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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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Anonymous - 2007-08-15
Green Spotted Puffer is a brackish water fish. they can live in fresh for a while, but they will die. i bought one thinking it was fresh water and he almost died. i ended up giveing him to a pet shop, and once i turn my tank into a brackish water im getting him back.

kirsten shauger - 2007-08-09
i just got a puffer yesterday and they are very fun to watch but they jump alot, so i say GET A LID. Yes, it scared me because it jumped at me! haha, but i have three and they all get along and i hope they have baby's...

Jake - 2007-08-03
I just bought a green spotted puffer today, and I was on a tight budget. I have put it in a tank with small pebbles and feed it shrimp pellets. It's the coolest fish ever. It seems to be more fascinated with the reflection of itself than anything else. I decided to name it Flash, because it's an incredibly fast swimmer.

Kailuaboy - 2007-07-22
I bought a gsp (named "PUFF DADDY") about a month ago and have him in a brackish 12 gal tank. I added a baby barracuda and a baby cichlid and he ate both of them. Next addition were 2 large o'opu but the o'opu were too territorial and chase PUFF DADDY. I now have a 3/4 inch o'opu(goby)in there and PUFF DADDY doesn't bother him. There are also 14 ghost shrimp in there but he isn't brave enough to get too close to them. He will only eat them if I they are dead or injured. All of them seem to be O.K. together. Puffers are great fish to have!

Crystal Smith - 2007-07-07
I had two little spotted green puffers. They were the most shy and enjoyable fish I've ever owned! They were so funny to watch how they swim (bobbing around)and watching them eat (especially snails, how they would kind of "circle" it before trying to eat it). Mine died a young age though because I didn't know you can't use copper with puffers (I do my reaserch on my fish, and never found a thing on it until recently) and my main water conditioner is made of copper! D: I feel so horrible that they died because of me. But I loved them. I really want more but no one sells them around here! I'm thinking about getting a couple dwarf puffers though, but they're not as much of a community fish as my green spotted puffer were. Oh well.

Treva - 2007-06-10
We just brought home two spotted puffers, they are SO fun to watch. I feed them brine shrimp and bloodworms right off of a plastic
spoon. They will come up and eat right from the spoon. One is VERY friendly and the other is alittle shy. The other people that said that you MUST feed them a correct diet is right. Sometimes they will not touch a flake at all even if they are hungry. They do nip at the other fish a little, but most are either big enough to take care of themselves or fast enough to swim away. They hide when they feel like it, not to often. They do see you come up to the tank and usually will greet you. I think I have already spoiled them....they wait for that spoon! They are amazing fish! I have noticed that sometimes they have a gray belly and other times it's ALL white. I have NEVER seen them puff up tho...I guess they don't feel threatened in our tank! Good luck to all. PUFFER!

robb - 2007-05-21
I currently have two green spotted puffers ( Mr and Mrs puffpuff)and they are the best fish i have ever owned. The only problem is that they pick on my crayfish, but my crayfish is to big for them to hurt it. They are the best fish to watch, very picky on what they eat but as long as you feed them the proper diet they will be happy and healthy.

robert lacour - 2007-05-07
dont rely on regular fish flakes they will just starve to death. after a few puffers died i figured this out, i usually feed my puffers a diet of earthworms attached to a fish string. if the earthworm is not attached to a fish string the earthworm will bury itself in the bottom and die. so take care of your water, make sure you clean it religiously, and make sure they are fed correctly, and you;ll have a nice healthy puffer for years.

AiRiCK - 2007-05-07
I love the the spots, i am going to purchuse the very soon. Theu are so cute, but their nipping isnt a good thing. Well yea, i love gupoies and humm, the Dragon Fish is my favorite. i love fish <3.

Pamela - 2007-04-28
My Boyfriend and I just purchased a new fish tank, he is 21 and its his first tank! I really wanted a green puffer fish. i think they are so cute but i didnt know how they were until now. just wanted to thank you guys for your comments, NOW i know im gonna get one! Thanks again