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A Pignose Puffer has a face reminiscent of a pig, and an arrowhead marking on top!
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Benny - 2010-06-25
I'm looking for freshwater puffer fish besides the small ones let me know if anyone and selling or has some they want to sell. Email me Please

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  • Reed - 2011-02-07
    I have one for sale call 338-6091.
Busybones - 2009-10-26
These have been bred in captivity. Please visit there are many photos of the fry from the Arrowhead puffers. Great posting though! Thanks for the info

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  • Benny - 2010-06-25
    Hey I'm wanting to have some Arrowhead puffers for my tank email me please maybe I can buy some from you give me a good deal ok bro
kris chillinsky - 2009-07-07
Hey! David foster has the best fish aquarium I have ever seen!... and his chick makes good apple pie! ha ha random ha.. the 4th was sick! lol EDITORS NOTE: Hey, maybe David would put some pics of his aquarium in the gallery, would love to see it - and of course Dr. Jungle LOVES apple pie! :)) [See David Foster's comment below...]

Kenny - 2009-03-04
It is very towards my other fish. I change my water twice a week and they don't like to get the water changed. When they do get there water changed I noticed that they won't even eat until after a week or two.

david foster - 2007-11-10
hi my name is david and i am an avid fish keeper, i have many years experience keeping everything from killis to rifts, knifefishes to marines but by a country mile puffers especially pignoses are the most charismatic and enjoyable of all my many fish, just watch your fingers with those razor sharp beaks.

Ian - 2007-01-22
The Tetraodon suvattiii has been successfully bred in captivity for the first time by Ian Jefferies. Details can be found at