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tammy peck - 2005-12-20
my peach face lovebird is going on 23 years old, he may not make it to christmas. i will miss this little guy. i got him when he was 6 months old abd his name is coty. thank you. tammy peck, t.c. michigan

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annette - 2005-12-19
I love my Mollucan cocckatoo"Peaches"! She (I think) is such a great bird. She is a 3rd or 4th hand bird, but now I think she finally met the right home for her. They are so sensitive and intellegent that the appropriate home is so important to the bird and it's companion. Some birds (or any other animal) will bond with people they know will truly care about them. BUT... if my dog or cat required $3000 in surgery (according to a vet) I'm not sure what choice I hAVE? "If i were a rich man"...... LOL. I guess i should have pursued my dreams instead of becoming an art teacher.....

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Anonymous - 2005-12-19
I have 2 finches, and they are the best birds ever

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Jack - 2005-12-19
i would just like to say that birds belong in the wild and are happiest when flying around in the sky with others of their kind.
this is also when they look at their most fascinating and beautiful, and i have been lucky enough to view scarlet macaws in central america.
they are "apparently" in danger of extinction, but this is mainly due to eggs being poached which are then sold across the world. owning one of these birds is therefore being part of the problem

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Angela - 2005-12-19
I just bought a ruby. the first half an hour, oh maaaaaaaaaan he was rough, and I got alot of bruises from his bites. After we became friends, all he wanted was scratch, scratch, scratch. on his head and under his wings. I had to be sure not to scratch his wings too long, or his head and neck would miss out! And he would let me know it. I gave 1890.00 for him, 40x30x72 wrought iron cage, wrought iron play stand all for 2400.00 total!

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Shelby - 2005-12-18
We have owned our double yellow headed amazon for twelve years. His head is entirely yellow and so is named Sonny. He has the funniest personality and is the baby of the family. He can be tempermental at times but with a little food incentive (He loves to eat; especially french fries--he begs more than our dogs!)he is easily trained. He doesn't fly but enjoys piggy back rides on the family labradors. He keeps us laughing non-stop.

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dave hall - 2005-12-18
I live in Houston, TX so I couldn't have been more surprised to find a rosie on my door step. I've had pets of all kinds in my life but aside from nursing a sick or injured wild bird, I've never even considered a pet bird. The bird showed up 05/05, I started calling him Larry (the only bird name I could think of). I diligently looked for his owner but no one claimed him. It's been 7 months now and I don't think I'd give him up if I had to. I'm kinda learning as I go about care etc and he does require alot of attention but he's a good friend. The best pets are the ones that pick you.

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Diana - 2005-12-16
I have a budgie named tweety, who is a girl, and I've had her almost a year and a half. She is yellow with green splotches on her cheeks and a big green spot on her back. she has tons of toys and 3 mirrors.I really like her and she likes to give us kisses.

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mara - 2005-12-14
I have a Cockatiel named Zipporah, and she is the first bird I have owned. I always wanted a bird and she is very easy to take care of, even though when you show signs of waking up, whether you want to get up or not, she squeaks constantly for attention. I bought her from my school where she was hand fed and raised, an she is VERY tame, loves being scratched on the head and gives kisses! She whistles some of "jingle bells" and wolf whistles at people! Birds that have been hand fed and raised are great because they can be given to kids and make great pets. I love my Z, even though I have trouble finding time with school and work, but I know she loves me and I love her because she begs for her head to be scrached and chirps when you are someplace she is not but are still in eyesight!

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Angel - 2005-12-14
Although our Citron Crested Cockatoo wasnt treated properly for first 5 years of life until we brought her home she is a joy to have around and we treasure her very much. She is great to be around but not for everyone to own since they are very demanding on time and attention. Best of luck to all our feathered friends.


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