adjusted quite well to being by himself, but makes sure I give him lots of attention whenever I'm around! (For such a little bird, they sure can chirp LOUD!) I bought him a little 3-way mirror at Petco that he spends hours in front of, chirping to and pecking at the "other bird" on the other side of the mirror. That and providing him with a variety of other entertaining bird toys keep him busy and happy throughout the day. So key to keeping a single lovebird is to give them lots of love and attention, and a mirror really helps too!

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Cornwall - 2005-08-14
I visit my Javanese massue for a massage each month and they rear a White eyed conure , which resembles a miniature Yellow naped Amazon parrot. It is really adorable, tame and affectionate with strangers. Each visit, whenever I go near it, this cutie bends his head to let me scratch. It melts my heart to see how his feathers around his face and neck fluff up and makes me want to own one as soon as possible.

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lucas - 2005-08-13
I have a blue-front amazon and he is 2 and a half years old. His name is Loru. He gets mad if you don't say "hi" or "hello" to him when you come back home. He does not live in a cage, he lives in a very big open play gym that my dad made. I find it a bit cruel to leave birds in a cage especially when no one is hardly home. He never gives us a problem when he's on his play gym exept when we go out for about 10 hours and he will go downstairs and start looking for us since we watch tv alot. I have a bulldog and the bird seems to get along with him, but my dog is scared of him. These birds are very easy to train to talk and do tricks but you must start from when he is young.

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Anonymous - 2005-08-13
I have a Nanday named Andy .He is a year old. When I first got him he was very shy , but now he is friendly and can not wait til I get home so he can come out of his cage and play.

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Tony Wester - 2005-08-12
We just brought our baby rosie home from the breeder August 6,2005.
Her name is Bella. We absolutely love her she is so beautiful, and has the sweetest personality. She came into a family of many birds, she has a brother Stevie (b&g macaw) Gordon(dyh amazon) and Chai (umberella cockatoo)plus her other 4 siblings(cockateils & budgie). Our children as well as the wife and I love all of our birds, all of our friends call our home a bird house


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