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Anonymous - 2005-08-02
I love the web it is so cool. my pet rosella is way way better since i went on your web.

Megan - 2005-08-02
Hi, ive had rosellas for about 2 years now i agree with the above, they are very noisy at times and quite grumpy with each other sometimes, but they are also very sweet, although they are timid they take food from my hand and are rewarding to look after, they are very funny birds!!

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Gina Giallanzo - 2005-08-01
Unfortunately my family has just our Blue Fronted Amazon "Herbie" of 33yrs. He was a major part of our family, he was like a person to us. My father got Herbie in 1972 around the time they started to stopped letting these parrots in from Brazil. He was here before me and my brother we're born so he was like my older brother. It's so amazing how smart they are, he actually knew when one of us was sick, he would start making kissing sounds. We treated him so good and spolied him to no end. We we're told that Amazons have the same type of digestive system as humans and can be feed human food. Years ago he would continually make loud barking noises(sounding like our dog at the time) and we figured out he just wanted what we we're eating, because once we gave him our food he'd stop "barking". So over the years he would eat what we ate besides he regular diet of seeds, fruit & vegatables, because we we're told he could. So now that we lost him we are looking more into the background of Amazons and are seeing that obesity is common among them and I only wish we would have read about this earlier and not had feed him so much, because we feel that might of been 1 of the reasons that shorten his life. I just advise people that decide on having one of these parrots, to please find out as much information that you can to take care of them properly and don't feel bad if they make you feel guilty for not giving them all of your table food(because they will carry on) just give them ALITTLE. Talk to them often, play music or put the T.V on when your not home (because they love different sounds and voices) and let them out of the cage (Herbie loved to walk around and follow us everywhere). I wish the best of luck to anyone that owns one of these amazing parrots, they are a friend for life. Please cherish everyday you have with them.
Giallanzo family

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Anonymous - 2005-08-01
I have two cockatiels. when they laid eggs i got on the computer to look for info and it said it takes 18-20 days for them to hatch and it also said it has 3-9 eggs. mine had 11 eggs and six hatched but it took 2 months. about 3-4 monthes later they started to breed and the same thing happened again.

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siyao yu - 2005-08-01
i have 2 parakeets named Lily and Joe. i just got them 3 days ago but Joe is already trusting me. he would use my finger as a perch or sit on my shoulder, though sometimes he dosen't want to go back into his cage. Lily however dosen't like me, but sometimes i'm able to stroke her back. your websit is great!!!

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Janet Finch-saunders - 2005-08-01
I am really struggling with my Harlequin Macaw. We had him as a chick. At 3 years old he plucked and shredded most of his feathers overnight. We spent

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Gilca - 2005-07-31
I recently got a pair Fischer's Lovebird. Basically i only keep and breed budgies, they were the first type of parrots i fell in love with and still haven't gotten over. But my love birds are also amazing. They were completely new for me so out of respect i named them Mr and Mrs Smith, although it was a little hard to distinguish the Mr from Mrs. But they are absolutely darlings. I used to think budgies were noisy but they surpass everyone. I simply love them, they are bundle of energy. Sometime they will make noise to call attention and when some one looks at them they try to hide their faces in each other. They love to chew any thing that is chewable (or even not). We call them our little destructomatic T47s.
They have not started breeding but i cannot wait to have little lovebirds.

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C. Clark - 2005-07-31
We just found out that our macaw hen was a Ruby and not a Harlequin. During the hurricanes last year she and her mate spent 2 months living in the house. Her intelligence was amazing. She calmed down and accepted the changes better than her tame husband. Now, after 5 years of care and hope, she and her husband of many years gave us a chick today. WE are very excited.

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kari - 2005-07-30
Hello- I purchased my Hahn's at a bird mart on Valentine's Day. (He was 7 months old when we got him,) When I picked him up, he kept kissing me so I had to have him! Since then, he has been quite the little treasure. He likes to make 'kiss' sounds, and is starting to mimic my laughter. I recently purchased an Illiger's Macaw, and the two are getting quite close. A favorite birdie pasttime is to run around the living room floor grabbing each other's tail, and wrestling. My Hahn's is more outgoing (and noisy) than the Illiger's. He loves to sign and babble. I highly recommend this little package.

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alysha - 2005-07-29
I had a cockatiel named rander. He was so sweet and would let me pet his head. he said things like "wha cha doin huh" and "rander". one day he flew out the door and landed in a tree. we called "rander rander" and he started flying back down to us. then two wild birds chased him away and he was gone. that night we came out and started calling his name again and we heard him fly back and forth over our house squaking away, but then he flew too far away and couldnt find us. we were so sad. so always get your birds wings clipped


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