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Monica - 2005-12-14
I have a pair of red bellies and even though they are not tame, they amaze me every day. I go into the bird room for chores, and immediately my mood is lifted with their chorus of hello's and "where's the vegetables?!" They both enjoy being petted and talked to through the cage. I have been a breeder for 7 years, and own 16 different species, and red bellied babies are by far my favorite! Of all the birds I raise, I get the most compliments on my red bellied babies, because of their awesome personalities, and their ability to be a family pet.

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Tonya - 2005-12-14
I fell in love with a pair of Diamonds I saw in a store I frequent. I got them as a christmas present to myself. I love them! The male coos and it is most pleasing compared to the screeching of other birds. They were a young pair and had difficulty figuring out the nesting process. The male trying to keep the nest looking it's best would accidently knock the eggs out and they would break, but they have made up for it. I have nine of their offspring, one being a pure white, hatched the morning after Katrina. Her name is Hope. I really enjoy my Diamonds, listening to them cooing to each other. I keep them in large cages but this spring I plan on building a large aviary for them. Now if someone would just tell the male it's winter and the female needs a break before spring!

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  • Dave - 2010-05-14
    Tonya....... someone normal LOL, I don't mean to sound like an arse in my past comments..... but people who just get birds and lose a heap until they figure it out really get to me! You have a pure white! Awesome... never seen one! I got a pair of fawn pied peaceful doves today! I can't stop looking at them!!
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alison - 2005-12-14
I love my two parakeets. One is named Penny and the other is K.k.{that stands for Kind Kenny} I love them so much. They are so smart. They can get out of their cages without help. They can even climb up and down the stairs without flying. I love them!!

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toni heaton - 2005-12-12
i have male lovebirds who live together in cages. i have 3 males together in one cage and 2 who live together in another cage. i have never had any probelms at all with them, they are all mates.

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Lori Gibbons - 2005-12-12

I have had an eastern rosella for 11/2 years. I hand raised him from about six weeks of age along with another sibling. Not meaning to keep them (named them Ella and Rosy). They both turned out to be males. I kept Ella. At nine months he lost his female markings and started to court my female lovebird. He continues to follow her around and display for her as he whistles la cuc a racha(sorry about
the spelling) and the Andy of Mayberry song. He shares his room with
2 cockatiels, 2 lovebirds, finch, dove,mollucan and a budgie. There
are rarely any squables and he goes in and out everybody elses cage.
Ella talks and uses words correctly ie. step up, good morning. I take Ella with me to conferences in his avian flight suit. He will go to anybody, shakes hands and gives kisses. Only shows aggression in his cage, working on correcting this.
cage, working on this. Great whistler and companion.

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Anonymous - 2005-12-10
I have a beautiful female Pearl named Belle, and a Handsome Pied named Al. They've been together for close to ten years and have just now started laying eggs. LoL I'm hoping to have some pearly-pied babies one of these days, but I'll tell you, I couldn't be happier with my two wonderful friends.

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Terri Cummins - 2005-12-10
I have Two Red Mollucan Lorikeets that are just beautiful birds that I see that you dont have listed on your Lorikeet display....They are very active birds I have Sugar she does everything with me eats, showers with me, everything but sleep with me. LOL. They do take special care too, love to eat a variety of foods as well as there nectar...Hope you soon get a pic of my birds on your site.

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Anonymous - 2005-12-10
HI, I have two serve macaws (Harley and Louie) they're brothers. They are so sweet and never bite plus their talking is good. They are my little babys.

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Dave and Barb Boerigter - 2005-12-09
We have had Galahs for over 25 years having raised two males from fledgings in Australia. We received permission from the Australilan Government to take them with us to the US via quarantine in 1982. Luke passed away this past March, cause unknown, so now Laddie is a bit lonely. Be aware that in our experience they do BITE.

They love corn on the cob, spaghetti, chicken wing bones, and scrambled eggs. They have never been clipped but can no longer fly for any distance. The are wonderful loving birds but do need lots of attention and get testy when left alone.

Dave and Barb

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Elliott - 2005-12-09
I moved in with my cousin and she had a shamrock named buhbuh. i had a pair of senegals, a pair of sun conures, a sulfur crested cockatoo, and buhbuh inspired me to get my own shamrock. I named him gump who was a little more wild. since then I have moved out and sold/traded all of those birds except for buhbuh he is my best friend and I wouldn't trade/sell him for the world


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