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viorel moise - 2013-09-23
I have same Parisian Frills for sale ;one pair green 2011 and about six young ones 2013,if you want e-mail me:

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  • Sally - 2013-09-25
    Hi. I'm very interested in purchasing several frills. Where r u and what colors do you have? You can also reach me at 562 292 5073. I'd love to talk. Kind regard. Sally
  • P.Valentin - 2013-11-15
    I am interested in the frill canaries you may have available. Please send me price information as well as
  • hassan mansouri - 2013-11-16
    how much is it and your adrss
  • marco - 2014-01-14
    hi you have Parisian frill canaries for sale ?price for pair?
  • Daf Maclean - 2014-11-06
    I would love to hear from you with pair of Parisian Frill canaries. Please email me at Thank you. I'm in Merredin WA
Daf Maclean - 2014-11-06
I'm from WA and would like a pair of Parisian frill canaries please

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bill - 2003-08-19
Hi Kathryn,
I regards to your question, I have a 3 year old Sun Conure named Gazoo, about the only thing I can get him to say is "Hello" which he learned all on his own when he was about 10 months old. Beside "Hello" he has learned no other words.

From my understanding Sun Conures are not very good talkers, but I have discovered they are good at mimicing sounds, and they are a ton of fun. Although Sunnies are not good talkers, but like all parrots they are very intelligent, and the more you hang out with your bird the more you will appreciate their intelligence, whether or not he/she ever learns to talk much.

Best Regards,

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Rudy java - 2013-04-06
Hi world, I'm rudy from Java Indonesia. I like yorkshire canarys from England. In Indonesia, Yorkshires from England are very popular because proportional body is very good.

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  • bobby hartono - 2014-06-08
    Hi Rudy, I have Yorkshire with good posture and coloured,if you need further information gor the availibility,you can contact me as below detail, Name : Bobby Hartono email : Mobile : +62 819 1022 6626 whatapps : +62 819 1022 6626 Address : Jln.Karacondong no:338,Bandung-Indonesia Thank you
  • Jacques - 2014-11-05
    Hi Bobby, do you know where i can buy Yorkshire canaries? I live in South African and wanting to buy good quality birds.
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TRISNO - 2011-01-11
Good afternoon,,
I want to know how to order the NORWICH CANARY?
And how to delivery to INDONESIA COUNTRY?
Please sent the catalogue of the NORWICH CANARY in my Email Address


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  • DUNCAN OSBORNE - 2011-07-23
    Hi there. Here is a web address. They have a book called the norwich canary and you can order the book from them via paypal and you do not have too have a paypal account.
  • johan kartawidjaja - 2014-06-04
    Hi Trisno, I have friend who sells Norwich in Bandung-Indonesia, his name is Bobby Hartono, email: Mobile : +62 819 1022 6626/ whatapps: +62 819 1022 6626 Address : jln. Kiaracondong 338-Bandung Hope this will help you to get Norwich Rgrds, Johan
  • Jacques - 2014-11-05
    Hi John, do you know where i can buy Norwich canaries? I live in South Africa and wanting to buy good quality birds.
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Parm - 2012-10-13
Hi all, I have a two OWA's first one we have is 12 and is bonded to me the new one is only 3 years old but the older one seems to be just blanking the new one and if i let them out together the older one will go for the new baby. anything help would be great. Thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-13
    Sounds like a bit of jealousy there:) It can take a lot of time and patience to get an existing bird to accept a newcomer, especially since your older bird is so closely bonded to you. Don't rush them, I would probably just keep being a good friend to the older bird, but give equal attention to the newcomer, and see how it goes. A rule of thumb is it takes a new bird about a month to get situated in a new environment, but becoming friends may take even longer.
  • Parm - 2012-10-14
    Thank You, We have a very busy house so I have moved both cages to the quiet side I managed to let them both out yesterday and the older one went for the new baby, but after I stopped them they sat and watched each other for a good ten minutes before they started feeling comfortable enough to take food from my hands, and the cage move today they are a lot quieter and seem more relaxed.
  • Marie - 2013-02-05
    Hi there.I am extremely happy for the parrots that find wonderful homes after being misstreated. I myself have an Orange wing Amazon named Marley ( 19 years old). His first owner gave him nothing but nuts and sunflower seeds. He smoked like a chimney and found it funny to blow the smoke right in my poor Marley's face. The second owner was someone from the man's family. He once again ate the same diet, left to be chased by the family dog. No toys, and just a sad looking perch inside the cage. The owner was completly terrified of him and poked and beat him with a stick for a year. Marley was completly terrified of humans and wouldnt come out of his cage. He was all plucked, and beak curling. He now has stopped screaming, has a WONDERFUL diet and has went to see a good vet. He ABSOLUTLY loves me and i wouldnt imagine my life without him. He is afraid of others and im trying really hard to work on that. So once again, congrads on all of you who take the time for these wonderful creatures.
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fran - 2014-11-04
I have my yellow nape amazon for 30 years and just today I noticed she has yellow feathers coming out of her chest. I thought the yellow was just supposed to be on the nape. I would really appreciate any information from a bird lover/expert. ty

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-04
    Feathers can change color somewhat with molts as they age. Also nutritional problems have been known to cause feather color changes in parrots. A derangement of the metabolism or a disruption to the nutrition of a bird during the time when feathers are being formed can cause color change and can also affect the quality of feathers. With a corrected diet, it will molt back to its original coloration.
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lilly - 2011-01-29
Which canary is the best singer?

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  • Jose - 2013-03-26
    It depends what you like. I love the way the Russian canary sings.
  • Kismet Libra - 2014-11-04
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sue nesbit - 2014-11-03
I have a 12-13 yr old female ringneck dove, her mate of the same age just died, should I get her a mate

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-03
    You know, these birds are social creatures, so I would suggest a companion. It can be either male or female, but if you get a male then they may bond and try to breed.
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himanshu singh - 2014-11-03
I need a cockatiel so please provide me a cockatiel . I live in Delhi


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