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Cheryl - 2009-01-03
We have a family member named Charlie who is approximately 9 years old. He has been with us 4 years He requires a ton on attention and is very loving. He likes to cuddle and go for walks in the neighborhood. He sleeps in his cage at night, but sits on a perch all day in the living room, with the tv or radio on. He has lots of toys and is very well adjusted, but he won't talk. Anybody have any suggestions... He is not a big screamer, just his usual 5 minutes in the evening. He still bites occasionally, but it's usually when he is not the center of attention or is falling. I love him dearly and he is a big part of our family. He eats when we eat and just hangs out with us.

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  • sheila - 2014-02-10
    Some do not talk, are charlies wings clipped? Loved to take my 18 yr old out and about.
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Anonymous - 2014-02-09
Hi I'm from malta, hello, I have a problem. How do you recognize albino cockatiels, from hen to cock? Thanks ...joseph from Malta.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-12
    Albino Cockatiels can't be visually sexed. The only reliable way to tell male from female is to have it DNA sexed via a blood sample which is very reliable, or you can have surgically sexed, which is somewhat intrusive but extremely accurate.
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jayashree - 2014-02-08
Hi, I bought my new sunconure chick to my Family. I dnt know d gender, Wen i bought he is around 4 weeks old. Now he is around 8 weeks old, he is bit a noisy and very a ctive baby. Once i tried to make him self feed but he dint try to eat but in youtube i have seen many babies eating at 6 weeks itself. I just want to know my baby is not trying eat ah? And couple of times i have noticed that he loses his voice After some time he got back. Why this happens? So sunconure parents pls clear my doubts and provide me some more information to keep my baby healthy and happy. U can mail me.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-08
    Conures can take up to about 11 or so weeks to wean, and it's best to allow them to 'self' wean. Once they starts to fledge is the time to start encouraging them to become independent. Drop the midday feeding, still feeding in the morning and evening. Providing a dish with soft weaning foods, pellets, a bit of seed, and of course water. On the voice, make sure its getting enough liquid (formula and water sources).
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ziad - 2013-02-09
Available waterslager canary for sale 10 pair in delivered to dubai (u.a.e).

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  • Mustafa - 2013-07-17
    Hi Ziad, where are you located? On Dubai? Do you ship to countries other than Dubai? Thank You.
  • Mustafa - 2013-07-17
    Ziad, can I have your contact info please? Thanks.
  • Waqar - 2013-11-11
    Hi there, I'm interested in waterslager. Where in Dubai can I get one?
  • najibullah - 2014-02-07
    I like your site.
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chris - 2010-10-03
I have a 4 month old senegal who seems to sleep upside down in its cage. Is this normal? The cage is 20x24x36 with a play top area. The bird is tame bought from a breeder who I feel loves her birds and takes pride in her birds. I really like this bird and look forward to the future with this pet but was wondering if they sleep this way?

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  • John - 2010-10-21
    Chris, I have a three year old Senegal who started sleeping upside down about 4 months ago. He is very happy and well adjusted. Should have named him "Batman". I think it's perfectly normal. I got my bird when he was two. Apparently he had little attention given to him and just sat around. It took about 6 months but he now is very active, loves toys, and is quite playful and affectionate. By the way, my cage is a similar size.
  • encee - 2010-10-30
    I have a Senegal, too and she does this all the time. It is very normal for her!
    In fact sometimes, to tell me she wants to go to sleep, she goes up to the top of her cage and holds on to it upside down. So I cover her and she's happy. I asked a bird store owner if this breed does this a lot and she said they did. Mine also likes to dangle upside down on one foot from a towel hanging in the bathroom. Real acrobat!!!
  • Andrea - 2011-01-17
    I have an 8 year old senegal who sleeps upside down half of the week and on a perch the other. He seems to be fine and just loves to view the world upside down.
  • Jenni - 2011-01-30
    Chris, I'm not sure if you are still looking for an answer to this, and hopefully everything is still okay with the bird. It is normal for birds to sleep in different positions. We are familiar with birds who perch on one leg or sleep against something, but there are many birds who like to sleep upside down or even on their backs! Just like people, every bird's sleep style is different. Make sure he is getting proper nutrition, play time, a good diet (NOT a seed-only diet), and good socialization with you and other members of the house.
  • Jo - 2014-02-07
    My Senegal spends pretty much her whole life upside down !!!
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Ben - 2014-02-05
An eastern rosella flew out of a tree and landed on my girlfriends shoulder. It was looking seriously malnourished and desperate. Needless to say Madeleine brought it home. When I saw it I didn't believe it was an eastern rosella, it had no feathers on it upper body what so ever, and without any feathers on his face he reminded me of Steve buchemi with his google eyes. That's how he got his name Steve. Steve was surprisingly tolerant of human contact, it was almost like he was hand reared and had escaped. After some research we worked out he was still very young as he still had juvenile down under his wing feathers.

Ben - 2014-02-05
An eastern rosella flew out of a tree and landed on my girlfriends shoulder. It was looking seriously malnourished and desperate. Needless to say Madeleine brought it home. When I saw it I didn't believe it was an eastern rosella, it had no feathers on it upper body what so ever, and without any feathers on his face he reminded me of Steve buchemi with his googly eyes. That's how he got his name Steve. Steve was surprisingly tolerant of human contact, it was almost like he was hand reared and had escaped. After some research we worked out he was still very young as he still had juvenile down under his wing and back feathers. It took a few weeks but with good feed plenty if water and a large cage to sleep in at night he recoverd his feathers back and actually got chirpier. He was being a really cool bird. Any how I will get to the point. Recently we went away for a weekend and when we returned he was a different bird. He was really aggressive and quite cheeky. The problem was exacerbated when we had to go away again two weeks later. He is not the same bird and it can get quiet scary when he decides to attack you for moving the remote away from him so he doesn't chew the buttons off. His attitude has gotten to the point where I'm ready to let him go. Madeleine on the other feels as if Steve chose her and is willing to persevere for a while longer. Has anyone had similar things happen to them with their birds? And if so what did they do to remedy the situation? He has heaps of toys and gets to fly about pretty much all day. He is only put in the cage to sleep. It's almost like he's acting like a spoilt teenager. Please help!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-06
    He does sound like a spoiled Rule of thumb, it takes a parrot about 30 days to acclimate to a new home and come to know you as their 'flock'. But they are like children, and after that they may try different behaviors to get attention, or to be dominant. They do often have a 'teenage' period during maturation where the behavior can be like what you described, though from what you said, I think your bird may be a little young for that.

    Any change in established routine, environment, or companions is difficult for them. Establish a routine and stick to it. Rather than giving the bird free rein in the household, you could try to give him some specific times out of his cage for exercise and to interact with you. If he mis-behaves while out, then you can use return him to his cage early as a notice that the behavior is unacceptable. When he is being good, offer treats, praise, and lots of interaction. Time, affection, and patience are necessary.  Parrots are wonderful companions and I'm glad Madeleine is willing to be patient and perservere.
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Tanya Good - 2014-02-05
My Regent parrot, Milo will be 26 next month. Yes, I have had him the entire time. Anyone have a 'realistic' life span range for these birds? Everything I have read is 20-25. Well, he has surpassed that! Thanks!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-05
    You rock! Your Regent is well cared for, and long-lived. I have read 25, and up to 30 years as an average lifespan for these birds.
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K.Swapnil - 2012-05-20
I have a pair of Indian rose ringed parakeet ....
and they are 2.3 months old......

I have two que. to ask:
Q1.When the black lining/strip would appear around the male's neck have them has a prob. that it produce a very low sound like if its throat is not well and by looking it closely i noticed when it opens its beak to make sound a very thin layer of water formed and burst.....Wat is the problem with it

Please answer these and try to email me at

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  • Ron Sorkar - 2014-02-05
    You should not give them banana.that makes problem to create good sound. i am also a bird lover. i have also a parakeet bird male. The black ring will arrive after 8 to 9 months.
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Anonymous - 2014-02-03
I have had my lilac for 14 years and he/she has been such a joy to have. Mine is very quiet unless he/she feels it's time to change food or water. When I first rescued my friend from an abusive owner there was no handling. I tried the glove approach boy was that a mistake! So I moved forward with a wooden perch to teach my lilac the step up routine. Still to this day I cannot just reach in the cage and and ask my bird to step up, he/she runs from me but if I stick the perch in there it isn't an issue, he/she steps right on it. I don't know if the previous owner scared my friend for life and now my feathered friend will always have trust issues. I am able to hold my bird if he/she is not near the cage. My feathered friend is very protective of me and will attack if he/she feels I'm being hurt. My husband and I were play fighting and my bird flew off the cage and attacked him and still to this day protects momma. I have my lilac in a very large cage with a double yellow nape and they are very good friends. With a little love and a lot of time you can train your feathered friend/friends but you have to be commited or a bird lover.


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