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hoshi chinwalla - 2005-11-24
i have a pair of silver arowanas, in a 125 ltr tank. i purchased them a week ago and feed them live goldfish

Joel Seguin - 2005-10-26
Hello I love arowana's and I had owned one once but my oscar ate one of its eyes out. The first Silver Arowana I saw was at The Glass Zoo. It was about 2 feet and it was living with 1 Tinfoil Barb, 1 Silver Dollar, and 14 Tiger Shovelnose Catfish. Right now I have 1 Red Tailed Tinfoil Barb and 1 Golden Red Tailed Tinfoil Barbs with other fish.

joe - 2005-10-25
I just rejoined the ranks of arowana owners. I had several many years ago. The smaller ones didn't live that long, so I bought a large one (~24"). I loved that fish, but one day I came home from work and found he had jumped out. Now 20 years later I recently bought a baby - my paroon shark ate him the next day. I was bummed, and went back to the store and bought a 9" long arowana. I named him Juan, and I've had him for a week now. He seems to be doing well, and everyone is getting along fine. Now I just need to get him to start eating.

Cristina - 2005-09-30
hello, arowana fans! i'm from the Phils. i have a silver arowana named MARINARUWANA. it's really rewarding to have such a very beautiful and graceful swimmer at home. after a day's work, it's so good to fix my eyes on marina and watch her swim gracefully with her majestic silver scales. that relaxes me a lot! with her is johnny, a janitor fish. they go along together very well. for me, silver arowanas are one of the best kept pets at home...the most beautiful, the most elegant, most graceful, and hhhmmm... gosh! lovable pet. i dunno, but i fell in love with this creature.. hehe. i've considered marina and johnny family members, the youngest.. hehe. so, enjoy having a silver arowana. SILVER AROWANAS ARE FOREVER!!! mmuah!

Samuel - 2005-07-01
I came home one day and my Pleco was bleeding from the mouth. My only other fish is my arowana...he is loyal and lets me pet him! I love my fish and will stay a loyal arowana owner!

Dinuk M - 2005-06-13
Hi People, I bought 4 Silver Arowana averaging 4-5 inches. My tank size 4x2.5x2 and tank mates are 4 Leporinus, 2 Green Terror, 4 Oscars.
Surprised I guess. Well many did not recommend my combination but my risk was worth while. All the fish live in harmony and I am surprised to note that all are growing very fast. The secret I guess is I have two filters, keep the tank very clean, feed the fish twice a day. Well my next venture is building a 5 foot tank for Black Arowana's. My advice to any who wants to spend money on fish or have their own tank, please dont unless your comitted and you love what your doing. However if you really get hooked on this hobby let me tell you, you will never regret it.

Fazlan Sabar - 2005-06-06
I have a Silver Arowana about 2 feet in length. when i bought the fish, one and half years back (in 2003) it was only 5 inches. It grew really fast because it had lot of space to swim, this is a significant factor. Well I am from Sri Lanka, and the conditions here just suit the fish. At the initial stages it was bit hard to feed it, but now its only matter of letting something in to the tank that'll be the end of it. My Arowana is fed on small fish, beef heart, and chicken hearts. Its a very beautiful sight to look at when it glances through the water. When the fish is hungry it simply jumps out of the water and grabs on to any thing that it finds eatable especially insects. My Silver Arowana is the most valuable thing to me.And now i'am planning on raring another one. I'm very proud to rear such an attractive fish. As an Arowana lover my opinion is, that Every ne who has an Arowana should be proud of yourselves. May Arowana's long last for EVER!!

Lydia Alcancia - 2005-03-16
I am from the Philippines and my arowana was given to me by my son on my birthday last Oct. 2000. I love to see him swim. I usually fed him fish and heart chicken. Last March 6, it jumps from his aquarium a 72 gal. one, it felt twice while being returned to his aquarium. After three days, it died. The whole family were so lonely that we missed our arowana. we decided to bring it to taxidermist so we can see him always.My son who is in Korea wants to see him when he go home. We will surely missed our pet arowana. . I want to buy a new one, but it was said it is better when given not bought. . To all arowana lovers love your arowana because you will missed it . . .Lydia from the Philippines

aro king - 2005-03-08
i have had my arowana for over 5 years now and he is just over 5 feet! he lives in an outdoor aquarium about the size of a douboy pool. it is a very awesome set up. you can see all around the tank because it is all clear water. it is awesome! i love it all! i love my fish and at first it was hard to care for but he grew so fast and become so strong. it cost a lot to care for but i couldnt give him away. i feed him a large rat about every other day. once my house cat accident got too close to the edge of the tank and my aro actually ate him! it was a sad lose but something amazing to watch> I LOVE AROWANAS!

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James - 2005-03-02


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