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Adrian Torres - 2005-10-12
In July I purchased 2 Derbyans about 2 months old. they take peanuts from my hand, climb on me, and they can talk, saying " Hello" and "Bye". I have been looking for a site and I found this one. thanks, now I know how to better care for Everest and Efren.

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regina - 2005-10-12
I have a B&G named McDuff. He is about 34- 38 yrs old. He was given to my mother on my 5th birthday b/c his previous owners could not afford him. Now I am 21 and in a new home and he is still with me. McDuff calls me Moma and He calls himself Bird. He has his own sunroom which he Loves and never wants to leave. He follows me everywhere and I think they are the sweetest animals alive (on their good days). The wierd thing is he doesnt fly. So he is somewhat skinny on his chest, he just walks and climbs everywhere.

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Jack - 2005-10-11
Hi, I'm Jack I got my Blue Front Amazon at aprox. 6 month old was very afarid of hands. He would take food from my hand thru the cage, but bear hand was like a gun,with help from a few good bird people out there, I can now hold him, turn him over holding his feet, and he talks alot, he is a good pet. I treat him very well so dose he :) .I'm starting to click train him I hope he catches on fast, but I will give him a chance. He is only over 2 years old.

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Patricia Schill - 2005-10-11
Thank you for the information on our little "Sam". He is a white fronted Amazon. He is a year old and is talking. He is saying "thank you" and "I love you" and the best word he says is "George" and he pronounces both "G"'s. Of course no one believes he talks because he gets shy when anyone but myself is near him. Love him a lot.

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Daniel Hayes - 2005-10-11
I got my hahns about one and a half months ago. I got him from a friend and breeder, Mrs.Alpine. She had a variety of baby birds for me to chose from but I knew Edd was the one for me because when my mom got off the air plane with him even though he could barely walk he crawled up my right arm. When i got him he was as bald as can be. Now he has a full set of feathers and can actually walk. Edd-which is his name-has a very intriguing personality and also has a very strange habit of twitching his wings. He became weened at the age of one month which is very unusual because the hahns macaw is usually weened at three months. Oh and when i wrote this he was biting the keyboard to death which is yet another bad habit. Despite this i think he's an awesome bird and I think the hahns macaw overall is a great bird. Right now Edd seems to be very happy; I know i am. He's been a very cool bird so far and I think any bird lover should get a hahns macaw no matter how experienced.

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Beth - 2005-10-10
My family adopted a Meyers april 2003. On day one, Spike chose my husband. He stuck his hand in the cage Spike got on and it was love. I put my hand out later the same day and Spike bit through my thumbnail. I clean his cage and make sure his water is clean several times daily. I also get up a 6AM and cut up vegetables for our bird. I usually have a variety of fruit and veg. apple, plum, pear, banana, yams, zuchini, yellow crookneck squash, cucumber, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, mushroom, tomato, greenpepper, you get the idea. Spike just threw it over the side for 2 weeks. Now he waits impatiently for me to get out of his way so he can see what he has. I split his produce into 3 bowls. So he hops from bowl to bowl. Spike came to us with a large vocabulary. He used to live at a pet shop. Then a man rescued him and had him for 15 years . Even with 2 bad bites and repeated attempts to kill me. I love our Meyers. I really try now to think like a parrot and not irritate him. I like to think I'm smarter than he is but I'm the one in the kitchen cutting up all the vegetables.

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mindy baig - 2005-10-10
we purchased "samson" our senegal on august 19th, 2005 at 5 years of age. he immediately bonded to my husband. samson is a silly clown! my husband can do anything to him but most of the time he hates my guts! he is very moody but i still love him. samson says pretty bird all the time, he laughs, and he dangles upside down in his cage, it's hilarious. I like to take him for walks outside. I even let him carefully climb small trees. He likes to lick my husbands face. If anybody is thinking about buying a senegal. Remember they only bond to one person. But they are fun to have!

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Theresa - 2005-10-10
Oh I have the sweetest little parakeet named Nikko. He is the prettiest blue. He loves to take baths in this old bowl. One day we were filling it up and he stuck his head under the water while we poured it into the bowl. He loves to be "blow dried" with the hair dryer! Once I was playing with our hamster and Nikko was also out. He just flew over and plopped right down in the hamsters cage. Luckily the hamster wasnt paying attention


jonathan - 2005-10-10
In November of 2005 I bought my seccond buggie, Snickers. I didn't realize that birds could have such different personalities. My first buggie, Champ, was kinda mean and also aggressive. He even attempted to attack a daddy long leg spider. On the other hand snickers is very calm and gentle. In almost the year I've had him he hasn't bitten me once!
But any way I never really did look in to how to really take good care of snicker. I found this site and it has helped me a lot. Thanks.
Oh, by the way Snickers says thank you, too!


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R.H. - 2005-10-08
I have a white faced cockatiel and he is the most sweet and gentle thing you can imagine. He puts his head down when he wants to be petted and he chirps at you when you leave. I would not recommend a cockatiel as a first bird unless he was hand raised, which can really improve their behavior and make them easier to handle.


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