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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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Justin - 2009-12-27
Tail rotting fish... you need to get a pack of Maracyn fast, the dissolving powder form. It is pricey but it helps really well, and HOPE YOUR FISHY GETS BETTER.

mel - 2009-10-16
Hi, I am writing because about 3 weeks ago I rescued 2 green spotted puffers,1 silver finned cat shark, and a clown fish from tenants who had abandoned the tank in the rental when they left. They were in a salt water tank, so I gave the live rocks and the clown fish to a worker at a local pet store by me. I then acclimated the 2 gsp's and the shark to freshwater. They are doing well. I dont really see the really aggressive behavior. They are in my tank with a the cat shark, sucker fish, an african cichlid, 1 lemon oscar and 4 parrot fish. The parrot fish and the cichlid swim right next to them and they don't do anything. I do see the tail of the shark has been torn up, but I can only assume that it happened becuase I dont know how long they were abandoned for with no food, also the tank they were in was so filthy, covered completely with algea.

Anonymous - 2009-09-27
I got two green spotted puffers about two weeks ago. One of them is doing fine but the other one is getting me worried. Around its eye is turning red and now it's other eye is starting to do that too. If this has happened to anyone else please help.

jay - 2009-09-15
Puffers are fun to train.

If your puffer likes to bite you, try holding baby feeder fish by their tail so that it's just barely in the water, and soon you can train them to jump up to get the food.
Soon you can add a hoop that sits right on the water and by holding the food on one side just above the water, it will 'jump' thru the hoop. If it's like mine it will clumsily 'lumber' over the hoop to get the food because a puffer will do anything for food.

Use your new flip mino HD camcorder to post HI-Def you-tube videos..

Plan a new session of "live fish training"

Irene - 2009-09-01
I got a GSP abot two weeks ago it is SO cute. He comes to see me when I come in the room now. I got a 20gal tank off of a friend and it came with some fish, 6 neons a corycat, 6 big snails, a bumblebee goby, and a Betta. My puffer started eating the betta's tail off, so I put the betta in a 1 1/2gal tank, he is doing better. I got some free small snails from petsmart since my puffer killed the bigger ones, he just doesn't know when to stop eating! He ate soo much I thought he was going to burst.

I read a few of the other people's comments and one expecially caught my eye, I heard if the puffer puffs even a little bit out of the water, the air can be hard for it to expel and you have to burp it..holding it gently by the tail or lower body until the air bubble comes out. This doesnt always work, and the trapped air can cause it to eventually die...

Anonymous - 2009-08-30
I got a Figure 8 Puffer fish with 2 Guppies originally. I then added 5 neons, a Small Shark and 5 Platies. I got up the other day and my puffer had 2 lumps in his belly and I had 2 neons missing. The following day I had half a neon that had been fought over by all the fish. The puffer then attacked my butterfly guppy, it then floated away and the puffer charged at it to finish it off. After I removed the guppy, the puffer then went on to attack my biggest platie, I then removed my puffer and my remaining fish are now happy again!

Jason - 2009-08-30
I have a GSP that is cutiest thing ever and he is really nice, but the other fish are mean to him and he does not do anything back to them. He does not even puff up, but I love him. I named him Spotty and he is about 2" inches.

Brett Lally - 2009-08-27
I have heard all of these stories about how green spotted puffers are so aggressive. I have also seen videos of the puffers biting other fish. I think it is funny that I got an extremely docile GSP. He/she sits on the top right or left of the aquarium and just sits there. It is even bullied by the cichlid of smaller size. I am thinking of getting another soon. Hopefully it will put the cichlid in its place without killing it. :)

nacole =) - 2009-08-23
I bought my gsp about a month ago. The lady at walmart said that the cute lil guy would eat tropical fish flake food but he refuses to eat it! When I first brought him home I figured he wouldnt eat because he was still uneasy to his new home because he was acting very shy. Then my other fish had nipped fins so I figured he would start eating the flake food yet he still refused to eat it.... He eventually ate one of my goldfish and then another and now he's pulling legs off of my fiddler crab. I know to keep salty-ish water in the tank and most of the time his belly is white but I would like to know the best thing to feed him, and how I can bond with the lil guy and get him to be very friendly with me... If you have any sugestions my email is I'm new to having the lil puffer and I would like to do my best to keep the lil guy healthy.. His name is bofi by the way and he's probably only an 1 1/2 inches long but he has a beautiful coloration compair to the others that were at the store ^-^ help us out plz!

Amanda - 2009-08-05
I have 3 gsp's. The 2 are doing great but one, sometime during the middle of last week, has decided to float upside down (it's not dead I sware). When I walk in the room it moves around and looks at me still floating on its back. Its belly is also significantly bigger than the other two, almost like it looks pregnant. If it is pregnant is this normal...