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The Marbled Lungfish is very fascinating to look at, and unlike most of its relatives its coloring is also very attractive!
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Morris Agaba - 2014-07-06
I am a researcher interested in lung fish genetics. I am new to the fish world and have mostly worked with Zebra fish and tilapia. I am told by a colleague that it is difficult to tell physically a male from a female lungfish in the early stages. Anyone have and know male and know female specimens and is willing to send me specimens for DNA analysis?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    What an interesting endeavor. I wish we could help, but have no specimens. However, we would love to hear what you learn as you proceed, and we wish you all the best!
bob - 2012-11-05
I am super interested in the Protopterus genus, However I only have a spare forty gallon breeder. what I want to know if that is fine for a juvenile while I save for a larger aquairium.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-05
    These fish need little swimming area so that tank will last for a bit.
MIKLOS - 2012-07-10
I agree with everyone these fish are freaking awesome i was blessed with a pair its been two weeeks an they have been fine until today when what i beleave to be the female attacked the other shook him like a pittbull for a couple secs

eva - 2012-03-02
These fish are amazing to have around and study, also. They are some of the more 'loving' types of fish. They can live for ages so if you want a fish these are the best! But you have to feed them live food (its uncommon for them to eat 'unalive' meat) for more info on these fish look at Dr. Jungles Animal World.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-05-06
    I really like this fish too, and I love the picture!
Matthew - 2011-10-12
Would an African lungfish live in a 55 gallon tank? Also, would it eat a Paddletail newt? The newt gets 10 inches long. Thanks!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-13
    That is about the smallest tank you can use. The smallest will go about 3 1/2 feet fully grown and they are carnivores - so yep will probably eat the newt.
  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-12
    A Lungfish, needs a minimum size aquarium of 125 gallons to reach its full size.
    Additionally, it is quite possible the Newt, and Lungfish would quarrel.
alan olyott - 2011-10-14
I have recently got a 12 inch lungfish and he is missing his 2 back legs; will they grow back he is eating wel?l

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  • Alex Burleson - 2011-10-14
    Yes, lungfish can grow their legs back! However, this may take a decent amount of time, such as 1-3 months...depending on water quality, and diet.
bill - 2011-06-13
I have a few questions about African Lungfish. For starters, what can be kept with them, if at all? I know this website said that they will try to eat tankmates, but it never really specified as to what sizes of fish the lungfish will consume. Also, how can I distinguish the different varieties of Lungfish?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-13
    It is best to keep these guys alone as one subspecies goes 3 feet and the other 6 feet. It would be like trying to keep fish with an alligator. Not a good idea.
  • TODD NICHOL - 2011-08-04
    Our 11-inch lungfish, Chauncy, enjoyed live bait worms and chunk-style canned dog food. Since he was well-fed and not hungry, the goldfish in his tank with him were quite safe, and lived a long time!
josh - 2010-09-09
I have an african lungfish and I have him for two weeks and he has eaten really good for the two weeks but the last time I feed him he didn't eat nothing how often should I feed him and how long can he go with out eating?

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  • Joe - 2011-02-02
    I've had mine for a couple years now and mine usually eats about 15 feeders a week. Sometimes he's not in the mood for eating but rarely. When I got mine we named him "Stumpy" because one of his rear Legs I call it was just a stump.. But since then it is regrowing! Wow what an amazing animal. He's gone from 13" when I got him to an astounding 22 1/2" in just 2 years. I would love to produce a natural atmospheric to breed in captivity.
Daniel Knudtson - 2007-10-19
My brother had one of these guys when we were teenagers and we absolutely loved him. I recently got a large tank in my own place, and kept cichlids since I couldnt track down a lungfish. Well I tracked him down with the help of Craig's list community and only had to drive an hour to get him. "Chompers" is great. I donated my cichlids, but not before he killed a couple of them. He is a little over 20" long and I got him for a very reasonable fifty bucks. He is pretty inactive, like most lungfish, but goes up for air about every fifteen minutes. He is constantly kept with feeder fish. I have never seen him eat one, but he has gone through about twenty in a week and a half (must eat them at night). I do give him a couple nightcrawlers a day too. He would eat all day if you keep feeding him. All in all he is an absolutely amazing pet to own and really impressive to my guests. If you can find one, get one!!! :)