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Lisa - 2005-08-23
Savannah is a female SI eclectus. I got her at 9 months of age. She first learned to yahoo like the prairie dog, then meow exactly like my cat who stays outside but meows at the front door. She's finally saying hello occassionally when she hears you in another room. She's turned into a real snuggler and has been a great joy so far.

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Dean - 2005-08-23
love my blue and gold, [Tyler]. he is awesome. we take him on tour with us in our MEAT LOAF tribute and show when we are on tour. he lives in the tour bus.

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Anonymous - 2005-08-21
I've owned a meyers parrot for almost 2 weeks, I couldn't of picked a better bird! The only problem I've found is that there is little information on this specific bird, I've found them to be every bit of what the internet has said about them to be true. I honestly couldn't imagine my life without her now.

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Eduardo Rodriguez - 2005-08-21
Here in Puerto Rico, I place in my backyard finch mixture seeds to the seed eaters little birds in the wild. Little doves, big ones, gray grasskeet, yellow grasskeet, spice birds, etc. coming to eat.
Back to four months ago a new little bird start to coming to dinner. Cream stripes and light brown in color. Later, I saw that black and white beautiful bird start to appear to eating seeds, I supposed it another finch (I heard about this bird with long tail before, but I never saw one, very agressive toward the other birds, when they coming to eat. I start to look for information and I found it here
is a Pintail Wydah, who live and raise family here in the island of Puerto Rico. How they survice here, I don't know. It's wonderful. In my backyard I have planted berries, fruits, flowers (reds) and every day I placed in the floor finch seed mixture and water. I became a birdwatcher in my own backyard.

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Linda M - 2005-08-21
I've had my Rosella for 9 years now, she was a rescue. I loved reading about this bird, I really didn't know much about them. Most everything you've written has been true to my "Bella". I was really looking to see how long they live, as I don't really know how old she is but her head is almost all red now... and I only discovered I had a female when she layed a couple of eggs! She hasn't ever been around other birds tho. She is very timid but will take food from our hands and will sit on our shoulders but seems afraid. She doesn't talk but has learned to copy one whistle and seems to be learning another sound. She really is beautiful. She flys on occasion but when she lands on a pot shelf she doesn't know how to fly down. Anyway, thank you for all the great info.

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Manny Jakel - 2005-08-20


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alma - 2005-08-19
my lovebird is named little one. we thought it was a male but it turned out that it was a female. she was very tame until we decided to buy a mate for her, then she turned very agressive. but i still love her. i hand raised her babys they are so cute, they look just like her

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alma - 2005-08-19
I have 3 parakeets. their names are sassy sky and tiger. this is the first for me having these kind of birds. it seems to look like sassy and tiger are mates. i don't know if i should seperate sky all by himself or buy him a mate

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jasminka - 2005-08-19
I found my yellow bird in the snow on January, he (or she) was terrified and cold. At first I thought he will not make it. But he is. Now he is with me 7 months, but I was told he can not learn to speak - and hear I found he can. What is the truth?! He is now nice with me but doesn't like any strange faces, he becomed scared and starts to scream loudly. But he also likes my two dogs and my little parrot (I don't know english name). He loves to eat from hand and he is very, very happy when I look just at him and speak only to him - so when I talk to someone I ALWAYS look at him - otherwise he is so loud we can not hear each other. He was very young when I found him - at least I think. he had black eyes without yellow ring, and feathers were not is such "order" around neck as now. I like him but sometimes he is so loud and I just have to do something what doesn't include his presence - this is something he hates the most.

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joe - 2005-08-18
I have a pearl myself and he just seems to be the happiest thing you could ever meet


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