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James - 2009-11-07
My jenday is named Jendy, I found him at the local pet store. When I asked for a good bird they kinda laughed, so I asked for the meanest 1 and found jendy. I gave it to my girlfriend "who is a vet tech" as a b-day present. The vet there said no one could hold him but from the first day I brought him home He loves my girlfriend, he likes to play in her hair, lol. We take him outside, he flies around a little then returns home. We leave the front door open until he returns, and yeah, the first time was an accident. He really likes to laugh with us and sounds just like me, lol. And he attacks over weight people for some reason. My neighbor is deathly scared of him, lol. happy timez

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  • Amber - 2014-06-05
    How did you catch your jenday the first time he got out of the house? Mine got out today and she is 4 months old and has been with me for about 1 week. I need help. Can you tell me how you got your bird back after that first time?
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Gene - 2014-06-05
I have several budgies that are pied yellow/ blue. Sometimes they hatch with grey/ yellow, some with turquoise/white/ yellow. Has anyone seen this anomaly before? Is there any commercial interest? Please let me know as I haven't even found any reference to these combos anywhere!

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Edwina - 2014-06-05
Hi, I have had my parrot for about 15 years and she is a wonderful pet. She has never bit me but others. Now she seems to want to squat and make little purring noises. Both inside her cage and out. We live alone. She has never been around other birds. She is very picky about her food too. Doesn't sing or talk like she used to. Please help?

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TRISNO - 2011-01-11
Good afternoon,,
I want to know how to order the NORWICH CANARY?
And how to delivery to INDONESIA COUNTRY?
Please sent the catalogue of the NORWICH CANARY in my Email Address


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  • DUNCAN OSBORNE - 2011-07-23
    Hi there. Here is a web address. They have a book called the norwich canary and you can order the book from them via paypal and you do not have too have a paypal account.
  • johan kartawidjaja - 2014-06-04
    Hi Trisno, I have friend who sells Norwich in Bandung-Indonesia, his name is Bobby Hartono, email: Mobile : +62 819 1022 6626/ whatapps: +62 819 1022 6626 Address : jln. Kiaracondong 338-Bandung Hope this will help you to get Norwich Rgrds, Johan
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bejo - 2012-04-26
What is the price per head to Yorkshire canary in Indonesia? Approximately 5 tail until Indonesia costs how much?

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  • johan kartawidjaja - 2014-06-04
    sir, You can check and get price quotations for Yorkshires by contacting, Bobby Hatono,email: Mobile: +62 819 1022 6626/ whatapps: +62 819 1022 6626 Address: jln. Kiaracondong 338-Bandung Rgrds, Johan
Kios Kenari Depok - 2014-01-02
hello canary breeders canary yokshire how to imfort to indonesia.? please if you can help me, you can send an email to I need a parther to export from there to my country, and what conditions to send his official reply. what is the total cost and trouble, you can email it to me. thank you in advance.

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  • Kredit Tanpa Anggunan - 2014-05-02
    Excuse me sir, please yorkshire canary guided buying process as well as its delivery process and how much the total payments for 10 tails yorkshire Canaries. Thank you.
  • johan kartawidjaja - 2014-06-04
    Sir, if you need Yorkshire canaries, you can contact Bobby Hartono, email: Phone : 0819 1022 6626 whatapps: 0819 1022 6626 Address: jl. Kiaracondong 338,Bandung Hope he can help you, thank you. Regards, Johan
budi sutrisno - 2014-05-03
Please inform us, I want to know if I want to buy a canary yorkshire from holland, are there distributors/agents where I can contact? I will wait soon for information, thanks.

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  • johan kartawidjaja - 2014-06-04
    If you want to get some information about Yorkshire stock availibility and prices, please contact Bobby Hartono, Mobile:+62 819 1022 6626 / whatapps:+62 819 1022 6626 Hope he can help you,thank you. Rgrds.
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Don - 2013-05-15
Just spotted the pin tailed Whyda in my back yard in La Habra Heights, CA (Southern CA). As soon as I saw it I knew it was not in my backyard bird book! Searched the net and found out what it was. I am guessing it escaped a sanctuary or someone had it as s pet.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-15
    Yeah, not the typical backyard bird in your area huh? Glad you could ID it and hope you can locate its place of escape:)
  • Rick - 2014-06-04
    We also live in La Habra Heights and have had a male at our feeders off and on for the past year. Two females or juveniles joined him briefly, but have not returned. My wife and I enjoy his arrival and displays, and the many other birds at our feeds are not particularly afraid of his antics.
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Shaon Ahmed - 2012-11-12
Hyarlet macaw is the best name of this breed. hope so...

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  • Joel Rosario - 2013-10-19
    Hylet macaw. 

    This shall be the name .
  • Anonymous - 2014-06-04
    Phoenix Macaw!
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Catherine - 2014-06-04
I have had my beautiful Gypsy for two years now. She will be nine in October. I adopted gypsy from a friend who was extremely busy and couldn't commit to caring for gypsy any more, he had gypsy for six and a half years. Gypsy is a chewer/plucker and has been since she was young, a year or so roughly. The breeder who sold gypsy originally to the pet store failed to mention gypsy had a gimp foot which causes gypsy to fall from her perch causing her a severe injury, in which my friend chose to keep her for several years. Gypsy had literally cracked her chest open as a baby and basically started plucking and chewing her feathers then and has pretty much continued ever since. To prevent injuries, ever since her first fall as a baby, her cage floor is padded with pillows or foam bed toppers to protect her when/if she falls from her perch. It does make cleaning her cage more work but she is more than worh the work. She talks fairly well- says hi gypsy, hi gypsy girl, makes kissing sounds, lots of other odd and funny sounds, unfortunately she says a few swear words as her former owner was male, she also tells my other birds to shut up ( I have two quaker parrots), she was with other birds in the past also. She loves to play with any kind of a ball, and if she doesn't like a food, or is just being silly she'll run (actually hobble) to the nearest corner and make like she's a chicken and do these hilarious motions likes she's truly a chicken. She's a huge suck and very affectionate now compared to our first 6 months where my arm had several bruises/ lumps etc from our adjustment period during her first six months with me. She nuzzles me with her beak, stretches her neck and cuddles under my neck and coos. She loves to play with my male quaker Romeo they are hilarious! Gypsy and my female quaker Juliet have a mutual respect for each other for the most part but don't really interact that much together as they both compete for Romeos time and affection lol. I love my Gypsy girl! I'm so glad I adopted her as she has made huge progress. Unfortunately I've been told she's probably done folical damage and her feathers will never grow in where she's chewed them ( her entire stomach- she constantly gets new feathers and always has light feathers on her tummy but will never be full feathers, also back of her neck is a small area she picks/chews and each wing (shoulder area) are tiny spots she pick/chews.She no longer picks/chews her feathers on her neck and legs which makes me happy. I spray bathe her five days a week and blow dry her on low heat which she loves and her healthy feathers are beautiful and vibrant. She also had beak issues in which she'd get overgrowth and the bottom part of her beak was very brittle and prone to fine cracks. I have her groomed every six weeks and a piece of cuttlebone every other day has resolved her brittle lower beak which is wonderful as the calcium has strengthened her beak. Our home would not be the same without our gypsy girl!!!


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