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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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Anna - 2010-06-13
I also bought a GSP from Walmart. His name is Buddy and he lives happily with a kissing gourami, Bella, who I bought at the same time. He is very friendly and swims up to whoever comes to see him :) He is very fun to watch! (especially when he eats) I have noticed no fin nipping so far. I would highly recommend one of these little guys to whoever is looking to start an aquarium!

ronnie - 2010-06-04
Who would win in a fight between a fresh water puffer and a fresh water convict?

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  • Aaron - 2010-06-06
    Puffer. The convict would be scared of it after the first day or so. Shouldn't put a puffer with big cichlids in my opinion. The Puffer would probably end up eating away all his fins. Also the puffer needs some marine salt in his tank after hes a juvenile, and a convict can't deal with the salt.
  • Daniel - 2010-06-06
    It depends on the size of the puffer and convict. If the puffer is shy he may not win. If they're about the same size the spotted puffer would most likely win since they have a very sharp beak that can rip chunks out of a fish.
Daniel - 2010-06-03
About a month ago my dad bought me 2 spotted puffers off of an impulse buy to add to my cichlid tank (crazy I know!) when I saw then swimming around in there I just couldn't bear to take them back! I ended up doing research and this proved to be the most useful site out there! My 2 little puffers that my sister dubbed mrs. Puff and scar (we got him scarred up) have grown about an inch an are currently very happy with my other fish and are extremely shy. I haven't seen any signs of aggression from them. In fact, my burundi frontosa has become their best friend! I occasionally throw in some guppy fry or ghost shrimp as a live treat, but after seeing this site I will definitely consider fidlers. Aside from their cute dopey appearance these fish are smart and full if personality! When I walk into my room they immediately stop what they're doing and swim to te side of the tank I'm on to greet me. It's the wildest thing I've ever seen! Overall i'm very happy that my dad got me these little guys. Hopefully since they're going up in a rather strange community tank, they won't show signs of aggression once they're older! Very fun, cute fish to have. I highly recommend them to any fish enthusiast!

Alex - 2010-05-31
I just bought two Black moor 3 inches each and put them with one spotted green puffer (bitc)h fish it eats their eyes and tails and ai had to took them out cuz they died. So I had to get rid of it by giving the spotted puffer fish to my friend.

Tina - 2010-05-28
So, heres the thing. I dropped two minnows into the bowl. Puffy ate one. Of course, he established and developed a relationship with the other. 1 fish, 2 fish. green fish, 'food' fish. Now, that fish has been alive for a week (give or take) and they're like... best friends. Lucky for "sandra" (the name of the minnow, a name from the previous winner of Survivor the show) I have extra fish flakes. woot.

mimi - 2010-05-18
I have a GSP that I got at Walmart. Her name is Casey and I have had her for 9 months. She is now at 3 inches. Like everyone I did not believe
that they had to be alone in the tank. I had added a catfish at the same time as her. It was ok till 2 months later she took
two big bites out of it. She is now alone and happy. Its like owning a puppy that can fit in your palm. can't wait to see
how big she will get.

Cory (elvis is my fish\'name) - 2010-05-02
Does anyone know if they can literally jump out of the bowl? Because in the middle of the night I could have sworn I heard some splashing. Thanks :)

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-05-02
    It is very possible. Many fish can jump out of the water and end up on the floor. You may want to get a cover to put over the bowl - with air holes in it.
  • George - 2010-05-07
    They can jump out of the water, and will do. Make sure you have a hood with no escape points.

    Also, do all the normal checks of your water to make sure they're not jumping out of the water for a reason...
Dale Roller - 2010-03-30
I bought three Green Spotted puffers at Walmart and placed them in my 9 gallon BiUbe reefone aquarium. I have learned this is way too small for them, but they seemed to do fine for a year. I had them at my mom's house for a few months and she kept leaving the lid off the tank. Two GSPs jumped out and died. The last GSP is in my bedroom and has been alive for almost two years now. I need to find tankmates for him. I would like a couple of brightly colored cichlids or 1 more puffer and a bumble bee gobey. The tank is brackish.
I usually just feed him dried Zoomed Red Shrimp. They are big and crunchy. They also enjoy the occassional mealworm or waxworm. I want to try feeding him a cricket next. I can't find any small snails nor is there anywhere around here with ghost shrimp. Salem, Oregon.

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  • John Green - 2010-04-05
    You don't want to put any other fish in with your puffer try to get a bigger tank for it they do just fine by themselves but if you want another then get a bigger tank. Too small of a tank stresses them out and will kill them try for at least a 29gallon it will help then you can get 2. I have had my 2 for 4 years in a 29gal. and they love it as for tank mates every thing else besides puffers will get eaten believe me I've seen it first hand even cichlids and cichlids are fresh water tropical fish.
  • stacy - 2010-04-07
    My husband and I just purchased 2 gsp's 2 weeks ago at wal-mart. Try looking up or for the the shrimp, you may be able to order it online.
  • tony - 2010-04-21
    You don't want to put cichlids with puffers. Try angelfish or gouramis, that's what I keep my 2 puffers with. Cichlids are too aggressive and should be kept with others of the same size and temperament.
  • Nick - 2010-05-07
    You definitely need a bigger aquarium. You must look at how the big the fish will get when it reaches full maturity, not how big it is now. The green spotted puffers will push 6 inches usually. You puffer will require a much larger tank. It is not best to associate GSPs with other fish. It is not a community fish. If you are adamant about giving it some tank mates, then first off, you have to get a 35+ gallon tank. Gouramis are a terribly idea for a tank mate being that they are strictly freshwater. Angelfish will have the same problem as well. It is not wise to mix freshwater and brackish water, hoping things will work themselves out. Doesn't work that way. Puffers, when little, require the specific gravity around 1.008. As they get older and bigger, you should begin to move that number up. Gouramis, Angelfish, or any freshwater fish for that matter will not be able to tolerate the salt content and will die if not already from the puffer's abuse on them. Try to find brackish water fish that require the same hardness, specific gravity, temperature, ph level, etc... as the GSP. Look up the Archer fish and scats. That will take you in a better direction for possible tank mates. The only other piece of advice I can give is...WATER CHANGES, WATER CHANGES, WATER CHANGES! Puffers produce a ridiculous amount of waste themselves and if you add tank mates, it will get worst. 50% a week. 1 tablespoon of salt per gallon (when they are younger). Also remember that when you move to a brackish water tank the rule of 1inch of fish per gallon changes. It moves to about 3inches of fish per gallon, which means less fish, bigger tank, obviously. Good luck.
Randy - 2010-03-21
Its long message but a good note for any FISH LOVER. So for 1 1/2 yrs I have had a 55 gal. tank with a green spotted puffer that lives with mostly chiclids 9. Which are not real agressive ,but can be when food is fed. Also a red scat, a heavy armored yellow striped catfish & I am not sure how its still alive or why they dont kill it off ,but a black fin tetra. All in which are fine well fed, plenty of hiding spaces and different lighting which actually helps in thier behavior ive noticed calming them down. Its like a black light really. My lights are on timers 3 setting Natural florecent then my black light comes then blue LEDs for moon lighting at night which will go off at 3 for complete darkness. I have lots of rock and plant which i change ,move & stack differently 3 to 4 times a year so it doesnt get old for them they start over in finding and moving gravel to make for new homes.I started my tank off with 6 cichilds and slowly added in 2s or 3s to prevent any one fish from trying to claim the whole tank as his and to keep a new comer from not being alone when being introduced into the tank, which I think helps reduce from being picked on. Also I would try and add new homes for any new fish to reduce fighting for a home or teroritory. Also high temps for cichilds can cause them to bring out their natural behavior to be agressive in mainly for more control of sections if not the whole tank. My tank is at 77 degrees. And my fish are very active so i pick out very active and agressive fish cause that suits my tanks community. So know your fish.
I have had many types of fresh & salt water fish for years since i was 12 & 24 now. I can truly say that fish have personalities & that some like others and some dont.Might be when it comes to space, fish size or sinroity. Thing is you will never know how they will react to one another. I had 2 oscars living with a 15 inch freshwater eel which ate fish like the ocars. people at the store said it wont work out but i had them for yrs. I had peiranahs living with cichlids fine but note that provide housing for the fish, like rocks,plants ...ect. You never know but your fish just might work out. Think of the fish of the same speicies that kill one another. Whats up with that its just some fish of the same color, size dont like the other still because its just that fishes way of things and never know but might change. Hope this comes to show that you and some one else might have the same size tank and fish but one is having problems with fish killin fish. Might be because of how he sat the tank up with only one fish maybe two or how he picked out the most aggressive one in the tank at the store cause of its activity.Those might of been the down fall of having a peacful tank so dont turn down the little guy in the corner of the tank if the tank at home has that peaceful enviornment cause he would probly fit right in cause he might carry the same personalty of the fish in which you already own. Same goes for saltwater but risking more money for maybe at a shot for a non reef safe fish like a coral beauty to actural not eat the reef ive taken the chance and was completely fine because you never know. Not saying tho that some fish have bad habits tho but some dont of the same species. HOPED this helped some people out! Fish help me cope and feel less stressful at times so I am a big fan of the little guys and hope others enjoy thier pets as much as i have enjoyed mine.

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  • Logan - 2010-04-29
    Did you introduce all of the fish, including the puffer, at once or could you add some with the puffer later on?
CJ - 2010-03-20
I have a spotted green puffer fish, bought him from a wal-mart in Texas. I've had him for already 8-9months, very lite maintance being that I have a bottom feeder.They both eat bloodworms (freeze dried),other than that, I enjoy the way it looks and its funny round shape