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The Freshwater Butterflyfish has pectoral fins that are prettily patterned and look just like butterfly wings!
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Brandi & Nathan - 2006-09-22
I had a Butterfly for a few months, but lost him to my cat. (I had him in a small tank with no cover) I just recently got another one and we put him in the comunity tank this time. (It has a lid) He is with a Beta, Gouramis, a Rainbow Shark, 2 Red Fin sharks, Sahara, Black Rubber Eel, Dragonfish, a few goldfish, Yoyo Loach, a Lace Catfish, 2 Flat Catfish, algae eaters and some snails. They all seem to be 1 big happy family in a 55 gallon tank.

Matt O'Sullivan - 2006-09-20
Sometimes when I put one food item in the tank, like a daddy long leg spider, the butterfly may lose track of it. When they do, they will get agitated and swum back & forth in a "search pattern" until they find it & then pounce. The other thing I have noticed is that while they normally ignore the other fish in the tank, there are two exceptions. First, when a fish accidentally swims between them and the unfortunate bug, they will bully them out of the way. Secondly, when I put a lot of prey in the tank, 10 or 12 small crickets from the pet shop, they will go into a shark like "feeding frenzy" and will chase and snap at smaller fish which make the mistake of being on the surface at the time.

Jason Weiss - 2006-09-06
I had a butterfly for 2 years. I never had a problem with it and my other fish. I have a large angel fish, a dojo loach, some gouramis and a ropesnake. It loved crickets whenever the store had them, and freeze dried krill. And like someone else said, it loved live bugs of any sort. I'm sure my neighbors thought i was crazy for always chasing bugs outside. Unfortunately, i left the lid up when i went to get my bucket to vaccum the tank, and he jumped out. He never recoverd :( I had him for a while and forgot to keep it closed one time. So always remember to keep the top sealed.

Christine Butler - 2006-04-11
I purchased an african butterfly fish and was told it was a good community fish. My tank was not full of small fish it did contain several bottom dwellers and very few that stayed out in the open. I had an elephant nose, a babywhale which are both mormyrids. I had a huge snail, and a dragon loach, dojo loach and kuali loach. I also had another fish and am not sure of the type. In a matter of a week the butter fly fish killed off all but the kuali loach and the baby whale. Needless to say the butterfly fish is now in her own tank but I am out alot of fish that I took time and money to pick out. I am thoroughly disappointed. I think the butterfly fish is a beautiful fish and loved watching it float and it does it alone. Just a word of wisdom. DO not think the fish is not aggressive. It is very aggressive. You should see what it did to these other fish. It looks as though they were shreded. Thanks for listening to the comments I have made.

Jill - 2006-02-18
We just got our butterfly fish today, and after reading other comments on other sites, found that you can feed them moths. Well, we just happen to have grain moths in our house that we can't get rid we've been catching them today and putting them in the tank. It's been fun for us watching the butterfly pounce on the moth, lol. So far, it doesn't seem to be bothering our other fish. We have many "aggressive" fish that don't bother our other fish. We've actually never had any problems. We have an African Knife, also...and that is a great fish to watch, too.

James - 2005-03-02

Joanna - 2005-02-05
Our butterfly fish has been here for about a week, after reading that they like crickets we took one upstairs and threw it in, (we have crickets in all the time for the chamelions) He loved it, even eating up all the legs afterwards. He is a beautifull fish and i hope he gets on well with my giant plecs, chiclids, ropefish and carp!

mahipal - 2005-01-25
i got four butterfly fish and one arrowana about a month ago. kept them in a quarantine tank for three weeks. i lost my arrowana but the butterflies survived. now a week ago i added them to my already planted tank that has two discuss, one feather tail and four angels and all seems to be o.k. for now. MAHIPAL from NEW DELHI, INDIA.

Katie - 2004-09-08
I had a butterfly in my aquarium for almost a year, but about six months ago I bought an alligator gar. Within that six months he grew to almost 15 inches (and still getting bigger!). And one day, my butterfly mysteriously disappeared...

Apryl - 2004-08-05
I have been getting ready to set up my old 33 gallon tank and was peeking on the internet for new breeds of aquarium fishes when I found this interesting site! In response to the lady who lost her butterfly to their bad flight habits, I have a warning. This goes out to all butterfly owners. There may be a day when you come home from work to find your favorite fish laying on the floor behind the couch. When you pick up the dried little body, **DONT TOSS IT IN THE TOILET RIGHT AWAY** I had no idea how long my butterfly had been out of the water but I was not giving up that easy. She was dried and crusty, as dead as dead ever looked. I put her in the tank juuuuuuust to be positive, and you had better believe it, she was swimming within an hour!! No difference in her behavior, eating habits, abilities, nothing! She lived for quite some time after that as well. I also kept that two inch gap at the back of the lid covered from then on!! Happy butterfly watching people!