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The Fahaka Puffer has yellow stripes and bright fiery eyes, making it a beautiful pet fish!
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Reuben - 2009-02-03
I have had my nile puffer for almost 18 months and she was about 1" long when I got her. She is almost 4" long now. She is kept in a 36x18x18 tank alone. 2 months ago she was laying eggs on and off for about a week. Having trouble finding a male.

jesse - 2008-09-05
I have had a Fahaka for 7 months now. When I got her she was only 1.5 inches, now she is 13 inches. I now have her in a 145 gallon tank. I cannot find any tank mates she won't eat or kill. She is a very picky eater, the only thing I can get her to eat is crayfish and frozen whole shrimp. Very interesting fish though.

crystal - 2008-04-09
Fahakas are one fish that 99% of the bunch are extremely aggressive. Occasionally there's the one that will stay unaggressive. Now, I do not want to disuade anyone from getting one of these if they truely want one, but do NOT expect that if you have a fahaka in a community tank now, that it will stay with that temperment. Fahakas get more aggressive as they get older. Also, Fahakas cannot be housed in a 30-40 gallon tank. Way ungodly too small. They get a foot long for pete's sake! They would barely be able to even turn around in a tank that size. Absolute minimum for Fahakas are 120 gallons.

wendy christopher - 2007-06-10
Hi i just wanted to say, everyone thought i was crazy. I have 2 marine tanks. One has 3 puffers, a dog face, a porcupine puffer, and a spiny box; and a volitan lion, a damsel, a snow flake eel, lots of live rock and lots of live sand, snails, and crabs. All get along great. The second one has ocean rider seahorses, a yellow tang, a clown fish, a molly, a coral banded shrimp, and 2 pepermint shrimp; also scarlet crabs, more live rock and sand. It's a 50 gallon hexagon. Anyways they all get along, so i believe it's the peronality of the fish you get. I feed mine twice a day, except the seahorses diet on sundays. All mine have great personalities and have been living together almost 2yrs. All eat frozn foods and are hand fed. So if you want something research it first, then go for it. is great to learn from, and take your time and be patient, it's worth it.

Michael Wilson - 2007-04-11
My Nile Puffer is about 6 or 7 years old now. He has always been kept in an 80 gal community tank. He lives with cats, bristle nose plec, skirted tetras, giant zebra danos, an Avacado Puffer and a very smart crayfish. He is great, very smart, and more additude than Opra! He is now about 10 inches long. One thing to keep in mind when keeping these fish in a community tank is they are a little lazy and will not go out of their way to chase other fish, so any fast moving fish is pretty safe. Ours also likes to bury himself in the sand and wait for lunch to arrive!

Jeremy Cook - 2007-02-24
I have a 55 Gallon tank with a varity of fish 4 spotted puffers, 1 black african knife, 1 avocato puffer, 1 target puffer, 1 12" pico, and 1 fahaka puffer. I also have a red ear slider. Fish stores told me that i was crazy, but i've had my tank for 1 year and everybody gets along just fine. I had problems of fin nipping at first. So I started feeding 3 times a day and slowly droped to 1 a Day. They all know how I am and come running when I open the lid. The turtle will eat out of my hands and loves frozen minnows. So if your going to start an exotic fresh water tank. Provide lots of plants, feed well, and never add new fish.

Jeremy Cook