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janelle - 2005-11-05
I lost my little girl, and she was the love of my life, i miss her everyday and i can still hear her loud shreiking in my head. no other bird will ever replace her and i hope she is happy and well whereever she may be right now, she has her freedom now.

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Habib - 2005-11-05
i have a scarlet macaw it screaches all the bloddy time i hate it and wish i never gotten it (and so does my wife). i hope this is an example to otheres. my macaw (bobby) screeches so much because i probally dont pay enough attention because i have to work so much to feed my four children. if i could turn back time i would love my little buttercup bobby so much.

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tod rosienski - 2005-11-04
oliver is one of the best things in our life. its a privilige to be able to have him as a family member. lets keep up the species to help with mortality. just think he is a rapter that could go out of extinction in the wild if not taken in concern. rosienski mass.

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Wendy - 2005-11-04
hi, i recently got a pair of cockatiels. they where not well care for the female is really mean. the male will fly and land on my arm or finger. so i have hopes they'll come around. the old owner used to keep them covered all the time when they needed their cages cleaned. i did notice after they saw me cleaning their cage and giving them water they perked up a bit and on day two the male was singing none stop. then the male started hammering his toy with his head so i looked it up and found it to be good. i don't know their ages but i have fallen head over heels for them. i named them bonita and goupo. i also have a black face love bird named solitaire. i have had him now for almost a year. butterfly from the vill

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Amy White - 2005-11-04
Just got my Triton Cockatoo... prior to this had only a Quaker Parrot... this Triton is GREAT! Loves everyone she meets... a great bird!!

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Aaron Webster - 2005-11-04
I have a tame rosella male who kisses and eats pizza and all. I got him at 2-3weeks old and fed him with a bent teaspoon. He lives with 3 other rosellas, 5 cockateils, 2 red rumps, 2 budgies and 2 rainbow lorrakeets. Although they bicker sometimes, never for long. I think this page and many others do Rosellas as much justice as injustice because most rosella sites say they are aggresive birds. Once a pecking order is established they are harmonious creatures who will step into fights to break them up. Often found in large breeding colonies with red rump colonies of greater numbers all breeding in one bunch of trees. they cant be that aggressive.

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kyle greenwood - 2005-11-03
hi my name is kyle. i got my blue fronted amazon when it was 13 weeks old. its a very gentle bird and has a great personality. iv called it angel and it can talk in a lancishire accent. i love it to bits.

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Kelly Stone - 2005-11-03
I have owned my Orange-winged Amazon for 20 years and I love her dearly. She was not a baby when my father brought her home; I think there were at least two owners before me. She was scared of everything and trusted no one. It took several years for her to trust me. I was patient and loving and gave her lots of attention. She was very afraid of hands and feet but loved faces. I believe she was mishandled by someone before I found her. She is scared of most strangers, tolerates women and has always disliked men. After several years of marriage she has started to tolerate my husband. She is a wonderful companion. She has her moments of being loud; sometimes the neighbors can hear her across the street when all the doors and windows are closed. She seems to have psychologically dominated every dog I have owned; they are all scared of her (with out ever having physical contact). I have never been able to teach her to talk, however she does whistle and laugh when I whistle or laugh. She loves to eat ice cream out of her own spoon! She calls me when she wants attention, is very curious and loves to explore new places (inside cabinets and on top of furniture). She can get carried away and has destroyed wooden objects in the home (furniture and crown molding), and sometimes entire plants. We have developed a wonderful relationship and only I know what she wants and how she is feeling at any certain time of the day.

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Amanda - 2005-11-03
one day when i was visiting my local humane society, i came across a room full of birds. in which i found henry, my senegal parrot. i immediately bonded with him and my mom, not a big fan of birds, decided to let me adopt him. to this day she says it was the best thing she ever did. we all love henry. every morning when we get up he is chirping away in his cage and soon after he helps my mom let the dogs out side, by yelling "GET OUT", as soon as the door opens. he is the best thing we ever got and he is loved very much by everyone. i would recommend senegal parrots to any one looking for a bird.

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Angie Ruiz from San Antonio, TX - 2005-11-03
I have 4 budgies, their names are Sunny, Star, Sage, and Sunora. Sunny is a female normal green 3 year old, and is aggresive. Star is a male normal blue 2 year old, kind and tame and was found one day by one of my brother's friends. Sage is a male, albino (white w/ red eyes), a couple of months old (purchased 02/13/05), and is LOUD! Sunora is female, Lutino, purchased the same day as Sage, and is coming around. As in she was aggresive at first, but is now kind. They fight with my cockatiel, Pearl, and are afraid of Oreo, my Jack Russell Terrier. -Angie


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