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Terri Cummins - 2005-12-10
I have Two Red Mollucan Lorikeets that are just beautiful birds that I see that you dont have listed on your Lorikeet display....They are very active birds I have Sugar she does everything with me eats, showers with me, everything but sleep with me. LOL. They do take special care too, love to eat a variety of foods as well as there nectar...Hope you soon get a pic of my birds on your site.

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Anonymous - 2005-12-10
HI, I have two serve macaws (Harley and Louie) they're brothers. They are so sweet and never bite plus their talking is good. They are my little babys.

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Dave and Barb Boerigter - 2005-12-09
We have had Galahs for over 25 years having raised two males from fledgings in Australia. We received permission from the Australilan Government to take them with us to the US via quarantine in 1982. Luke passed away this past March, cause unknown, so now Laddie is a bit lonely. Be aware that in our experience they do BITE.

They love corn on the cob, spaghetti, chicken wing bones, and scrambled eggs. They have never been clipped but can no longer fly for any distance. The are wonderful loving birds but do need lots of attention and get testy when left alone.

Dave and Barb

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Elliott - 2005-12-09
I moved in with my cousin and she had a shamrock named buhbuh. i had a pair of senegals, a pair of sun conures, a sulfur crested cockatoo, and buhbuh inspired me to get my own shamrock. I named him gump who was a little more wild. since then I have moved out and sold/traded all of those birds except for buhbuh he is my best friend and I wouldn't trade/sell him for the world

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Carmen Perez - 2005-12-08
I've had my Mexican Red Head for over 30 years. I call him Tony Baloney and he's from Guadalajara. He doesn't talk much, but whistles and makes cute sounds. I'm the only one that can play with him. My husband is patient and tries though! Very loud when he want's attention! I love him to pieces! He loves apples,carrots,corn and beans along with his seeds and nuts.

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Asia B.Wolfe - 2005-12-08
I have a budgie parakeet named Pasqualito. He is superior to all other birds of his kind. He can outsmart them, outbite them, outclimb them, outchew them, outeat them, and out-talk any other bird of his species. I proclaim him to be the most intelligent parakeet on the face of the earth. His many exceptional phrases include the following:I love you. Come here. Hello.Hi. Hi baby. Come here Baby. I love you baby. Pasqualito. Come here Pasqualito. Whatcha doin. Poopy.
As you can see, my bird is the most intellegent, magnificent, excellent bird on the face of the earth.

- best bird trainer on the face of the earth.

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Anonymous - 2005-12-07
strawberries are a bad idea, they are the fruit with the most pesticides of any fruit.

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Dan - 2005-12-07
Just two weeks ago I have adopted a one year old male zebra finch from my work. He was up for adoption because he was born with only one foot, however he walks and perches as well as any other finch. He is sweet and loves to chirp to me in the morning. I have been cautious on whether to keep him single for life or to find him a mate. I am afraid that because of his handicap, he would not do well. But I know that no matter how much attention and care I give, I can not replace the company of another finch for him.

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--------------- - 2005-12-06
this got me an A on my project thanks to anyone who helps with this site

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Gary Miller - 2005-12-06
I think your web page is one of the best that I've seen. I was wondering if you were going to display any other pigeon types other than the Old German Owl. There's over 600 varieties of pigeons. The Old German Owl is a beautiful friendly breed but there are others.


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