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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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Knights - 2006-10-31
We have 2 Green Spotted Puffers, not only are they cute and entertaining, but they are smart. They swim to me and play when I watch them and they know that they get fed morning and night. so as soon as they see me walk by to go to the kitchen to get their food, they are waiting for me when I come back. Awesome fish, I really hope to be able to breed them.

Amanda - 2006-07-31
we have 3 green spotted puffers. they are adorable. they are so active and they really do keep us entertained for hours. one of them follows its reflection all over the aquarium. one of them also likes to play in the bubbles from the filter and the other one loves to play hide and seek. i am so happy with them. great purchase!!