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ggregsgirl - 2005-09-17
i have 9 white doves and love them as much as my kids. if i am in another room and call one of them they will fly around till they find mom and then stomp on me and make a laughing noise. i have so many stories of my birds, from they're diet to things they do. they love ice cream even thought they will take very little bites, let their beaks get warm, and then take more. they like tea and coffee with sugar and milk, and they like cookies, pizza, ect. so i agree they are so affectionate. i have one who will stick her whole head in your mouth and peak at your tongue and lips, and she does it to give kisses. i say give kisses and open my mouth and she will as well as she has tried to drink out of my mouth. a little gross but shes my baby and i have had her 11 years and still going. she gets an attitude and everything, typical girl lol! well i hope to share more stories and my birds are on a website called webshots under community photos and then birds and a subcatagory is doves. the name your looking for is ggregsgirl if you care to check it out. my daughter has rescued a baby wild dove it fell out of the nest. she saw it in the road and ran to get it before it was hit. i tried to save it so i put it in the cage with a pair of my doves. and oh my god they started to feed and care for it as if it was their own. so now he is my "mudpuddle", his real is baby and hes so lovable. hes on the site as well. if i can download pic here i will put my birds on here as well. there are 8 white, one brown. everytime i have a dove i end up with a male or female then the second will be whatever the first baby wasnt. so in result i have 4 pairs male and female, and one without a mate. they are a joy to have.

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RMickelsen - 2005-09-16
we got our umbrella in February of this year. He is very attached to my husband and my husband can sit with him for hours. "Barney" rarely meets a stranger and is very much a social bird. He has brought us many nights of laughs at his silly antics. We are really happy that he has adopted us as his family.

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Georgette M Motyka - 2005-09-16
I so love Macaws in general, so maybe I will now look for a Harlequin. The are the most beautiful I have ever seen. I love the blue and gold's personality.. This site has made be want to get a Harlequin, over the blue and gold.

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michelle - 2005-09-15
I have had my Lutino cockatiel for almost 2 years, I bought her as a baby, hand tamed her myself, she has to be the easiest and best bird I have ever owned. She is super-friendly and will chatter and whistle, funny enough she will allow my one year old son to play with her!
Michelle 9/15/05

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Amanda - 2005-09-15
I Own a 3 month old GCC. His name is Ozzy. Ozzy is such a little explorer. He shares a room with 5 lovebirds and he loves to take a bath. Everytime he hears me come through the door he freaks out and wants out of his cage immediately. He's so funny. He is having a little bit of trouble saying his name but has no problem saying Ricky which i guess sounds close to him. He loves to play catch with our jack russel kato .. what a great bird.

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Anna & Chrissy 9/14/2005 - 2005-09-14
Chrissy is our beautiful little lutino indian ringneck and her bright personality reflects her beautiful yellow plumage. When we got Chrissy as a baby we knew very little about ringnecks, but it didn't take long to fall totally in love with her. Chrissy is very tame and will take love from anyone. She loves to play and shred anything she can get ahold of and she talks up a storm. I have met many people who claim that ringnecks are not good companion birds and can be very mean but I think they are horribly misunderstood birds. We own everything from budgies to macaws and our ringneck is, hands down, the sweetest and most charming bird in our flock. The key to owning a happy, healthy, and sweet ringneck is making sure that you spend time with your bird every day because ringnecks don't take kindly to being ignored (You wouldn't either if you were someones pet)! I think one of the only drawbacks to owning ringnecks is their loud, shrill call that sounds like "BAM BAM BAM" but this noise can be kept to a very minimal amount when properly taken care of. Overall these are awesome birds and charm their way into the hearts of just about anyone, even those who don't really care for birds!

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Mark Barnett - 2005-09-14
We got our Derbyan Parakeet in January of 2005 from my Sister-in-law for $60.00 (What a steal, Huh?)We named her Mary Jane (M.J. for short) she is 2 years old and the apple of Daddy's eye, she loves when I sing to her. Thank you for having this Derbyan site.
Mark & M.J. Barnett

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Blue Jeans - 2005-09-13
I found out my parakeet is very high maintenance. He craves attention and when he doesn't get any attention he bites. I found different kinds of whistles that he likes. I talk to him all the time now. When I'm not home I play the radio for him. My parakeets name is pockets.
Blue Jeans

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E Bitzer - 2005-09-11
Thank you. Your site helped me identify a parrot I recently rescued. I knew it was a Amazon, now I know what type it is also.
Thank You. Looking forward to many years with my new best friend.

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Talisha M - 2005-09-11
I had a cockatiel named George and he passed away a few years ago from a green-ant bite.(It was so sad. He was such a good bird and I loved him so much.) I always took him outside to eat some grass, and he never flew away because he loved us so much. I loved him back. i'll never forget George. I might be getting Lauren's cockatiel called Milo though! She wrote in about him. she is one of my friends at school. I have seen Milo and she is such a wonderful bird but not as good as George!! I love you George!


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