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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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Andrew - 2008-03-18
I have four baby gsp's in a ten gallon tank with a couple cray fish to eat the dead remains of their food. I am extremely busy and don't find time to make it to the pet store as often as I'd like so I keep about twenty feeder guppies in their tank with them so they can eat whenever they are hungry. They don't have a problem catching them, but after the tank gets down to about ten fish they stop eating them and I am forced to feed them sinking shrimp pellets and flakes. I wonder if it is a bad idea to keep a stock of feeders in with them.

Whitney - 2008-02-16
I have a puffer named Gene Kelly and he is the most active fish I have ever seen. If you have never cared for a fish before I wouldn't recommend them. Make sure to feed them hard food so you don't have to clip their teeth yourself. It's no picnic.

Liam D - 2008-02-06
Horatio (Nelson) is our GSP, he is about 2 years old and is kept in solitary confinement in his own tank. He is the most fascinating fish I have ever kept. He sits at the bottom of his tank sleeping and is grey coloured until his light is turned on and he brightens up a lovely emerald green colour with a white belly. Horatio is fed daily. He is currently 2 inches long, he eats bloodworms (dried & frozen), frozen prawns, and dried turtle food along with baby snails sourced from various pet stores free for the asking! Occasionally I will drop in a dead fish from another tank which he will devour! His water is slightly brackish which he appears to thrive in. However recently my 13 year old over fed him! dropped 2 frozen mussel cubes into his tank and he ballooned in size then sat on the bottom of the tank turning black with constipation, this lasted days and I thought he was dying! A spoonful of epsom salts added to the tank seemed to help. He has perked up and looking better this last month.

Julio - 2008-01-25
Have 3 puffers in a 10 gallon aquarium on my desk at work. Fantastic fish, the BEST of all that I have kept over the years. They truly get excited when you come in the room, they are the most voracius feeders I have ever seen, unlike other fish their stomachs apparently have no limit to how much they can expand! They are very curious, swim backwards and front at all times, they turn into a little ball, it is very cute. They will take food from your hand, with a very strong bite. I hear all comments about them not eating flakes, but that is not true with mine, I have yet to find something they will not eat. I have both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, and I am keeping this one at a low salinity level. I've read that they eventually need to be in a more saline environment or they will perish, but I don't know. If anyone has that experience, let us know.

R G Navarro - 2007-10-09
I would like to suggest advice, GSP's absolutely NEED to be acclimated towards a high-end brackish salinity as they mature in order to thrive. FW will not meet their needs and will reduce their life-span considerably.
Many thanks,
RG Navarro

Crystal Kitchen - 2007-10-08
I have two gs puffers and they are fun to watch. I have african cichlids in there and a goldfish and suprisingly the only one that messes with the goldfish is the african. He's not mean. but my puffers are very social. When i go to feed them they literally jump for joy. They do need a lot of space and hiding places, and if you see them lying on the bottom of the tank they aren't dead, they are sleeping. Overall these fish are easy to care for and are amusing little things.

Danielle - 2007-09-17
I just bought 2 puffers. I've been watching them constantly and I've noticed that they seem to change colors constantly. Like if they are calm their bellys will turn grey, but as soon as they get riled up they will change back to the bright green and white. I don't know if somethings wrong or if thats just how they are.

Ryley - 2007-09-04
yesterday we bought two (originally we only wanted 1) of these fish, their names are Spikey Puffpuff and Paul Puffer. At fist they were very curious, we had a giant stone of some sort that had holes in it (you think that would interest BOTH of them). One went into it but of course one stayed outside the rock. the next day we found a tail sticking out of the top of the rock... and OH NO! HE'S DEAD! At least thats was we thought. so we got the net and pushed the puffer down, it moved. it was alive but it was swimming with its head down. then we fed them some flakes and they wouldn't eat them. So I logged onto here and learned that they eat more than just flakes and meal worms!

David Man - 2007-08-16
Never let any metal be exposed to aquarium water, the rust is toxic. I got a cute little GS puffer and i didn't notice the rust until it was to late, but i did learn signs that show your puffer is sick. first his body will darken, his belly will turn grey, and it will become dificult to make out his spots. when he starts swimming slowly that means the end is near. don't let this happen to your puffer! if you recognize these signs change his water and try to find out whats wrong.

Anonymous - 2007-08-15
Green Spotted Puffer is a brackish water fish. they can live in fresh for a while, but they will die. i bought one thinking it was fresh water and he almost died. i ended up giveing him to a pet shop, and once i turn my tank into a brackish water im getting him back.