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Rachel - 2014-06-26
I have a green cheek conure whose name is Jem. I bought him at the end of last year and he has shared a cage with a 6 year old budgie since the day I got him. They get along quite well, they sleep so close together at night that they touch and sometimes they groom each other. But the weird thing is that the budgie regurgitates in Jem's mouth! I read that budgies do it to their mates, and they are both boys, what's going on? hahahah it's not a problem I'm just curious.

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Anonymous - 2014-06-17
Pepino loves to be touched! He is a 1 yr old halfmoon conure, demands to be constantly attended to. Can sit on a shoulder all day long, grooms and lets you kiss, and caress his feathers, wings head and under beak. He's a lovely guy (don't know sex so just guessing), loves my husband. And loves to sleep on our chest or in his fur house. Does not say much just 'Pepino' and kissy sounds.

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  • Joanne - 2014-06-25
    Do you or does anyone know a reputable breeder who has Half Moons for sale? I'd love to have one!
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Rhonda - 2014-06-23
I have just recently (1 month) purchased a 6 year old Catalina Macaw. The lady that had him said he belonged to her husband. He passed away and she could not afford to take proper care of him. He had NO toys in his cage, he had two perches made out of pvc pipe. I purchased him brought him home and of course set his cage up with plenty of toys. My issue now he is regurgitating on all his toys. It goes all over the toys, cage, floor etc... He will not let me hold him. He will gladly take food out of my hand. Does anyone have any help with the regurgitating on his toys. Will the behavior stop eventually or what should i do ? Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    Regurgitation is a normal and enthusiastic behavior, especially with sexually mature macaws. It's usually directed towards the keeper however, rather than toys. This re-direct may be a sign that you have not yet developed a close bond, so the toys may simply be 'safe'. Trust takes a long time, packed with patience and love to develop. Your best bet is to work on discouraging this habit with gentle remonstrations.

    Make make sure it is regurgitation and not vomiting though, as vomiting is a definite sign of illness and a vet visit would definitely be in order. You can tell it's regurgitation if the bird is often bobbing its head and stretching out its neck to force expulsion of whatever is in its mouth down to the crop, and the food isn't digested. Vomiting on the other hand is more of a spitting action, the bird will shake its head from side to side, and it doesn't look like food anymore:)

    You still may want to take your macaw for a vet visit for a check up to rule out anything abnormal, and for peace of mind. Although regurtitation is usually a normal behavior, it can at times signal a medical problem. And in extremely rare situations, which is not understood at this time, some birds develop a pathology where they regurtitate continually.
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Winny - 2013-04-12
My neighbor has several dozen doves in an enclosure. They coo 24 hours a day. It is not a loud sound, but, a sound that I would prefer not to hear 24 hours a day. Is there anything that I, or my neighbor, could do to give me some relief from the constant cooing? This has been my world for 20-30 years and I am just wanting to hear the other birds in the area and/or a bit of silence when I am in my yard.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-17
    Well, doves will be doves. Not sure that you can change their behavior, maybe the neighbor could move the dove cote to the other side of their yard.
  • JJCAPECOD - 2014-05-21
    I am so sorry but I am reading this and need to add. I live in a suburban neighborhood - our houses are on 1/3 acre lots - I've been here 27 years, paid my mortgage almost to ownership and my neighbor keeps pigeons, doves, ducks and chickens. The singular ringneck dove is relentless, non-stop repetitive noise all. day. long. I am a bird lover- I have feeders and houses for the wild birds. I will spend hours photographing and recording wild birds - there is not one video or recording that doesn't have the ringneck cooing over and over. None of our wild species do this repetitive noise ALL. DAY. LONG. I understand how everyone loves their pets. but this is just a horrible way to live for those of us living close enough to have to listen to this. To me there is a level of cruelty here. The bird wants something. Wild birds are repetitive until they find their mate etc. and don't stay in one place while doing it. There is no resolution to this doves's constant cooing in a repetitive three notes. I realize this is a forum for dove lovers and keepers, but to me this non-stop calling is not only cruel the neighbors, but to the bird itself.
  • Etherealred - 2014-06-17
    JJCAPECOD: You are actually incorrect on that when it comes to doves. Doves coo-- repetitively in one place as you have described-- when they are happy, content, nesting, about to settle in for a nap, and feeling secure. Sorry Winny, but no, there is nothing you or your owner can do about the cooing. Doves have several kinds of coos and they all serve a purpose.
  • Coocooclock - 2014-06-22
    Hey my names Ashley I have two ringneck doves tangerine I guess they have one baby it's about three weeks old he's already flying they have a pretty decent size cage it's only the mailed it really seems to have a cooling problem I don't really mind it and he only coups really at sunrise and if he starts going off during the day if we just you know tell him Sheanshang stop you usually stop I know we give them lots of love and stuff there very tame very sweet. This is their first baby so we intend on keeping it Eastphal to the bars and is basically the size of a dime when it hatched so I was handling it hands-on allots pulling out from the grade somebody back under its mother and father but it seemed to handle that just fine really I mean it seems actually love me more because of that he's pretty big at this point but yeah the only problem I have is the egg problem I think I should maybe get some plastic eggs so. Laying eggs on time because Chesnee these birds aren't fertilized turtle Gatts
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Janet mukri - 2014-06-22
I walk Craig park in Fullerton area, and was thrilled to see two Pintailed Whydahs, but didn't know what type of bird it was. Today I met a bird watcher and his son who were very informative about the species, and told me there are actually 4 males in the park! They are so beautiful and a pleasure to watch!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    What a nice surprise for you. They are beautiful birds, I use to have a male and he was awesome, especially when his tail was full (they molt the tail off and then regrow it).
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Bchillin - 2014-06-18
Hi! I am purchasing a female eclectus parrot by the end of this week. I got the chance to see two females today & I have the great opportunity of choosing between the two but I have no idea which one to choose! There's a 7-8 month old & there's a 9-10 month old. Would you prefer the younger or older parrot?! I don't know if the months make a total difference or not but I'm just having a difficult time choosing!

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Lily - 2013-05-22
I recently acquired a goffin's cockatoo. Rescue bird. The previous owner that had him, I heard, got evicted and went to jail for drugs. He is extremely afraid and plucks his feathers. I have had him for about 4 months. I got him a large cage. He previously had a small one. He has lots of toys and gets fed well. I have recently gotten him off seeds, which is what he was sent with, and on Harrisons as well as fresh foods. He is still pretty picky with eating but getting better. I have taken him to the vet and am still waiting on results to see if there are underlying issues for his feather picking before I do anything else. He is supposed to be approximately 3 years old. He sometimes makes a few noises but most of the time sits in one spot and doesn't seem interested to get to know me. I also have a sun conure, approximately 12 years old and their cages are right next to each other. My sun is more bonded to me, and humans, but my goffin seems to identify more with my conure. I have had mainly dogs all my life except for my conure and am not too familiar with cockatoos, which I understand need a lot of stimulation. My boyfriend has had birds his whole life, 3 amazons growing up and the last just recently passed a few years ago. Any information on goffins, feather picking, fearful birds (cockatoos) than anyone can give would be extremely helpful. He is gaining weight and looks healthy but his feather picking is getting worse and he has developed some abscesses under his wings from picking. I got an ecollar from the vet but Im worried that this will be damaging to his mental health because of how he already acts. I tried it on my conure because he can handle a lot of situations and he had a hard time with it and would only flop around. Any information on a feather picking (flight suit) would also be useful as I think I may want to try that first. Im in this too the end and would not think of rehoming this bird another time as I understand its very damaging. I am planning on trying the foraging bit as well as tv for entertainment while I am at work. Thanks again for any help!!!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-22
    It's so great that you're giving this bird a great home, and a chance to get normalized. Here's a few thoughts. Birds have incredibly long memories, so it will take a long time for him to get brave with his new world. Birds also prefer other birds over people, so it's no surprise he does best with the Sun Conure, and it's actually really great that you have a companion for him (and for the Sun, though they're not as needy). But don't give up,he's smart and he is watching, so he will learn about you from observing you and your conure interact. Something that can help with the plucking, besides all the normal stuff you'll read and hear about... try a soft cotton blanket in the cage with him, or covering one side where he can pull on it. We've had success with that. If he likes it, he will chew on it constantly and it will be destroyed, but it offers him a soft replacement for his feathers and can help keep him occupied. Good luck and all the best to both of you:)
  • Eileen West email - 2014-06-18
    Lily how's it going with your goffin? My bird Abram has a plucking problem too, especially since my husband died on Jan 30 2014 Abram was inconsolable. The only thing that helps is lots of attention and more attention. However I've found red palm oil also helps, it comes in a little jar at health food stores like sprouts.
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JOHN - 2014-06-18

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allen clark - 2014-06-08
dose anyone know where I can get one of these magnificent birds my email is please tell me

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  • Mohamed Kaarim - 2014-06-17
    I have and I'm from Maldives.
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Valerie Ann Wallingsford - 2014-06-16
I rescued a sulfur crest and a citron a few months ago. Their momma took her life and the 2 have been together for a while. They are around 10 years old from what I was told. I have 5 other birds from a blue and gold to a monk but this one poor citron is vicious. I have had biters and trained them out of it but Baby is a rough one. He has tore my arm up even when he bites he hangs on. I show him no emotion but he is relentless. He is the sweetest thing in his cage but when we let out with Coocoo he follows him around and you cannot get next to Coocoo. He will even fly at you to attack you. I am at my wits end. My heart breaks for him. He wants the attention but seems mad at the world. He is also missing a toe and plucks or was pulling his chest feathers but it does look like they are coming back since I have had him. I keep him in toys and he is plowing through toys my macaw doesn't mangle the way he does. I feel so sorry for him would appreciate any ideas tips and pointers. I've never seen a bird this bad before. Val


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