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A school of the peaceful (but very energetic!) Australian Rainbowfish will make a dazzling display in a larger show tank!
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Ann mart - 2011-04-01
There were giant rainbowfish in this wonderful book Tophero son Of Smilodon.

Bridget - 2009-12-06
Thanks for the info! I know now that rainbows like to jump out of tanks, so now I make sure that my aquarium tank is closed now!

Sujanie - 2009-11-09
Thank you for that information. I wish I had read it earlier - three of my rainbows jumped out of the tank and I was wondering why :-(! Thank you so much. Sujanie:)

jess - 2008-12-19
My dad said he'd buy me a few fish, but the catch is, they have to be long lasting and I must be able to look after them right. So I thought I could try having some rainbow fish, all I want to know is, are they hard to look after and how much & where can I get them?