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Diane - 2003-10-12
The African Butterfly was my favorite of all fish. Easy to care for, wonderful to watch. When I purchased this beauty the fish store gave little information in caring for it. I had him for a month when I found him on the floor about 3 feet from the tank one morning. Doing research (after the fact)I found they will always jump out of the tank. You must keep the back of the tank covered they will leap through any opening. They glide up to 6 feet in the air in streams. I wish I knew this before hand, I would still have my beautiful butterfly.

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renaldi tatan - 2003-08-08
actually i have experience with this fish for about 6 years.
this fish , basically is easy to take care of as long as you pay attention with the water condition. give arowana a variety of food such as lizard, frog, fish, cricket, centipetes is the one that it like most. oke guys have fun in keeping arowana


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