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E Bitzer - 2005-09-11
Thank you. Your site helped me identify a parrot I recently rescued. I knew it was a Amazon, now I know what type it is also.
Thank You. Looking forward to many years with my new best friend.

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Talisha M - 2005-09-11
I had a cockatiel named George and he passed away a few years ago from a green-ant bite.(It was so sad. He was such a good bird and I loved him so much.) I always took him outside to eat some grass, and he never flew away because he loved us so much. I loved him back. i'll never forget George. I might be getting Lauren's cockatiel called Milo though! She wrote in about him. she is one of my friends at school. I have seen Milo and she is such a wonderful bird but not as good as George!! I love you George!

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Cameron V. - 2005-09-11
Budgies are friendly, heartwarming birds. They make good friends as well as pets. I once had one that would sit on my shoulder and nuzzle my chin all day long. When I went upstairs to breakfast, and the bird was left alone, it decided to take matters into its own hands. The bird slipped under the door crack, flew around the kitchen, and landed on my head.

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Ha - 2005-09-10
My Double Yellow Headed Amazon D.J. is the best! All the other birds are wanna-bes!

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Bilgin Anatolia - 2005-09-10
I have an Orange wing Amazon. Although I bought him untamed he soon understood I meant him no harm and will provide him with food and water. I studied animal behaviour and formed some of my own opinions about animal intelligence and habits. Within one year I had my "untame" Orange wing Amazon flying around my gardens in London City and coming back, totally free and at liberty for a day or more. This is a very, very brief account. I am not suggesting people to go out and open cage doors, because there is much observation and body languge to understand before allowing freedom and trust. Since parrots are a hundred times more intelligent than pigeons, it is not that surprising they understand "home" means food and protection, almost as a dog must think. I taught or brought out of my bird its natural instinct to return to its flock or partner (your family or you). That is why I think it is returning, it feels it is now a part of a new flock of humans. This is not a trick the bird does, nor is this the kind of thing homing pigeons do. This is a total act of trust and respect by both sides. It can not be done over night, and you must have a good relationship with your bird before hand and not be nervous. Because seeing a loose amazon up a tree next door does take some courage, trust me. The benifits are 1) If your amazon escapes, there is a good chance it will come back 2) If there are cats around then an escaped bird will be better positioned to survive. 3) The feeling of bonding can be no greater when a flying amazon returns home after flying free all day( and eating all the apples in the neighborhood.) My bird could only just be trusted to fly free and come back after a two year period. So it does not happen quickly, but the rewards were where I lost him three times and he came back three times. Before training my first observations were with a Monks parrot and an African Gray.

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Emma Wicker - 2005-09-10
Joey is only 9 months old and this is his 2nd home but we plan to have him for a very long time. I have only had him 5 days so the trust is slowly being built but he has not shown any agressive behaviour towards me and he loves the pinyada filled with raisins and banana that we bought for him!

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Alisha Cogan - 2005-09-10
I have an alexanderine parakeet and I am 9. My alex parrot's name is chomper amd he is just over 12 months old. He is starting to talk. I would love to get him out of his cage but I'm scared he'll fly into something and hurt himself. He loves eating corn. when he talks he says "what are ya doin hey". At night when he is ready to sleep I sneak over to his cage and pat him on his greasy beak. I have seven other birds and they all copy each other!

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Eric Strauss - 2005-09-09
Nemo, my 1 1/2 year old is our class clown. We wrestle back an forth with a white plastic bottle cap. He pulls it from my mouth, beaks it a bit, then puts it back in my mouth again for more. He'll do this for an hour if I could hang with him!
When he wants to go to sleep on me, I have to rub his foot. If I don't he'll try to pick up my fingers and look at his feet.

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Julie - 2005-09-09
dusky's are snuggly, cuddly pets that love to be petted and played with. they are intelligent and require lots of attention.

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Natalie - 2005-09-09
I have 3 peach faced love birds whose names are: Joey (boy), Jesse (boy) and Melody (girl).I love them so much because they are tame and i can play with them all the time. they are a great pet for anyone who hasn't had birds before. every night i bring them inside so they don't get cold and they are my alarm clock in the morning; they wake me up at about 6.30am!! i love them so much and if anything happened to them i would soooo freak out!!!


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