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Ramona - 2005-09-27
Hey everyone, with all the talk about the GW I finally have one coming home with me. It is waiting for the DNA to come back. Hopefully It will be here in the next two weeks. I had to order the cage first. Never having such a big bird before is very exciting to me. I have done so much research on this bird and want to have everything ready for it before it comes home. It is only four months old. Thanks, Ramona

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Tiffany Apperly - 2005-09-26
Jenday Conures are awsome birds! I own two: Spanky and Boo-boo. They are very beautiful, affectionate, and smart. They love to be cuddled. They are great with my 6 year old daughter Paige. Anyone who wants a great bird and a good friend should buy a Jenday Conure.

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Sandra Barnett - 2005-09-26
Hi, My name is Sandra and I got my first Quaker from my Sister in March of 2005. His name is Tango. he's 11 years old and he was the meanest little guy I have ever met, but I had to give him a chance. When I brought him home my plan was to just offer him food, water and enjoy him from this side his cage. well one day when I was feeding and watering him he got out and I was terrified. I didn't know what I was going to do. He kept walking towards me and I kept backing up until finally I reached down and he climbed up on my hand (without biting) so I put him on his play pen. Every day we did this and little by little every day we grew closer and closer. So needless to say 6 months later we are now Best Bud's. we shower together and Tango goes shopping with me in the pet pocket I got for Him. He goes to car shows, family events, and he has even gone to Las Vegas with us, LOL. He is my Best Pal ever and I love him. he loves to get and give kisses, he tells me he's a "Good Bird" "Good Boy" "Ma Ma Cracker" "Alright" "Ah Oh" and of course my favorite "Love You". He's so sweet now he brings tears to my eyes and now he's not from biting any more. He likes when I sing How much is that "Birdie" in the window, some times he tries to sing along.
Sandra & Tango Barnett

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Patti Steele - 2005-09-25
I got Roomy about six months ago. He is blue with a yellow face. After a couple of weeks I felt sorry for him because he seemed lonely; I was away at school or studying, so I got him a pal named Sunshine. She was all yellow but is now getting pretty much green on her also. They really seem to like each other. They actually kiss! I believe Sunshine is a slightly different species than Roomie. Her head and eyes are larger and she squawks more as he chirps more. A friend of mine that knows nothing about Parakeets guessed that Sunshine was the female because she was squawking and nagging poor little Roomie who just sits there and takes it. I really love these little friends of mine.

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angelica - 2005-09-24
Our bird's name is Sunny. She is so mischevious she'll bite you and laugh and she'll say "how funny!". she talks a lot. I taught her to say the same word in Spanish. what is funny is that, when she is being bothered she'll say "what do you want!" or she'll say it in Spanish too, "que quieres". She sings so funny and she prefers to sing Spanish songs. the English ones she'll just go "turu, turu, la,la,la and dences". she loves taking showers with us and she really trys to get under the water like us, but it's kind of strong! She loves to see the birds out side, she loves the cardinals. she gets crazy and will call them "birdy, birdy", and will say to them "hi! how beautiful". she is crazy and we let her fly around the house.

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Eric the Animal Guy - 2005-09-23
I have had Altair ("the flyer" in Arabic) since I was 12 and I am now 24 years old, so I have had A.C. for about 12 1/2 years so far, though they went by more quickly than I could imagine, let me tell you that!

I am a longtime animal lover, and I was the type of kid you would see with their nose stuck in a book, looking up how to milk snakes for their venom, or how to auccessfully capture a crocodile, etc. Well, I stumbled across a book on bird pets when I was about ten, found out about Cockatiels when I was 10 1/2, and spent about 1 and a half years studying everything I could on them. . .

. . .A.C. is a standard grey cockatiel, confirmed by a vet as being male. He lives in near harmony with a rat, a cat, and a bat. Not joking. I have one twisted animal kingdom in my house :P. He is a surprisingly quick learner, and as he had been handfed as a baby he was very tame when I got him, so I could begin training almost right away.

Cockatiels are a wonderful first pet to have, though DO NOT get it for your child as a "responsibility lesson." My aunt did that to her child and it had disastrous results. Get it only if you are commited for a longterm 'relationship', but when you do get it be ready for one of the best things in your life!

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Sandy - 2005-09-22
Hi, my name is Sandy and I have two sun conures. I bought " Daddy's Girl" first and we fell inlove with her. She seemed lonely so we bought a male to keep her company, (we haven't named him yet). They are the most precious additions to our family. She was three years old when we got her and she can say all kinds of words. At night when we cover them up for bed she will tell my husband "give me a kiss" and after you give her a kiss she says "love you". I am so glad we chose sun conures as an addition to our family. They are playful and very easy to train. Daddy's Girl also loves to hang upside down on my finger and she will say shes a "pretty girl" while doing her trick. Thanks to them, we can share all the love our little family has with one of the sweetest kinds of animals on the planet. Also we own 4 cats and she calls them " bad kitties" when she thinks they get more attention than her. If you own a sun, love them and spend lots of time with them.......the rewards are great.

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Fran Tintelnot - 2005-09-22
Just discovered your website and was happy to see that my Rosella is right on target. I was told in the beginning that they didn't make great pets and not to expect much; however, I have had her for 7 years and she mimics words such as, Come here, Hi Honey, and whistles Jingle Bells, Laurel & Hardy medley, and some others. We have found she gets irritated by my son-in-law's British about screaming! Keep up the great website.

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joe - 2005-09-21
I bought my Orange-winged from a pet shop here in kuwait not knowing the age. her age from the eyes, it seems she must be older than 3 yrs. I have her for 11 months, she seems afraid all that time. just last week she stepped on my hand, good progress. she is quiet and in the morning she makes one long sound like starting an engine.

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Rebecca - 2005-09-18
i have an umbrella and she is a big sweetheart. i also have a quaker and although bonnie is huge conpared to sweety, she will back off if he squares up to her. she could easily bite his head off but has never touched him yet. she snuggles up to all of the family not just me. watch your jewelry. all parrots like shiny things but bonnie makes a beeline for my rings. i would not recommend one of these birds until you have thought how long a commitment they are. thinking fifty years is ok on paper until you do it, and can't go on holiday or you feel ill and want to stay in bed. umbrellas don't get it and can scream the house down, not to mention stripping them selves naked.


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