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GrandmaBean - 2009-03-12
While stopping at a pet store my husband told me I had to see this bird. He was a beautiful Lutino Ringnecked Parakeet they called Peeper after the Easter marshmallow treat. We fell in love. He is the biggest character. He has even picked up on my morning sneezing! He not only sneezes with me but also bobs his head up and down. He also loves Peeper Kisses and asks for them all of the time and gives kisses back. He scolds the dogs when they bark. The Ringneck is highly intelligent. We would not trade our Peeper for anything.

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Denise - 2009-03-11
I am getting three Society finches tomorrow and they sound like delightful birds. I can't wait to get the little guys.

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roberta - 2009-03-10
Hi all, my 10 year old beautiful baby is Java. I got him at 2-weeks old. I fell in love. He is just like a big dog in temperament, but I am really his only love and he is kind to others but prefers mum. He shares the big bird room with his "brother" albert, the african grey. They like one another and they really do act like 2 siblings, 2 kids. I enjoyed the info on the harlequins and now I know who his dad was, the greenwing.

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NATALIE WARD - 2009-03-06
I have a Rosella and he lives with another bird and he is fine with him, as everytime I take the other bird away, he gets really mad. So I guess they can live with other birds.

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kerry Lampkin - 2009-03-05
So, I really wanted a parrot.
I did all the reserch a person should do when thinking about getting an animal.
I kept seeing Myers parrot, in descriptions of mellow, sweet birds.
I was very intrigued.
One thing led to another and brought Sophie into my life.
She had been in the middle of a divorce and was living in a cage with no human interaction. She was two years old when I first met her.
I'd raised pigions and cockatiels, but never a parrot.
I was hoping this was a good fit for the both of us.
Time has passed and Sophie is about four.
What a hoot she is, I just love her.
We definitely are a family. I have her, two cats, and a fish.
She is affectionate, she cuddles under my chin for warmth.
She loves apples, carrots, and red vines.
Don't get angry, I do not give her red vines anymore because they turn her poop red. And of course it's not good for her. But, man she'll do anything to get to that red vine, if I am eating one.
She holds her own with my two cats, who are afraid of her.
She says; give me a kiss, Meow, I'm right here, and she laughs out loud.
Plus, all her really cute noises.
Sophie lets me know when someone is comming up my path, by a loud high pitched whistle.
She has her own perch in the bathroom, and likes to spend the night in there.
I have two outdoor cages for her, one in the front yard, and one in the back.
I found some old paperback childrens books and a thrift store and put them in her cage. She chews the heck out of them and it turns out to be good enrichment.
And its much better then when she trys to chew my books.
I try to give her a lot to do when I'm home.
Sophie loves music and loves to sing and dance.
I'm telling you she's the best!
If you are thinking about a Myers Parrot, you will love them.
Sophie is my little darling, and I'm glad she's on my shoulder right now.

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Lynn - 2009-03-04
I found this website for the first time. I have a male white front amazon that is 25 yrs old. I have had him since he was 3 months old. He only articulates a few words clearly like pretty bird, hello, hi Mikey, what, etc. He also says alot of other words and phrases, but they are not very clear. I enjoy my time with him. Even after 25 yrs, he still makes me laugh.

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Pam - 2009-03-03
Hi every one, I just bought two white doves last week, I ordered two books to read more about them but they are faster then I am, they have laid two eggs but are not setting on them, does this mean there is no babys in those eggs or do they just not have to set on their eggs, confused?

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M. Aubrey - 2009-03-03
We have just had our 3 year old male alexandrine parakeet fly away. It has been 3 days now. I don't think he will come back. He did this a few years ago but we were lucky as he stayed local and we found him in a tree in the next suburb. I am having the hardest time at his abscence as I am with him all the time. Usually, I can't even go to the toilet in peace! I hope he will return as we miss him terribly. He is a beautiful bird with an outstanding personality and he can dance! I hope he is safe wherever he is. His name is Simon. We are grateful we had 3 years with him and have lots of photos but I feel he is looking for a mate as he seemed restless and depressed just before he left. We will never forget him.

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Eleanor - 2009-03-01
I was given 2 Ringneck Doves last Fall(08) and now I have 7. I can't tell which is male and which is female. I have decided that the males are the ones doing the cooing. BTW one is sitting on another egg now so we soon will be 8.


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Anonymous - 2009-03-01
I have two Indian Ring White Doves that I have had since both were born fifteen years ago this year. They are both female, sisters. Chris and Val. You've got it Columbus Day Birthday and Valentines Day Birthday. They are a joy, cooing and laughing all the time. They thrive on Finch, parakeet seed and millet. They are covered every night and as soon as they hear me in the morning, they make sure I know they too are awake and wish to be uncovered and fed. To me they are the greatest symbol of LOVE and PEACE in the world, and I do believe a special gift from above.


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