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Maya's Mama - 2005-09-09
I cannot believe how smart my Timneh "Maya" is! She chats all day, sings, whistles, giggles, etc.. She even says some phrases in Italian, which is always so cute in her little voice. Her favorite trick is to wait until a guy walks into the house, give a big 'wolf whistle', and say "helloooo...sailor boy!"

She's surprisingly cuddly for a Grey, too; she'd sit on your hand and give you kisses all day if you'd let her. Just say, 'give me some beak!' and watch her lean up and smack you one! :)

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Charles Blankenship - 2005-09-08
Thanks for letting me comment about my conure, his name is JJ and he is 4 years old. he counts to three and says Thank you, goodbye when We are going out to shop. he knows the difference between going outside and leaving our house. He calls me Papaw Charles and my wife Mama Reba. You ask him where he is and he says here I am. Sings Rocka by baby and gets mad because we want him to stop talking and says, you little fart. JJ is a real part of our life and we are his family. He is happy when he can go outside, will sit on my shoulder, and talk all the time, but he is bashful.

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Sixwing - 2005-09-08
I got a white dove a few months ago, and he is the sweetest and most affectionate bird I've ever had (previously I cared for parakeets!) He does make a mess, throwing his seeds and feathers, but keeping his cage clean helps a lot. :)

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Anonymous - 2005-09-07
I just adopted a 10yr old goffin. She never has to be in a cage again b/c I let her out all day long. She hardly screams, only at play time. She can be very sweet, but doesn't like to cuddle too much and she bites if you bother her too much. She is a very moody bird, but we love her so much. I don't think she got much attention with her previous owners b/c she is scared of all toys and sticks. Im hoping she will come out of her shell soon and let me cuddle with her some more.

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Krissi Sandvik - 2005-09-07
My husband is "mated" to a male Military macaw named Oscar, who chose us (my hubby) at an adoption outreach. Since opening our home to this clown, I've searched for info and stories from other "Mili-mates" but am surprised how few are out there! I can't imagine our life without this challenging, nippy, cranky, funny and lovable guy!

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Ursel Pierre - 2005-09-06
We live in Woodstock, Ontario. For the last 3 years we have had the pleasure of watching these beautiful birds nesting in a hanging basket on our patio. This year they are on the 4th sitting.

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  • Jane Brown - 2010-03-20
    This is the second season for my couple. They only laid on set of eggs. Most birds have more than that. Is the Dove different? The kids stayed around all summer, but they were finished with the hanging planter on the gazebo.
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Sandra M. Alig - 2005-09-05
Hi, my name is Pickles. I was named before my owner bought me. I am 4 months old and already have such a personality. I love to ride on shoulders, hands, and sit on top of heads. I am already trying to say "step up" and "hello." When my owner says "step up" I climb onto my owners' fingers. One of my owners has already taught to me "squawk" like a parrot (I am very smart for my age).

I love to climb and give kisses and be petted. When I'm left alone and I hear my name called I let out a loud screech. When my owners come home and I hear them, I do the same thing to let them know that I hear them.

I don't know if I am a male or a female but my owner thinks I am a male because my head is sort of flat and from what she has read on the internet the male's head is sort of flat and the females is more rounded. I have had my shots and am banded.

I am such a joy to my new owners and love the huge cage and all the toys that they bought me so far.

Pickles has only been with us for 1 day and our lives have changed. I would recommend to everyone whoever wanted a pet to buy a Sun Conure. I always wanted a parrot and decided one day to stop at the pet store and there was "Pickles." From the moment they took him out and put him on my finger I was hooked. The beauty and personality of this bird won me over.

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rddixon - 2005-09-04
We've owned an orange winged amazon for 3 years (since it was 8 mo. old). This guy is GREAT with children and loves to play with legos or any other toy it can pull apart. He is very loving and quite playful. He has just started screeching when he wants to be included or when it's noisy. We call him the bird that acts like a cat and feels like a dog.

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donna - 2005-09-03
I bought Leesa about 15 years ago. So mean I couldn't even stick my hand in the cage to feed her. but once I told her who was in charge, and established boundaries, she been great. I guess whoever owned her before, just let her fly around the house. (not a good idea). Now, she's my girl.
she doesn't talk well but she makes up for it with a really cute (protective) dog like personality. We have a special bond and she hasn't bitten in about 10 years, well not me anyway. we've been through a lot together and I can't imagine my mornings without her sweet little voice coming from behind the covered cage. this type of bird seems to just go with the flow, nothing really upsets these guys, moving and changing, adding pets to the family, and Leesa stays the same.

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donna - 2005-09-03
I've had my Senegal for 12 years, Buster Brown the best parrot ever!!!
the perfect size, he talks a lot, always friendly to everyone, and not
too noisy. he is best friends with one of my cats they hang around together. an awesome pet, I love that little guy


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