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JP - 2005-11-02
These birds are so great. I had a blue cinnamon ringneck male who recently passed away and I was heart broken. He was the sweetest little thing you ever did see and he would just love to give you kisses all day long. His favorite word was "twinkle", and dispite being frightened by any loud sound, he would go to anyone and climb up their shoulder and give kisses. I knew I could never replace him, but I recently got another 6 week old blue male and I am so happy. As young as he is, he already kisses your face and is eating fruits and trying all kinds of other foods. All of my birds eat like pigs and now he is too. I can tell he'll be an early talker because he's already picking up lots of sounds and bird calls from my macaw and my amazon. He is such a sweetheart already, unless I try to talk to one of the other birds while I am holding him. he gets so mad and bites so I have to be careful and pay close attention to him (as well as my other birds, but not at the same time). He's a good boy though and I love him so much. If your looking to buy a bird and don't know what kind, ring necks should be your choice by far. They will get along with your whole family.

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Leah - 2005-11-01
I have several parrots, including a 4 y/o Meyer's. Picasso a.k.a "Peeps" is definately a momma's boy. He is a fairly quiet bird that says a few phrases in a deep grovely voice. He says "Hey baby", "What a good boy" and "Hello". He also makes various household beeps, noises and gives kisses. Peeps is very very affectionate with me. He likes to wedge himself under my jaw and puff himself up and take a nap. He loves to have his head and cheeks scratched. The only thing bad that I can say is that Peeps HATES my husband. I think he views him as a rival and he will launch himself at my husband and attack him. He has given several nasty bites. So, he has to be monitored when my husband is in the same room and sometimes has to have a "time out" in his cage (the bird, not my husband...haha). He gets along fairly well with the other birds, though and I wouldn't trade him.

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Imran Zafar - 2005-10-30
I am so excited because I just got a peach-faced lovebird today. Her name is Mehto and she loves to play around and I get very happy when I start playing with her because she is hand-tamed and hand-fed, so it is really fun to have her around me. I know that a Lovebird is the right pet for me and I will always love Mehto no matter what.

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Brooke - 2005-10-29
I have a tiny little baby galah that feel out of his nest. we have to hand feed him five times a day. he is just beautiful and he will be a great pet.

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Jenna - 2005-10-29
Goffins Cockatoos are wonderful for someone who has time to spend snuggling and playing with them. Mine LOVES to be on me where ever I go and whatever I am doing. They arent as bad of screamers as everyone says, Just when they are excited or upset about something. Goffins love to hop around, hang upsidown, dance and vocalize. They are really great birds, they can also be very emotional so please always treat them with respect, remember if they wanted to they could do a lot of harm but they choose not to because they love you. They deserve that love in return.

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Martin Kandilas - 2005-10-29
I have a beautiful photograph of a wild Green Naped Rainbow Lorikeet taken at my home near Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia. We get upwards of 40 birds come to visit morning and night, and you can have the photo with my compliments to put on your site if you like. Give me an email address and I will gladly forward it. can send it, we have an upload format for photos at the bottom of each bird family page (underneath the thumbnail photos!)...and Thank you!

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JP - 2005-10-28
I have a green winged Macaw named Weeza and he's roughly 18 years old. We rescued him 6 years ago from the children of his previos owner (who had passed away). They locked him in a dark garage and left him alone for weeks at a time with no human contact. He was obviously very tramatized from this experience and heart broken from losing his only companion of 12 years. The chilren told us Weeza was like a baby with their mother. He never bit anyone and he would sleep on his back under a blanket. At the time of the rescue he was very hostile and could not be handled. But within the first week he began to bond with my younger sister,giving her kisses and pruning her hair, but still tried to bite the rest of my family. It took a few months for him to get comfortable around everyone else, and now, six years later, he thinks he's the king of the castle. He has never gone back to the way he was before the rescue. He screams when he doesn't get his way and tries to bite you when you walk by his cage (he's thinks he's scary) but really he is just a big baby who demands a ton of loving. When he tries to be mean, I just give him lots of kisses and although he pretends not to like it, he secretly loves it!

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Correna - 2005-10-27
I have a greater patty, "Ollie". it's funny that pattgonian means big feet because I swear Ollie has a foot fetish-he loves to bite feet. Ollie is a great bird, very friendly, but as you said very loud. my next door neighbors bought a sun conure and ollie, gave ollie to me because he was way too loud and the ended up getting rid of the sun conure because he used to bite all the time and was not friendly. I am glad they gave ollie to us because they are loveable
birds. but if you can't stand the noise (trust me he is loud), than this is not the bird for you.

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connie kithcart - 2005-10-26
I just hand fed my first cherry heads. The female was the most lovable, quick to learn tricks and talked at 8 weeks old.

connie kithcart
towanda, pa.

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/[*)>aebirdhouse - 2005-10-23
my fischers *three* found the best time chasing each other through wooden cola crate. it hangs up high on a wall. its a keeper, pricey, and ive only used it for displaying tins and things. BIRDTOYS! and yes, they commenced to toss all the whatsits from the squares onto the floor. and there is just enough room for them to squirm through and in and out. FUNNY FUNNIES!


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