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Linda Pries - 2013-05-21
I have been breeding cockatiels for several years now and am currently setting up pairs from my own breeding. I have normals, pied, albino pearls and what I have always called lutino pearls. I'm not sure if this is the proper name for these as I have seen them also referred to as opaline pearl. The birds are soft yellow with the grey pearling. Last year I purchased a pair consisting of an albino hen and a whiteface pearl cock. They produced all whiteface pied chicks until their last clutch which also produced a gorgeously stunning whiteface pearl hen. I am keeping her and breeding her back to a normal male who is split to pied. Also will be starting a pair who is a whiteface pied split to albino hen bred to a lutino pearl cock. I'm very anxious to see what these pairings will produce. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, is lutino pearl the proper classification for my yellow birds with grey pearling?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-21
    That Whitefaced Pearl hen must truly be a beauty! A Lutino Pearl Cockatiel has white plumage with yellow pearling, not grey pearling. Lutino's lack all grey pigment. It's probably either a normal pearl mutation or a cinnamon pearl mutation (which has a lighter coloring than the normal). Also males do not retain the pearling, it molts out as they mature. As these birds are crossbred, specific characteristics can become less distinct, so a good knowledge of the genetics as well as the birds lineage (who were their parents/grandparents, etc) is helpful in choosing crossings to get the results you are looking for.
  • Geoff Larsen - 2013-08-30
    I am new to cockatiels and was given a pair for breeding. The female got egg bound and died so now my male is very lonely. What I would like to know is what type he is and how to locate a suitable mate. He is a white face (no cheek markings at all) and a few dark grey patches on the top of his wings. His mate was also white faced but had quite a bit of grey markings all over her body and wings. (My kids named them Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.)
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Louise - 2013-08-29
I have two white doves a male and a female. I am wondering what materials to use to build the nest so they can mate and have their babies? Any ideas would be greatly appreicated.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-31
    You will want to provide some sort of open container and put twigs, grass and other soft materials in there for them to use.
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Isela - 2013-05-19
My peach face lovebirds will be parents soon and I heard that you can feed the chicks baby food? Is this true? What kind? This is all new to me HELP !!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-20
    There is baby bird handfeeding formula, I've used Kaytee and it is great. However the parents are usually really good parents. It isn't usually necessary to hand feed the babies unless the parents are inexperienced and not able to do the job. To handfeed, there are many things that can go wrong. Besides having the right food, it takes a rigorous schedule and having an experienced person show how to do it is really important.
  • Anonymous - 2013-08-29
    Yeah kaytee is great. At rural king ohio (rko) you can get nozzles or syringes.
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Anonymous - 2012-09-03
Available any couple timbrado canary for sale in emirates if ok put your mobile number

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  • Mohammad Mohtadi - 2012-10-23
    I live in the United Arab Emirates and i am looking for a Blue Timbrado preferable Female. Also Recessive Green Males. This is urgent and my phone number is 050-3872028
  • FRANK G - 2012-12-09
    Hi, I would like to buy 4 to 5 pairs of timbrados .4169086416
  • moath - 2012-12-25
    I would like to buy 2 male tembrado with good singer
  • edie ronald - 2013-08-29
    Number one for spanis timbrado.
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Anonymous - 2006-03-18
I came to live with two Nanday Conures when I married my husband. Coming from another country, I had never met the birds and didn't know what I was in for. We also have cockatiels and a few others which I love, but the Conures are so loud and aggressive. I would absolutely dance for joy if my husband would agree to find them a new home. Their screeching makes it impossible to give my toddler daughter a nap, and is very aggravating to my nerves. There is no place in our house we can put them without hearing the noise. I can even hear it when I go outside and across the street from our house.
Please think hard before adopting one.

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  • Mike - 2013-08-27
    If your nanday is covered this will reduce or stop screeching. I have a nanday living with a sun conure. They get on well and are buddies. When the nanday is loud I cover the cage and he normally then is quiet.
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Jan - 2013-07-05
My 24 yr. old Amazon had a stroke last week. The Vet didn't think she'd make the night. Her right claw is paralyzed and she's not eating. Her weight went from 480 grams to 406 grams in 5 days. I've been syringe feeding her twice a day but she will only take 5cc at each feeding. I'm worried she will starve to death. Any suggestions of how I should take care of her?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-09
    I'm so sorry to hear about your Amazon. How is she doing now? Any better? I'm not sure what you can do for her if she refuses to eat. Of course keep her comfortable and keep syringe feeding her. She may be in shock and just needs some time to get out of it. I hope she's ok and is on the uphill :(
  • Anonymous - 2013-07-16
    Feed her by liquid, apple juice and any other smoothies.
  • james - 2013-08-26
    Hi my name is James, I'm new here how is your bird doing?
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kostas - 2013-08-25
Hello my name is kostas and I have a blue fronted amazon... or an oranged winged?! You see I'm rather confused in which species belongs my baby parrot. Please inform me on what pictures or videos you need to post you so as you could recognize my parrot species. I'm looking forward to your answers, best regards kostas.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-08-27
    If you sign in with the facebook registration, you can then upload your pictures for us to see. Looking forward to checking them out!
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Solly - 2013-08-24
Hello, I have a pair of diamonds, they're laying eggs for a while, but none has hatched till now. They're sitting on the eggs well and taking turns, but none of them hatched. I gave them all the vitamins and calcium. Is it because I keep them inside the house? How can I raise the humidity in the cage? I have air conditioning running all the time, and I put the cage away from the vent. I don't know what else to do to hatch the eggs? Please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-08-27
    Although these little birds can have a few hit-and-miss starts when they are new at breeding, they usually quickly figure it all our. So I'm wondering if you are you certain you have a male/female pair.
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Anne Day - 2013-08-23
Please don't keep your cockatiel or any bird in the kitchen where you are going to use a teflon frying pan or any pan with teflon because teflon gives off a chemical or chemicals that their little lungs can't handle. I thought everyone was aware of this until I gave two baby cockatiels away to a young couple and they used a teflon frying pan and both birds died. This after them hand feeding the birds for days and now they are both devastated! I don't know how to get the word out fast enough, please tell your friends and pet stores to spread the word. Thank you. Anne Day in Clearwater, Florida.

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Jennifer - 2013-02-21
Recently I had bought a beautiful parakeet at Petsmart. He had a pretty blue body a yellow head and a beautiful teal green tail feathers. He was about 4-5months old. He died four days later!!! It's a disgrace to pet stores the way they keep their animals. Please reply I agree if you would like to change the way pet stores keep their animals.

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  • Charlie - 2013-02-21
    That is terrible. I am sure it wasn't your fault. You couldn't have done anything wrong in four days. When I was younger I had bird that was a beautiful macaw. I too love birds and I agree.
  • KNinVA - 2013-03-13
    Jennifer, I hope you went back to Petsmart with your receipt and got your money back. They have a 15 day policy. I'm sorry for your loss!
  • Louise Callcut - 2013-08-21
    I'm sorry for your loss, I refuse to buy any pet from there as I got my little boy a baby guinea pig and it died after 3 months, he was devastated. I went to the store they weren't interested. I said I took it to the vet and it had something that an adult pig would get. I went to the head office and got no joy I think something should be done about these pet stores.

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