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Lesley - 2005-11-10
For the past 2 summers we have had a pintail whydah visiting our garden. It is a very bossy bird. It will not allow other birds to feed and chases them away like a policeman. We have no need for an alarm as it constantly pecks on our windows from about 05h30! Lesley from Benoni in South Africa.

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Emily - 2005-11-10
I have kept birds all my life, but always they have been abused. I am fourteen years old; admittedly not very old, but I know alot about birds for my age. Recently when going to a doctor in Orlando I stopped in a bird store and they had so many birds it was overwhelming! Almost all macaws, of those nearly all scarlets. Then I saw this beautiful bird. She wasn't talking at all, but she was so sweet! I thought she was a millitary macaw, but she was a little too brightly colored. So I did some research, and found out she was a shamrock macaw. This page was very useful!
All I can hope is that I save enough money to buy her before they sell her. I felt a real connection with that bird, never met a sweeter bird. The only thing she said the entire time I was there was "I love you'. AWW.
Hope I can save up, Again, very helpful!

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Chris Snyder - 2005-11-09
I love peach front conures, mine is 6yrs. old. His name is KIWI. he is very friendly and has a vocabulary of about 6-7 words. He likes taking bathes and being petted. I have newspaper on the bottom of the cage and he likes to find an opening and then cuddle in it and fall asleep. he is such a cute and beautiful bird and I would recommend one for anyone.

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Joe & Sue Lecroy - 2005-11-09
I've had my Dusky Conure (named Dusty) for a year now and he has been a complete joy to my family. We call him our Little Green Monster because he likes to be a little mischief at times. He loves to play fight like a kitten and follows me wherever I go. He even likes to rip up the morning paper as you try to read it. I could go on and on about how adorable and friendly these birds are. I would highly recommend Dusky Conures for anyone looking to buy a parrot.

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brisa - 2005-11-09
I have a dove THAT IS NOT SOCIAL and loves to sit in front of the mirror. it will coo and coo and coo, and somtimes makes this laughing sound sorta weird. it is completly white and is very beautiful and has large wings and red eyes. it doesn't like to be petted or held or touched. it likes to stare at itself so much, and laugh and coo at itself, yet it doesn't like anyone else.

brisa - 2005-11-09
i found my dove in my back yard and it appeared to be tame so i kept it

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joe sandoval - 2005-11-07
i also have a GreenCheekAmazon. ive had him for 19 years his name is simon. im the only one that can pet him everyone else he will bite. he talks and waves his foot and says hi. he is bilingual (spanish and english words).

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randi - 2005-11-07
this is the greatest bird ever. as im typing this mine is on my shouldor messing with my hair giving me kisses. we got him as a baby and now hes starting to try to talk. hes always being silly and hanging from something. he unhooked a bell from his cage and he was laying on the bottom of the cage holding it with his feet. one time we saw him sitting in his food dish, actully sitting on his butt and his tail was sticking out from under him. this is one of the best family birds because they get along with everyone.

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Judy M Thompson - 2005-11-06
I had my Pepy (female) for 10 years. She 4-5 when I got her. She died last Saturday night (She seemed fine and I have no idea why she died). She was my baby girl! I miss her so much. She was the best pet I ever had. I would love to get another gray female cockatiel soon. Peop;e say I should wait awhile and other say yes, get one now. I'm not sure what to do. Pepy was so weet. She could fly and found different places in my apartment that she liked to investigate. After having her for 2 years, we inherited another bird--a Half Moon Dwarf Conure named Taylor. These two were so much fun together! Taylor really misses Pepy. He looks for her all the time. This is why I am thinking of getting another cockatiel. No bird will ever replace my Pepy, though. She slept with me. I miss my bed partner. I would reccommend anyone living alone to get a cockatiel as they are the most loving birds you could ever get!

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Britt - 2005-11-06
I have four birds but my goffin's cockatoo Bobby is my favorite. He is such a cuddle bum. He loves to be petted all over; head, wings, tail, feet, he doesn't care as long as the petting keeps comming! His favorite toy is a blue toothbrush which he likes to fling around. He will hold the toothbrush in his feet and roll onto his back. He also hops around in front of a big mirror I have on my bedroom door. I think he knows its his reflection. Bobby has a very big vocabulary for a cockatoo. He says "I love you" "hello bobby" "hello mom" "how ya doing" "I am a good bird" "hey" "hi" "bobby birdie" and a few other things that aren't yet clear enough for me to figure out. Bobby has tons of toys but is always afraid of new ones the first day. Then he figures out they are fun instead of scarey and plays with them. He likes to watch TV from his cage. His favorite TV shows are Planets Funniest Animal's and Pet Star. He gets all excited when another cockatoo is on TV.


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