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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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Marcus - 2009-07-10
I just bought 4 of these guys. I need to get a bigger tank apparently, lol, but they seem really neat. I can't wait to get a bigger tank. Thanks for all the info! I would have never known about the teeth getting too big. But I like em, greens my color and green bay is my team. I'm gonna buy a little helment for them to swim in! BOW CHICKA YEA! Thanks

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  • chrissy - 2010-05-30
    You're funny xD.
  • dustyn - 2010-12-28
    These guys do awesome for krill.
Hopefull - 2010-10-21
We just purchased 2 GSP this evening at a Walmart in NHR TX. There was no information about the fish and they were located in what was previously a Plecostomus tank. When it was time to purchase the fish I asked what they were all she had was a name and a sku on the wall where they bag the fish. The employee was unaware of what type of water they were in or what they required for food, although she mentioned several times that the fish would not eat. It amazes me that they would sell something without providing at least general information. Yes I agree that you should research before purchasing any type of pet, but the majority of people buying fish at Walmart are not advanced fish keepers and if they buy a fish it is likely a first time purchase with a brand new tank. Obviously several hobbyist buy fish there but you can not call the uninformed ignorant for lack of knowledge on the fish when the employees don't even know. The Pet-co store in this area will not sell them because it is difficult to keep the employees (teenagers) from misinforming the customers of the tank and feeding requirements. I am one of those ignorant people, I assumed that they were a brackish fish because they were in a tropical area, but I only knew that because we had previously purchased mollies. As soon as we got home I searched to find out what they needed for food, and then flew into a panic at learning what they required and what would happen to the others left behind... how sad and depressing. We also discovered that we will have to purchase snails from a small specialty fish shop because our local big pet stores do not carry them. We are still at a total loss on what to do but I think we have enough to make it though the night. We went to buy Mollies or Platies and they were out...the GSP's are very cute and curious fish and my daughter loved them and who at Walmart doesn't buy things on an impulse. We are excited but very stressed about the purchase, something I thought would be a rather easy and affordable pet to care for is going to be much more than we had planned on, hopefully we can keep the little guys alive. For reasons like this I do not believe that Walmart should sell this type of fish. We will definitely be contacting a district manager about the situation! Thankfully this is the only store left in the North TX area that still sells fish.

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  • Pippikins - 2010-12-03
    Good places to look up fish keeping info are &
linda - 2010-11-08
I love Oscars and the green puffers if I get a small Oscar can I put the same tank?

katie - 2010-10-14
I just got a new gsp and he is only about the size of my pinky fingernail can anyone tell me about how old he is...I can find everything but how small they are to start off with but he is by far the smallest puffer I have ever started with any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Bailey (3 gsp, 2 leapord geckos, 1 savanah monitor, and much much more) - 2010-10-25
    That might be a dwarf puffer or it is really really young....these fish (green spotter puffers) are almost entirely wild caught (they have only been bred once in captivity) my gsp were about the size of a toonie (canadian two dollar coin or a inch and a half long) when I bought them six months ago and have at least doubled in size since then....I have three in a 60 u.s. gallon aquarium that is heavily planted with plastic and fabric plants (they eat the live plants but once in awhile I put one in because they do like them) their salinity is at 1.014(brackish) and are fed once a day..... I switch up the food everyday (4 day cycle) brine shrimp, blood worms, ghost shrimp(live) and snails(live) then I generally skip a day so they are not over fed....these guys are messy eaters so I bought a filter that dose nearly twice the filtration needed for the tank....they are almost always (not when I turn on the light and wake them up a five in the morning) bright green and almost pearl white so I'm guessing they are happy and healthy and they seem to be doing well..... if you need more info on these funny little fish give me a shout.
Iluvpuffers - 2010-10-16
This is in reply to pufferlvr and whoever decided it was ok for walmart to treat animals this way. I am in complete agreement with pfferlvr because I have bought two GSP from walmart, and I have only bought more from Walmart so that I can help the poor fish. I have talked to the walmart in my area and they will not do anything in response to my complaints. The last time I was in and bought my second fish Bloat, ALL the GSPs were black, one was DEAD and stuck in the filter and left there, and another's tail and fin was rotting off with no help from the store. No matter what is policy or not, animals such as these should not be dying and getting sick for ANY reason. I love both my GSPs, Gilly and Bloat, and I am running out of room to buy more just to save them. IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED.

connor - 2010-09-22
I own a green spotted puffer and it's a baby i'ts the cutest thing I ever saw except my baby sister.

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  • Andrew - 2010-10-02
    I bought my GSP at my local Wal-mart and a week later it was floating at the top of my 1 gallon tank lifelessly.
Crystal - 2010-09-02
I am concerned there might be something wrong with the puffer I got last evening. I noticed last night that there was something white coming out of him. I blew it off thinking it was just bowel movement. This morning I found him on the bottom of the tank and thought he was dead. To my surprise he began swimming around acting normal. He ate, but still has this white substance coming out of him. Maybe I am paranoid but could it be just bowel substance or could it be some type of parasite. If it is a parasite is there something that I could do to kill them? Thank you.

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  • david - 2010-09-18
    Sounds like it might be ich walmart sells the medicine it's blue the guy at petsmart said it wouldn't help I put it in my 55 gal tank with about 10 mollies I used way more than it said to use but after a week of using it daily it all disappeared.
Dan - 2009-08-25
I have had 2 GSP for about 2 weeks now. The first day I noticed they weren't eating the flakes. The second day they killed one of my black fish with the bulging eyes. I noticed they were also biting fins off of my other fantail goldfish. The 3rd day they killed my remaining black fish. I found this site and then decided to try something different. I cut a small frozen scallop into 3 pieces and tossed it in the tank. They started devouring it immediately. My other fish also liked the scallop. I like feeding them the scallops because they don't make much mess. The 5th day I tossed a nightcrawler in the tank and 2 hours later he was gone. I noticed that the bellies on both of my GSP's were bulging like they were about to bust. Now when I toss a nightcrawler in the tank, they attack it before it even hits the bottom. I am looking for a source for snails or other shellfish to keep their teeth from growing too long. They seem to have stopped biting the fins on my other fish now, as long as they aren't hungry. Does anyone know how to tell whether they are male or female?

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  • Crystal - 2010-08-25
    I have 2 GSP in a 55 gal. tank along with an Alage eater and Purple Parrot Fish! I have had them all together in the tank for over a week and they have done great! We have been feeding them Flake food, Blood worms, and Shrimp; we got up this morning to find the two GSP swimming up to a shark and algae eater we have biting at them next thing we know the algae eater and shark was floating and after they were dead the GSP didn't want anything to do with them! We took the dead fish out and so far they have not attempted the larger Algae eater and purple parrot! I am curious if they will attack them as well or leave them be since they are somewhat larger?
  • Christy - 2010-09-17
    There are no known external differences between male and female
Stephanie - 2010-09-16
I've notice that in the mornings when I turn my tank light on, my puffer is a darker color. This morning when I went to turn the tank light on, he was sitting against the filter sucker, and I freaked thinking he was dead. I pushed him off of it, where he sat in a plant for five minutes, then gut up and turned back to bright green. He ate just fine, when I fed frozen blood worms to the tank ten minutes later. Whats going on?

Mike - 2009-11-29
I have had two green spotted puffers for close to two years now and they are so much fun to watch. I originally started with one that I put in a 72 gal bow front aquarium with several much larger aggressive fish thinking that he should do well. The next morning I woke up to a group of large fish huddling in the corner looking much the worse for wear with my little puffer happily swimming around the rest of the tank. Instead of returning the vicious little cartoon character I set up a 29 gallon tank for him and got him a tank mate both of which get along great. I eventually bumped the tank up to brackish conditions and have since moved it up to a full marine tank, where they seem the happiest so far, and added other saltwater fish and they all get along well. I do make it a point to keep them well fed. My little Maroon clown fish even hangs out with them because no one in the tank will mess with them, not even my larger Niger Triggerfish. I'm in the process of setting up a 100 gallon saltwater tank to move them all to.

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  • nemirn - 2010-08-20
    Any other tankmate candidates beside the maroon clown or Niger Trigger?
  • Olivia - 2010-08-22
    How many times do you feed them? And has your fish ever just sat at the top of the water, not belly up but just sat there. I just got mine two days ago and I love him to death and I really really don't want him to die because he was the most healthy looking fish there [walmart]. I've spent so much money on decorations and a new filter and air pump for this tank I've had for the longest time. I ask you this because you seem like you would know a lot about them and seem to have had them the longest. I'm very new to this.
  • hermione - 2010-09-13
    I love this particular story. But I own a green spotted puffer fish and have him in with my powder blue cichlid in a five gallon tank. And they do just fine together but I'm still wanting to know more about the little cartoons we call green spotted puffer fish. If you know much more about this little guy let me know.