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Britt - 2005-11-06
I have four birds but my goffin's cockatoo Bobby is my favorite. He is such a cuddle bum. He loves to be petted all over; head, wings, tail, feet, he doesn't care as long as the petting keeps comming! His favorite toy is a blue toothbrush which he likes to fling around. He will hold the toothbrush in his feet and roll onto his back. He also hops around in front of a big mirror I have on my bedroom door. I think he knows its his reflection. Bobby has a very big vocabulary for a cockatoo. He says "I love you" "hello bobby" "hello mom" "how ya doing" "I am a good bird" "hey" "hi" "bobby birdie" and a few other things that aren't yet clear enough for me to figure out. Bobby has tons of toys but is always afraid of new ones the first day. Then he figures out they are fun instead of scarey and plays with them. He likes to watch TV from his cage. His favorite TV shows are Planets Funniest Animal's and Pet Star. He gets all excited when another cockatoo is on TV.

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Judy M Thompson - 2005-11-06
I have a Half Moon Dwarf Conure named Taylor! He was given to me by my neighbor, Kathy who had him for over 20 years. He is about 25 years old and acts like a youngster. He bathes about 2-3 times a week and makes a mess. We lost out Pepy, Cockatiel, on Saturday, 10-29-05 at about age 15. Taylor is moping about some but is getting much loving from me. We are each others' pal. We both miss out Pepybut will get over it. He is, at times, a very noisy boy!!!He is a great little bird and I hope he has 10 years or more to live! He keeps me going. He is able to get out of his cage any time he likes but is covered at night.

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Brianna - 2005-11-06
I have a White Capped Pionus who is spunky, friendly,and that loves to play. He is my baby. Even though I am 11 years old I would love to have at least 2 more of these fantastic birds. My bird,Remy,loves taking showers with me and is very talkitive knowing 20-30 words and phrases. I would recommend this bird for young couples and older maturer children like 9-adult. He can be very moody at times but, usaully very friendly.

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Irene Marchionni - 2005-11-06
My dove is a very special one. I began to travel this spring and summer, at last without the worry of petsitters. About two days after returning from a pilgrimage to Ireland, my doubting husband and I were on the back deck in the evening, having coffee and discussing End Times and the authenticity of the Irish visionary. Not ten minutes into the discussion, as if Heaven was listening, comes the sound of the flutter of wings from over the roof behind us. And to our utter amazement, between us lands this white dove! We looked at each other - speechless. Finally, all I could say is "here's your confirmation about authenticity!" So, we named him Spirit!
Spirit is so intelligent, amusing and gentle. He is a poor flyer so he truely must have dropped out of heaven! He does make to the the curtain rods and our shoulders and heads but tires quickly and sometimes just 'falls' out of the air!. He loves to be kissed, and cuddled and will bury his head inside my sweat jacket and coo up a storm. He is alllllways looking for affection and kisses back. We have to be careful not to step on him since you never when he is around your feet. His constant companions are a red rubber lobster (whose antenas are an object of his affection) and a white styrofoam dove called Baby, which he has mutilated in frustration, trying to elicit a response! He is absoutely in love with my husband's giant white sneakers but has been known to croon to a crumpled paper towel, too!
Spirit is currently hopping from my head to the keyboard because I am not paying attention to him while I type. He has a way of showing you he's happy when you call his name, by breaking his pace every few steps to do a little hop as he comes to you - it's so funny!
His favorite foods so far are safflower and small sunflower seeds but slowly he is expanding his menu.
He keeps me company by following me around like a puppy when I'm out in the garden, somtimes picking at the weeds as I pull them up. At times he tests his wings but usually ends up falling into a bush or the flowers.
Everyone in our family has come to see the dove who dropped out of the sky and each wants a turn sitting him when we hit the road for a spell! Who is more blessed than this dove?

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Bruce Bolster - 2005-11-06
I have hand raised a baby male greenwing from the egg...he was too big for the egg, so his beak is bent way to the side, but he is fine with any type of food, has learned to soak the hard pellets and loves what we eat. The breeder i got him from noticed the deformity, was going out of business, wanted $1,700 or she was going to break its neck, due to unsaleabilty..Is sad that people like this exist...but he has become my best and truest buddy over the last five years and is the best investment i have ever made in a friend (is a toss up between the investment in him and the investment in my but as has been said, not a first bird for a bird-lover to own..they do get moody, try to act tough and scary, but are extremely intelligent and very lovable...if its not your first experiance with larger birds, i would highly recommend a greenwing macaw if you are looking for the best friend you have ever had.

Dee Bolster - 2005-11-06
As a parrot behaviorst and having done rescue for numerous MUST understand, especially regarding Macaws that any and all have the potential to bite and cause serious injury. You can have a wonderful, lifetime mate with them, but they are, foremost, a wild animal, most a mere 3rd generation from the wild...also, they are a product of their environment and have days in which they do not want bothered. If you respect their boundaries and respect the damage a beak can do, they make the most awesome pets ever! I just returned from a place that at last count had over 60 dead macaws and 35 more that may have to be euthanized. All due to poor nutrition and lack of basic care/needs. You must also ALWAYS place the birds needs first. If it's too much, please find an adequate home.

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Rhiannon - 2005-11-05
hello, ive had my sunny conure for about a year now. He is simply adorable, his name is cracker, but my parterner and i call him mwat-mwacks cos thats the sweet little sound he makes. Apparently Cracker has been left in a cage for most of his life (he was about seven years old when i got him), which wouldnt surprise me as he was desperate for attention when i first got him and he could barely fly, and he was scared of his cage. I personally think he was mistreated by a man as he genuinely doesnt like men, although he is getting better. Some people think that craker is spoiled because he has his own minature bedroom (made from an old sofa), where he sleeps and goes whenever he wants to have a good chewing session (this stopped him chewing all my clothes up) he absolutely loves it! Cracker has a thing for towels, he despises them. Whenever my boyfriend or i get out of the bath he starts attacking (especially my boyfriend Lee). He can get very jealous of Lee and bite him viciously when we are on our own, but just like a child hes as good as gold when we`re with other people. Despite crakers funny ways we love him and are proud of his progress!

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janelle - 2005-11-05
I lost my little girl, and she was the love of my life, i miss her everyday and i can still hear her loud shreiking in my head. no other bird will ever replace her and i hope she is happy and well whereever she may be right now, she has her freedom now.

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Habib - 2005-11-05
i have a scarlet macaw it screaches all the bloddy time i hate it and wish i never gotten it (and so does my wife). i hope this is an example to otheres. my macaw (bobby) screeches so much because i probally dont pay enough attention because i have to work so much to feed my four children. if i could turn back time i would love my little buttercup bobby so much.

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tod rosienski - 2005-11-04
oliver is one of the best things in our life. its a privilige to be able to have him as a family member. lets keep up the species to help with mortality. just think he is a rapter that could go out of extinction in the wild if not taken in concern. rosienski mass.


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