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Diana - 2008-03-02
This is our favorite fish in our tank! We got him when he was small and not impressively colored and it has been so wonderful to watch him grow into such a colorful, vibrant fish. He is now large and in charge and very social with people when we walk by the tank. :-)

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Dani B. - 2007-12-11
My dwarf neon rainbows are a delight to keep! They are active, happy, and hearty eaters. I started with a trio of 1 male and 2 females. I quickly added 2 more males, and 5 more females for a total of 10. They are a beautiful grouping in a 20 gallon. I would highly recommend a tank dedicated to them.

Ps. I did receive these from a LFS who had just gotten them in and within a week all of them did develop ICK, but treated with Aquarisol they did quite well.

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Gail Hengen - 2007-12-10
I have a male and female of the glossolepis incisus (New Guinea Red Rainbow fish). The male was a gift long before I knew of this species and I must say I'm completely enamoured with this fish. He's so loveable and interactive. I had to get a female for him, he was displaying for anyone and anything, lol. Though I'd love to get more rainbowfish I'll have to wait until I get a bigger tank. These fish are hardy and very pleasant to raise.


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