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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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Olga - 2009-03-29
I purchased 3 spotted puffers at Wal-Mart. They are so cute. The first time I fed them it was plain tropical flaked food. Later that night for the second feeding, the light was off, so I turned it on to feed them. And observed their bellies were turning black, I thought for sure they were goners. So I proceeded to feed them, not a minute passed and their darkened bellies turned white and they came to life. Has anyone experienced this? My husband and I couldn't believe that this happened so rapidly!

Elliot - 2009-03-16
I had a GSP in a salt water tank for about 3 years with no munching on coral or anything. He\She recently passed away after I cleaned the foam over the powerhead and didn't get it back on quick enough ;-(. Anyway, I went out to walmart and bought another. slowly adjusted him to the salt water and it has been doing great for about 2 months so far. These fish are really fun to watch just be careful if you have to put your hands in the tank. They can nip your fingers.

Raven - 2009-02-21
I bought two at wal-mart. My dad tried to feed them scallops but they would not eat them. Their names are mint and puffy.

abigail - 2009-02-09
I have a green spotted puffer named wink. He is the cutest fish ever!!!! It took me a long time to find fish that he likes to live with in his tank. It really surprised me that feeder goldfish were the only fish he didn't devour overnight. Wink lives in a brackish water tank and surprisingly the goldfish are doing just fine in the salty conditions. My family and I have many fishtanks in our house, but everyone agrees that wink is the cutest of all the fish. He even eats out of a ring that floats at the top of the tank! He won't eat anything outside of it. What really surprises me is when I PLAY JAZZ ON THE RADIO, WINK WILL SWIM IN CIRCLES TO THE BEAT!!!!!

Ravish - 2009-01-24
I bought a pair a few days ago. Without question they have become the personality of the tank. Can't imagine not having them now. Great find/catch...

Dana Moore - 2009-01-13
I had ick on a goby so I bought a cleaner shrimp for the tank. I put the shrimp in and everything seemed like it was going to be fine. I walked away for about 20 minutes. When I came back I saw that my little green spotted puffer's stomach was huge. It had bit the shrimps head and tail off! I was so angry at the little guy I almost flushed him. Lesson learned but I wish my lessons wouldn't cost me so much money...

christy - 2009-01-08
I purchased my little guy a few days ago. he is the cuttest little thing ever. I was afraid at first when the guy at the store told me they are aggressive fish because I have a couple other fish in my tank and an albino frog. He has a very unique personality. He is very shy and seems to be afraid of the other fish in the tank, even my eel. He loves the bloodworms and knows it is feeding time when I open the lid. He wants to come to the top of the tank, but is afraid of me. He is only about 1" long and a fat little thing. Hopefully soon he will warm up tp me and the other fish and stop being so shy.

nicole - 2009-01-05
I have a Spotted Green Puffer, and I think he is pregnant. But all I know is that he is an egg layer but I have no clue what the eggs look like nor do I know how long it takes them to hatch or know how to tell if they are pregnant. Sorry if I seem mean its just that well, I just got them and they are so cute, so I don't want to loose him yet. Another thing is what does ick look like and can it spread!?


Samantha - 2008-11-21
Can you put oscars that are small with my figure 8 puffer?

Samantha - 2008-11-16
I have a spotted green Puffer that I think is pregnant.