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himanshu singh - 2014-11-03
I need a cockatiel so please provide me a cockatiel . I live in Delhi

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David Pye - 2014-11-02
Hi I am the editor of a community magazine and have per chance found a report of the 1st annual Dinner of the Norwich section of 'The Crested Canary Club', if anyone is still involved with such an organisation in Norwich it may be of interest. Take care now. “CRESTED CANARY CLUB. The members of the Norwich section of the Crested Canary Club held their first annual dinner. on Wednesday evening [22nd March 1905]at the Orford Arms Hotel under the presidency of Mr.Jacob Mackley. The object of the section is to assist local breeders, I land to improve the class of birds coming from the capital of East Anglia.- A capital repast was set before the company by Mr. W. Grix, and after the good things had been discussed, the evening was passed in sentiment and harmony. The contributors to the 'programme being Messrs. A. Stowers, R. Brown, W. Curl,' S. Drake, Calver, and Gilchrist, Mr. C. Wood presiding at the pianoforte. The Chairman gave ' Success to the Crested Canary Club.' He said there was no county in England like Norfolk for producing the crested variety. Fanciers must come to Norfolk for stud birds, and must come to Norwich to improve their stock. The crests at the present day were not the size of a shilling; they were more like four-shilling-pieces. At one time the crests could be bought for £2, whereas now £30, £40, or even £100 was given for a good crest. That showed that, the variety was being immensely improved, and they ware getting together such a collection of birds as never was seen. Mr. W. Grooves replied. Other toasts were also given.”

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Teresa - 2014-11-02
can I give my macaw the hard seed from a Australian lepper tree to chew on

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-03
    I'm not familiar with this tree, but I would research it before giving the seeds to your bird to make sure they aren't toxic. 
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Karen Mock - 2014-11-01
I adopted a Jenday Conure I was told he is around 12 years old.He loves to listen to music and dances he also loves to watch bird videos on YouTube. He has recently been very moody I can't seem to please him with anything and he nips at me not hard but enough to let me know he's not happy and growls in my ear. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-02
    You may not be doing anything wrong. You didn't say how long you've had him, or anything about his environment, but I'm assuming he has a good sized cage and plenty of toys for his active nature.

    A rule of thumb is about a month for a parrot to acclimate to a new home. During that time they are usually at their best, then as they become comfortable previously learned behaviors start to emerge.  Be sure you are consistent with daily routines and your expectations. Then time and patience, along with plenty of love, are your best tools.
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Theresa Mary Weeks - 2014-10-31
I recently purchased a Green Cheeked Conure.  I named him Mr. McMurphy....I have only had him for a week...but can someone tell me when he will stop being so fearful.....he clings to the back of his cage and seems to flinch when myself or anyone walks by....I was told by someone to make sure he gets out and interacts w/me.....or he will remain fearful.....he's smart and when I get close enough he will do a step up on my finger.....yesterday we spent a good half hour watching the wild birds and squirrells eating he seemed to enjoy this ...the moment i went to sit on the sofa he tried to fly away (his wings are clipped) and he ended up under some furniture w/me chasing him....Can someone tell me how to make my new child realize he is loved and doesn't have to fear me....Are there any good books anyone can recomend on taming and training ...He is 5months old....I know I seem to be rushing things but animals have always taken to me ...I had parrakeets when I was younger they were all trained and one talked!!! impatiently wanting a relationship w/Mr. McMurhy!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-31
    Yes, I think you may be rushing things a bit. Birds, especially mature birds, have excellent memories. He may have been in a more fearful environment before, and it can take lots of time, patience, and love.  If he is a baby, it won't take as long, but either way it takes time. Keep in mind that some birds never become as friendly as we want, unfortunately there's really no way to say.
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Haldun Tarim - 2012-10-03
Dear Friends, I am looking for Red Factor Canary, Gloster or Yorkshire canary breeders in the Nederlands, Germany or in Belgium. I would bevery happy is someone advise me some breeders information....

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  • L K - 2013-01-17
    I think a mistake is in breeding two consorts instead of one consort and one corona.
  • ardhee - 2013-09-23
    For LK : You have to be more patient in raising walnuts, because I often run into things like that. I think you should find out why your canary chicks can die? What cage or because of its nutritional? Possible because of your bird cage hygiene, but if you ask me, you should adjust your walnuts parent nutrition in order to be ready for breeding... sorry I only give what I learned from my experience
  • Andrew Holloran - 2013-12-09
    Dear Breeders, having bred the Gloster canary for 25years and exhibiting as a champion breeder would like to answer some of your questions, i.e. in the case of the death of the chicks, breeding consort to consort would not have caused this in any way, there are many reasons why the chicks died always check for red mite, always clean green foods, i have had many chicks die over the years and never come to the cause, get to know your good feeders then you could possibly foster chicks out,. i once had a corona cock bird that would feed any chick that called for food. spend time in your birdroom and get to know the better mothers etc., i also used a radio that was left on all day this gets the young female birds used to noise and can prevent them from sitting tight, Having made the move to Germany i also need to purchase some stock may i suggest looking for local bird shows or even going to the N,E,C in Birmingham they have a really good sales class of all types of cage and aviary birds, if i can be of any further help just send me a email, Kind regards Andrew
  • Angel Centeno - 2014-10-30
    I'm looking for Gloster Consort canaries
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Marie Nelson - 2014-10-28
I have a yellow crest cockatoo - female. She was my parents birds until 14 years ago when they passed. This summer I noticed she was loosing a lot of feathers, we gave her greens, fruits, she loves peppers, small pieces of whole wheat bread and some supplement. However it is not doing the trick. She lives in a big cage, and has a yellow head amazon and cockatiels for neighbors. All birds live inside a big room with a/c and are kept very clean. I am worried about my cockatoo, she eats well, does not look sick but is loosing her feathers. Please help. Thank you . Marie Nelosn

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-29
    Cockatoos are notorious chewers, and will often go after their feathers especially if they get bored. Try adding lots of variety in things for her to chew on. Providing lots of branches, cotton ropes and other 'chewable' toys, even towels or sheets on one side of the cage can help.
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manish - 2014-10-24
Hi frns, I have a female Alex 2 yrs old and recently I got a male 13 mnts old can anyone guide me how to put dem together into d same cage, as for now I have separated dem into two diff cage sticking each other, for gow long I have to keep dem dis way, looking for help kindly guide me for d same Regards, Manish

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Tommy - 2013-06-11
I've been in the avian field now for just about 30yrs. I've have experience in dealing with both wild & exotic pet species. And have owned many various exotics over the years. Your Alex sounds no different than my Keiko who is an IRN or Indian Ringneck basically the same bird just Alex's are bigger.

Asiatics or the Psittacula species are NOT easy parrots to own they are by far NOT a good 'first bird' for an inexperienced owner. These would consist of the following birds; The Ring-necked, Alexandrine, Newton, Slaty-headed, Intermediate, Long-tailed, Blossom-headed, Seychelles, Moustached, emerald-collared, Derbyan, Plum-headed, Mauritius, Blyth's, & very rare Malabar.

They do not like to be handled or stroked very often which can be an immediate turn off to many first time owners of these birds. And while they may look like Conures in some ways physically speaking they are a completely different bird altogether. To bond with an Asiatic requires LOTS of patience, socializing, and consistent training. Plainly put you give these birds an inch they'll take a mile so boundaries and proper discipline need to be put in place right away if one is not to have a holy terror on there hands. I say this because in my personal experience dealing with various species of this order they can be quite stubborn. And if they are not PROPERLY socialized on a DAILY basis will quickly revert back to a 'wild state'than any other parrot species i've worked with in 30yrs.

Now having said all that, if one still feels compelled to give these beautiful and highly intelligent birds a try then the rewards are amazing. Despite not being 'hands on' birds in terms of being touched they will most certainly win you over with there vocal capabilities. Bar none there is no other bird there size that can speak with the clarity and word association these birds can. Yes Quaker (Monk) parrots speak quite well but there diction is still garbled compared to say an IRN (Indian Ringneck).

These birds come from royalty and were often sought after by ancient Greeks & Romans due to their beauty but more importantly their vocal ability. They are by far a much more sophisticated species than Quaker parrots ever could be.

To see an Asiatic in full adult plumage is like looking at a picture in a field guide. There streamlined plumage is quite striking with not one single feather out of place. So if you have what it takes and can meet all the requirements stated above in owing one of these gorgeous animals than by all means go for it. But take heed, these birds may not full fill your 'personal desire' of what a pet bird should be like. But as another commenter posted on here accepting your bird for how it is instead of what you want it to be. And seeing it from that perspective should be what's cherished and appreciated most of all. And this applies to ALL bird species one may own.

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  • Mary Kinser - 2014-04-15
    Thank you for the info. Do both sexes talk well? Are both sexes easy to train? Please let me know ASAP.
  • mohamed - 2014-10-22
    Hi tommy I have a parakeet Indian ring neck , she's bwt a year old an every nw and then ill catch her with her beak against something, making funny noises nd her eyes go white, do you knw why? , Mohamed
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JASON - 2011-02-26
Hello, i need 500 to 1000hd of fischer. Hope someone can supply me thx.

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  • Azeem - 2011-04-18
    Yes I can provide you lot of fischers becuase I have 2000 fischers in my cage. if you need fischers you can contact me.
  • rickey broughton - 2011-12-03
    I know someone in south fl. or a supplier in calf
  • jai - 2014-10-21
    i need paired fishers how much any one can provide

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