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Kraft - 2005-11-24
I think Louis is Yellow-Crowned not Double Yellow Head, isn't that right. Double Yellow head have their whole head yellow, Louis hasn't that. (Note from Editor: Loius is a juvenile Double Yellow-headed Amazon. He will get a full yellow head as he reaches maturity.)

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Kaitlyn - 2005-11-23
I have a cockatiel named Peatree. We got him at a pet store about 4 days ago. He's not tamed. I can tell it will take a long time to train because he's so scared of a lot of things and he likes to hiss and bite, but things are a lot better than from the first day we got him. Although he's not yet tamed, I still love him! He chirps very loudly and I hope after he's tamed, I can teach him how to say a few words and to whistle a few tunes. He's grey, white and yellow with bright orange cheeks. He also has a very big crest! It's so cute. I recommend getting a cockatiel to everyone that wants a pet that would be loving, and cheerful. But I also recommend to everyone that wants a cockatiel, get one that's already tamed (hops on your hand at the pet store) and has been hand-fed. If not, you'll be spending lots of time being frustrated trying to tame it! In the end though, it will be all worth it. :)

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arrick - 2005-11-23
i have two parakeets and their names are fuzzy and herman. they look cute as couples

Arrik - 2005-11-23
my parkeets are very good they never bite and they are very lovable.

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Samantha - 2005-11-22
My english teacher has one of these magnificently beautiful birds. It is about four months old and my friends love him.

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Lilly - 2005-11-22
I have the sweetest little female zebra finch imaginable. She is now four years and three months. When she was about five weeks old and could not fly very well, I let my birds out for some exercise, and she flew into another room into a lamp. She unfortunately was injured and would not eat, so I hand fed her. (Handfeeding is very difficult and extremely dangerous, so I only recommend doing it if there is no other way. The risk of aspiration is too great.) She will sit in my hand and I can pet her and hold her. She loves when I rub her head and will actually regurgitate and try to feed me. This is really unusual for a finch and I thought she was sick at first, but this is during cuddle time. I love her. :)

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Anonymous - 2005-11-22
Thank you for this website because it gave me alot of info on the scarlet macaw. i had it as an exotic animal... and your website helped me out a lot!

thank you

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Julie - 2005-11-21
i live in australia. about 2yrs ago i was in the local pet shop when i walked past a cage that had a lutino about 6mths who apparently was not tame. but she seemed to really like me so i took her home. she calls our child tiffany, calls the dogs, whoof whistles at men, and says a whole lot of other stuff. my neighbour actually thinks someone is talking to her when she is outside. they really learn very quick, and she does this freaky thing with her eyes before she bites. i really have to get used to not calling indie a girl, because after 2 1/2yrs she has started to get a red ring so i guess that means she is a boy.

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Morgan - 2005-11-20
I have a 6-year old White Front (of the nominate species Amazona albifrons albifrons). He is a joyous little man and loves to swing and play. He speaks quite well, and his favorite vocalizations include "Whatcha doing? Well, Hello! Hi! Step up! Arrreeba!" While he can't quite pronounce the G's in his name, George W, he doesn't let that stop him from announcing in his sing-song voice the rest of his name, "Or".
I would like to see this webpage contain the 2 subspecies of White-Fronted Amazon with their pictures for comparison. This would include the Lesser White Front (Amazona albifrons nana) and the Sonora White Front (Amazona albifrons saltuensis). I think it would be helpful for those who do not know exactly what species of White-Front they own, and it would be interesting to compare their pictures and characteristics.

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Steed Taylor - 2005-11-20
Strawberry Finches are excellent singers as well. They love to sing for us if we sit near the cage and talk. They also sing to get us to come up to the cage.


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