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Courtney D Singleton - 2012-01-04
I am looking for a rose breasted cockatoo for myself. Please let me know if any of U out there has one. Thank U. Email or call 859-324-0479. I am in Ky.

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  • Teresa - 2012-10-01
    I have one for sale if you have not already located one in your area. I am in Colorado. He is just 1 1/2 years old, talking, steps up readily. Let me know.
  • susie varrone - 2013-01-05
    we have three babies...all under five months old...hand fed and very sweet!
  • susie varrone - 2013-01-05
    I am in knoxville tn
  • Nicolson - 2013-01-30
    Are you still searching? We have some wonderful rose breasted cockatoos among other parrots available and ready to go.
  • genia burbank - 2013-02-02
    Looking for Susi V in Knoxville, TN. I am also in Knoxville and looking for a rose breasted Cockatoo. Please contact me ASAP. THANKS- GENIA 865-660-8140
  • genia burbank - 2013-03-04
    I am looking for a rose breasted cockatoo. Do prefer a male... Thank you, Genia
  • Christine Jason - 2013-11-15
    I am looking for a baby and live in Otto, NC Does the person in TN still have babies?? Or even an older one and how much are they?? Please respond to this post so I can give you my number to talk
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pat - 2013-11-15
we have had our red capped conure over 25 yrs and yes -I did call a rescue center about 10 yrs ago and it is true, you are responsible for your bird till death do you part-you or the bird. do not make a hasty decision on getting a 'sweet adorable little bird' unless you intend on being there for them--raising children and grandkids are easier and will be quiet when asked

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Ludovic Lim Hoc - 2013-11-13
Hi I would like to know if it is possible to mate a female blue masked with a green fischer and if the babies will reproduce later on? Thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    Yes, these are both eyering species so cross-breeding is definitely possible, and the young will also be fertile. Although the young are attractive birds their colors do tend to be duller and less striking than the pure forms of their parentage.
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Eko Purnomo - 2013-11-12
Hello canary breeder's, Im just a hobby's bird. How to import canary to indonesia? I am a newbie, please if you can help me,you can sent email to : I need partners to export from there to my country, and any requirements to send. How much total cost and any problems, you can email to me. Thanks before.

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Michele - 2013-11-11
Hello I too have a quaker parrot who has recently finished his molting. Recently I discovered a puffiness on his left side. When I looked it appeared that he scratched himself. Today I again look and he has been scratching himself all around his neck area. He hasn't shown any out of the ordinary behavior. Could this be related to his pin feathers. The one's on top of his head have stopped. I know to take him to a vet. Just looking for a possible explanation?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    Excessive scratching could be a sign that your bird's skin is very dry, flaky, and feels itchy. Try increasing bathing to see if it helps. Another possibililty is red mites. Cover the cage with a white sheet in the evening, and see if there are any dark brownish red little dots on it in the morning.
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Tommy VanVleet - 2013-11-02
Ok I just got a parakeet. It's about 5 months old. I was wondering will he still learn how to talk if I'm persistent and patient? And how do I bond with it? I studied up about the bird but never had my own bird personally. Just need some good tips.... oh and how do I give it a bath? Does it just shower with me? How hot should the water be? Need tips please! Thanks.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-11-07
    How great, parakeets are wonderful pets! Unfortunately, there's no absolute assurance that your bird will talk. Time and patience may result in some words, but parakeets are not the best talkers in the parrot world. Info on ways to give your parakeet a bath can be found on the Parakeet Care page under the topic 'Care and Feeding'.  You can take the bird in the shower, but birds usually prefer lukewarm or room temperature water, and that's a little cold for you in the shower:)
  • June steenveld - 2013-11-09
    Hi tommy. My name is june Steenveld. My heart is very sore this morning. It's 1.30 in morning and I just found mine dead in the cage 30 minutes ago. I got hm last year in December and he was so cute. He was singing lately happy birthday to him and could already speak a lot and answered me. Last night he was sitting with head down and said he is sad. To answer your questions. I was just like you, impatient. Yes they talk a lot, they love water and bath everyday. I used to put him in a bath with really really luke warm water but very shallow. Otherwise you take a bottle and sprinkle water over them. I got mine at 3 weeks and spoon and mouth fed him. You must bond with him by handling him alone and talk to him a lot. They told me he will only start talking at a year but mine started at 6 months. I wish I can get another one. If you want to contact me, I'm on facebook.
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victor ramirez - 2009-03-30
My rosella is fighting the new rosella that I just got and it is a female. Trying to get them both to get along but we can't, now we got them in a split cage. Is that a good thing to do. If that doesn't work what should I do next.

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  • richard thomas - 2013-11-08
    Ok, birds are sort of territorial. If you put them togather, do it in a roomy neutral cage. I usually have a third cage for coming and pairing up of birds. Works better for me. They will fuss a bit usually, but will pass in time. In most cases they will usually bond like this.
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Kevin westney - 2013-11-07
What temperture for breeding senegals in outside shed thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-11-07
    Parrot species originate from places with warm, tropical climates. For most parrots the comfort range is between 65º to 80º Fahrenheit, with an average ambient (room or outside) temperature of 72º being good for most. They can withstand a much broader range, however, of 40-90º Fahrenheit, but for this they need time to adjust. Any quick drop in temperature can be devastating to both their comfort and health and more extreme temperatures may not inspire breeding. Also make sure they are in a draft free area.

    A newly-hatched baby needs a temperature of at least 95-98º Fahrenheit (in hand rearing situations this usually provided by some sort of artificial heat). As they grow to the pinfeather stage (at around 4 weeks of age) they can be kept at room temperature of about 72º Fahrenheit.
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jayashree - 2013-11-05
Hi, my bird is around 11 months old. I have noticed that her feather ends are changing into blackish color and the area btw nose too. But she is healthy and active. Wat's the reason behind this? Pls help me.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-11-07
    The color of a bird's feathers only change naturally when they molt. My guess is she is rubbing against something in the cage, to cause her feathers to get dirty or look like a different color.
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uhhhh - 2008-09-19
Hmmm, a Scarlet Macaw is the most useless macaw of all. They are moody, prone to feather plucking, scream to much, they can't talk very well, they sit around and scream all day, and make dumb noises. My bird is four and says three words. My Greenwing Macaw says a whole bunch of things. I have bruises all over my arms from my bird. If you ask me they are not a good pet and are way to much money. If you are looking into getting a Macaw get a Greenwing Macaw or a Blue and Gold. They are smarter, sweeter, and over all a way better bird.

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  • Jackie mast- Mosqueda - 2013-11-04
    Well if you don't want him I will gladly take him off your hand

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