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The South American Lungfish may not be pretty, but it is a pretty amazing fish nonetheless!
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joe - 2009-02-09
I've had my Lungfish for about 4 years. He's about 2ft long now. I feed him large night crawlers. I have been bitten by him before but it was a miss when he was going for food and he immediately went to the back corner; he knew he'd been bad. He's in a relatively small tank (30L) with two large angelfish. The angels are about 4 inches tall without the fins, much larger than the mouth of the Lungfish. This turned out to be a bad idea... I'm short one angel now and have a very dirty aquarium. Probably gonna keep him in his own tank. These are very easy creatures to keep and have alot of personality but best kept alone!

Laura - 2008-07-25
I have had mine for almost 11 years! He ate all of my tropical fish when I first got him or her from the pet store. He has killed a giant catfish as well as another lungfish over the years. He mostly eats live baby rats. Sometimes he eats nightcrawlers, grubs, goldfish, frozen or dry fish food if I am out of stuff, and has had chunks of fresh caught salmon. He lets me hold him. He drew blood in my finger as well as my 2 year old son's finger--scary more than painful. He got out of the tank once for maybe a half an hour and was okay. My 2 toddlers let me know.

Atkin - 2008-03-18
Ive had one of these for a few years. He was named Jeremy by a friend of mine who worked with me at the aquatics.

He is just over 2 feet long and right now lives happily in a Juwel Rio 180 with an oscar, a golden severum and a couple of plecs.

I may move him to a larger tank with perhaps some tinfoils and silver shark since they are mostly surface feeders and move too quickly for him but for now he's happy with the misfits.

Scott - 2007-10-20
Great fish!! Keep it with my feeder guppies in a 55 gal tank. Enjoys worms and clams. Quiet fish and easy to keep as long as he's not hungry.

Jennifer - 2007-03-21
I have had one of these for several months and I have never seen it come to the top for air. I have a large castle that it likes to hide in, and I hardly ever see it. Kind of dissapointing considering how exspensive it was!