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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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Anonymous - 2009-08-30
I got a Figure 8 Puffer fish with 2 Guppies originally. I then added 5 neons, a Small Shark and 5 Platies. I got up the other day and my puffer had 2 lumps in his belly and I had 2 neons missing. The following day I had half a neon that had been fought over by all the fish. The puffer then attacked my butterfly guppy, it then floated away and the puffer charged at it to finish it off. After I removed the guppy, the puffer then went on to attack my biggest platie, I then removed my puffer and my remaining fish are now happy again!

Jason - 2009-08-30
I have a GSP that is cutiest thing ever and he is really nice, but the other fish are mean to him and he does not do anything back to them. He does not even puff up, but I love him. I named him Spotty and he is about 2" inches.

Brett Lally - 2009-08-27
I have heard all of these stories about how green spotted puffers are so aggressive. I have also seen videos of the puffers biting other fish. I think it is funny that I got an extremely docile GSP. He/she sits on the top right or left of the aquarium and just sits there. It is even bullied by the cichlid of smaller size. I am thinking of getting another soon. Hopefully it will put the cichlid in its place without killing it. :)

nacole =) - 2009-08-23
I bought my gsp about a month ago. The lady at walmart said that the cute lil guy would eat tropical fish flake food but he refuses to eat it! When I first brought him home I figured he wouldnt eat because he was still uneasy to his new home because he was acting very shy. Then my other fish had nipped fins so I figured he would start eating the flake food yet he still refused to eat it.... He eventually ate one of my goldfish and then another and now he's pulling legs off of my fiddler crab. I know to keep salty-ish water in the tank and most of the time his belly is white but I would like to know the best thing to feed him, and how I can bond with the lil guy and get him to be very friendly with me... If you have any sugestions my email is I'm new to having the lil puffer and I would like to do my best to keep the lil guy healthy.. His name is bofi by the way and he's probably only an 1 1/2 inches long but he has a beautiful coloration compair to the others that were at the store ^-^ help us out plz!

Amanda - 2009-08-05
I have 3 gsp's. The 2 are doing great but one, sometime during the middle of last week, has decided to float upside down (it's not dead I sware). When I walk in the room it moves around and looks at me still floating on its back. Its belly is also significantly bigger than the other two, almost like it looks pregnant. If it is pregnant is this normal...

Angus Burns - 2009-07-11
What a useful website this is! - I love puffers and recently purchased a GSP for my living room aquarium. Unfortunately, it was immediately aggressive towards by Congo tetras and Rams (killing one and injuring another + it also attacked one of my horse faced loaches). I moved the tetras and other rams to another tank and the GSP appears to have settled down now alongside my kribensis, golden algae eater and the horse faced loaches). Despite this, it is still my favourite fish and can't wait to get a few more!!

Dan - 2009-06-24
I bought 1 GSP and it seemed depressed and distant from the other fish, and they dont eat flake food. I got him blood worms and he loves it. This GSP didn't bother my other fish. I then bought another GSP and it was fine. I really liked them a lot. I then started noticing my other fish had bites out of their fins. I didn't know who was doing this. I have a 50 gallon tank with many different species of friendly fish. I then saw the newer one biting my angelfish. I put it down in my 30 gallon tank in the basement. Then the older GSP was even worse after I took the other one out. I would feed it and it would still bite my other fish up really bad. I then put that one in the 30 gallon. They are by themselves now. They are like gremlins, cute at first then they turn to terrors. I want to grow them really big then sell them.

Tevin - 2009-06-17
Hi I have had my GSPs for about a month. They started out the same size but one has grown much bigger than the other. I call them Pebbles and Bam Bam. Flake food does not appeal to them. They seem to really love ghost shrimp and what ever other fish I put in there. They have eaten my tiger barbs and I bought some feeder fish that I thought they were getting along with until they started disappearing. I have recently bought some black mollies but decided to keep them separate because when I got home from buying them they had babies. So I'm waiting for them to grow before I add them. I hear that they need snails for their teeth but I can only find medium or large snails. No one has small snails, they all say that they destroy them. Other than that I love my puffers and I'm glad I decided to get them.

patch - 2009-05-30
Our little puffer, three weeks new to us, seems to like his BW best. When first purchased, we had a mini tank, just over 1 gallon. PUFFER FISH - 101 ON THE RUN!
We put in a shot glass half full of salt. He swam over it and seemed to enjoy the salt essence rising in the water around him. fish, salt and tank purchased at WalMart.
Just two days ago I noticed a little brown/gray on his tummy. Could either be the new water in the tank, not salty enough yet or his personality. Don't have a meter yet. We will have to watch that one. Put more salt in the tank and back to white tummy a day later. His personality showing us he don't like FW and need to make SW?
He eats: (LOVES)blood worms, meal worms and shrimp (bought in the seafood department at the grocers, small, 1/2 inch, chunk cut off and hand fed.) He will jump out of water for food and seems to puff when fed the shrimp.
We have recently gotten some small snails and he has eaten them. 2 every other day.
(brown/gray = tummy ache from snails?)
I am currently into working on another tank for snails. I'm going with the fact that his teeth need to have these. Wish us luck!
I have yet to experiment with any sort of cray fish. Noone seems to have them around here.
We will get a larger tank as he grows a few more inches. He is about 2.5 - 3" currently and in a 10 gallon.
I have brine shrimp eggs yet to try for him.
I will eventually work on a FW algae eater. Slowly transition him to BW.
Our tank has three fake plants, a couple of rocks to break up his terrain. He sleeps behind one of the rocks. Little sweetie.
Seems to enjoy the lower half of the tank, but when we visit him, he's always at the top begging for a treat!
I am also looking into rumors of his spine containing poison. Like the kind that the pigmy's used to paralyze people in blow darts. But then I suppose I would have to be stung by 100's of psg's at the same time for this to happen. Seems I did read somewhere something about getting infected if poked by spine.
Looking for a hand syphon to clean the tanks stones on the bottom rather than to clean every week. Every other :0) will work for me!

Yaya - 2009-05-29
I have two GSPs and along with them I had a bala shark, six neon tetras, two algae eaters, two tiger barbs, and two glowlight tetras in a 60 gallon tank (I think). After the first night one of the tiger barbs was half eaten, then the other one. After that one of my algae eaters was killed. I figured it was the bala shark since it was the biggest one. Then the two glowlight tetras totally disappeared. Just recently I started separating them all. First, I took the bala shark and put it alone. Then I noticed that one of the GSPs was biting at the last algae eater's tail, keep in mind this algae eater is three times its size. So I separated the GSPs from them all except the neon tetras. I finally found the real culprits to all my dead pets. The smallest of the two GSPs killed one of my four tetras. So now they are all alone, I don't know how long I will want to keep them. It's hard keeping up with one tank, so three tanks is even worse....