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The Arowana is related to early primitive fishes and is sometimes called the "Bony-tongued Fish"!
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praveen - 2008-02-18
I am going to purchase a silver arowana 8-10 inches within a week. I had been keeping freshwater aquariums for 5-6 months. My current aquarium size is 3*1*1.

56 - 2007-05-15
I own a 264 inch silver arowana! I feed it 46 fishes a day. It lives in a 365x48x74 inch tank!

prasad brothers - 2007-04-01
My brother and I are owners of a 20 inch silver arowana,16 inch albino oscar, 19 inch rare albino(white)clown knife, 25 inch red bellied pacus, and an 18 inch pleco. They are all housed in a custom 1000 gallon aquarium. It has an amazon river theme. All these fish are a beautiful addition to any large aquarium. Definitely not recommended for a beginner. Its very fun to watch them grapple 3-6 inch feeder fish. These fish are very costly for they consume 5-6 hundred comets(adult gold fish) a week. The tank is filtered by custom filter which filters 1,200 gallons an hour. A setup like this will roughly cost anyone a good 6,000-8,000 dollars. But it is worth every dollar.

Abe Resmeros - 2007-01-31
On March 20, 2006 i bought four 8 inch silver Arowanas. After 10 months, one of them grew to 18 inches while the rests grew to about 16 inches. It is costly to maintain them because i am feeding them with live fish, but keeping them is giving me so much happiness. Seafarers who are visiting us here at Stella Maris Seaman's Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan are really amused and amazed on how fast they grow and how beautiful they are. They would often take photos with them to show them to their loved ones back home. Its worth keeping them!

Mcmanoy_23 - 2007-01-03
I am Mcmanoy_23 keeping an Australian gold arowana. her name is MILES and almost 4 years old this april 2007. she is almost 15 inches now, before her length was almost 4 inches. i have a 100 gallon aquarium for it to swim gracefully. i tell you, its worth it. Its amazing when im feeding it, the mouth is awesome! im very thankful i have MILES because shes taken my stresses after my work.

Devon Chew - 2006-12-22
I've had several of Baby Arowanas which were silver and pearl. At first they were very hard to take care of. But as i kept buying some more,(which cost me a lot of money) it kept getting easier. I always started with a baby Arowana which was silver. They were cheaper than the Pearl Arowana so i didn't buy pearl. My 3rd baby arowana i bought a week ago is doing great. Its getting comfortable in its aquarium(but it seems to small, im planning to buy a 150cm aquarium for it). I haven't named it yet. I have no idea whether its a male or female. I feed it frozen shrimps which it likes. I don't dare to feed live fish because of the fat and diseases. I try to keep the water between 20 to 28 degrees celcius. I don't really have any decorations for it. So i just give it a nice aquarium light to make it like home. Even though i've had this fish for a week only, i love it already. It seems to be my favorite fish.

ramesh - 2006-06-28
I am very much new to arowana, i just started 3 months ago, was 23 cms when i bought him. now he is almost 33 cms. he likes all variety foods as i tried after seeing other friends comments on this site. he is very much cool in 175 ltr tank. as a rare combination, he is staying very happily with senegal. very happy to see both swimming in a tank. i am very much satisfied with both... thanks for this web site for giving more informations about all species...

nald - 2006-06-16
i have a 13 inch silver arowana and i just love to watch him everyday, especially when its feeding time. i love to watch him hunt the feeder fish its very very cool!

chris mcmichael - 2006-05-27
i have been a keeper of many silver arowana and have noticed that by tapping the water before feeding you can train all arowanas to to be hand fed. it might not sound great but its a good experience and is worth trying. chris

azam omar - 2006-04-02
i have a red tail golden arowana (RTG). when the RTG was acquired april 2005 it was only 12 cm, now it is 43 cm. fed it with live crickets daily, weekly it will be fed live centipede or frogs and a constant supply of small fishes usually baby carp. Water change of 30% to 50% is done every 2 weeks (the aquarium can hold 650 lts).when you see it swimming gracefully, i tell you, its worth it. just beautiful.