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Sincere - 2011-08-11
Hello fish lovers. I just got me a gsp to add to my 40 gallon tank. I have a gouami, 2 tiger barbs, tinfoil barb, pinktail chelse, black skirt tetra, painted tetra,dragon eel, angel fish, 2 zebra danios, 3 aries,and a palaco. I'm new to the fish world so can you give me some feed back? Thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-11
    I think (know) you are placing to many fish in a 40 gallon. Rule of thumb is 1 usable gallon (subtract gallons out for decorations and gravel) for each one inch the fish are going to be as adults. Otherwise you will have stunting, possibly death and definite agression. So the Puffers need about a 15 gallong tank on their own for the two. Community fish are supposed to get along and for the most part they do. However, humans are supposed to get along also and there is always a Ted Bundy or Jeffry Daimer in the midst. Your fish need plenty of room and they need their own safe territory and mixing many together - even if community fish - in too small a tank is a recipe for problems.
Leanne Kendrick - 2011-05-17
I have 3 GSP in my 20 gallon tank w/ Lg rosy barbs. 2 of the GSP are doing very well. 1 looks like he is starving, any ideas?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-17
    You need a 20 gallon tank for 1 pufferfish and you have 3. You need at least a 50 gallon tank. That would help. Tank is too small they gang up and try and reduce the population so maybe they are not letting the 3rd puffer eat. What happens when you try and feed them? Do the two prevent the third from eating? Until you get a larger tank can you put a divider in to let the 3rd one eat?
  • Daniel Yap - 2011-07-09
    Separate the hungry little guy to another tank. 2 of your puffer might be bullying it.
    Hey, don say its not true. I have experience about this little guy, so hurry before its too late
  • NICHOLAS KIESER - 2011-08-10
tiffany - 2011-08-04
I just got 5 puffer fish. I love them. I love watching them swim around. I lost 12 puffers when I moved to my new house because of the water. I hadn't thought about getting any more untill I went to the store and found some bigger puffer fish then what I had`before. I couldn't resist myself. I have a rain bow shark and upside down shark and some guppys in my tank will the sharks mess with my puffers?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-04
    They are neat looking
Rian L - 2011-07-05
I know gsp like to eat fiddler crab and zebra danios. Its hard to find other fish that will be a good match for a tank for my two gsp. Anybody have any suggestions?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-05
    WOW there seems to be greatly varying points of view on this. There is everything to absolutely no other tank mates to any non-agressive community fish that is larger than the puffer is fine. They are agressive and big time fin nippers. Many tank mates just dissapear. They should be able to be with their own kind or definitely recommended that the other fish be nice community fish. Large tank and no crowding with plenty of plants and hidey holes.

    In a community setting, be sure there is plenty of room and that the aquarium is well planted. It can also have a variety of other decor such as rocks and roots. Place the decor in a manner that breaks their line of site and provides plenty of retreats for all the fish.

  • Daniel Yap - 2011-07-09
    Well, maybe only their own kind they will tolerate, They're racist, except if you set up some hiding space for the other fish.
  • Chelsee Coffin - 2011-07-11
    I have molly fish in with my puffers and they don't bother each other but of course I make sure there is plenty of room and hidding places. I havent lost a fish in months so I would say try some mollies.
  • Anonymous - 2011-07-12
    Well Carol you might not want to stick your hand in the cage!!!:}
  • Anonymous - 2011-07-28
    I have two gsp in my tank. They seem to get along fine with my rubber lipped pleco's and albino rainbow sharks.
Nicole McDonald - 2011-07-22
My puffer fish is just floating there. We have changed the tank several times. It seems like every week it starts to stink! We have the correct temperature and brackish water for the green puffer. We have the bubble maker to help oxygen flow and a filter. He looks really sick, Help!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-23
    Where is the water coming from? Purifying tablets, chlorine? Something is strange if the tank is smelling that bad. I also included link for Fish Disease and Treatment Look up symptoms and also tank conditions. Corresponding treatment is recommended.
  • Betta Care - 2011-07-23
    Check for water source, I suggest you get water from a different source and treat it with conditioners available in pet stores before you let your fish in. Also make sure that the water is run through a new filter before you let your fish in. I suggest you check the following 2 sites which give a lot of information about fish care and

    All the best !
Carol - 2011-06-04
We have a GSP and it looks like his teeth are getting really long, not sure if he is eating. In the one comment someone said you could clip their teeth. Just wondering how you go about doing this?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-04
    Have you tried feeding them snails first and letting them wear down their teeth first? Try that first. Animal World article says "Puffers have strong teeth that grow throughout their lives, so are prone to overgrown teeth. Offer hard shelled live food often to keep the teeth worn down. Feeding snails daily will help to wear down the teeth. If the teeth get too long, they will be unable to eat, requiring the owner to clip the teeth".
  • Teresa - 2011-06-21
    Hi, I just read that the Green Spotted Pufferfish rerquires certain types of hard crustacean food in order to keep their teeth trimmed naturally. I do not know what this food is exactly, but you could find out from a pet store familiar with this type of fish.
    Good luck.
  • Daniel Yap - 2011-07-09
    Well, maybe you should use nail clipper :p
    There's no guarantee they will stay still.
  • Chelsee Coffin - 2011-07-11
    i have several GSP and I go to the pet store and stock up on "pest snails". Most pet stores will give them to you or they might charge you a small fee but there are usually tons of them and I can tell from my GSP's that they love them. I've had mine for almost a year now and I've never had to clip their teeth. If anything go around to all our local pet stores and stock up on pest snails. Put them in there own tank and let them breed. And only put 1-2 of them in with your puffer a day. If you do this you most likely will never have to go to the pet store to get more ever again.
Puyette - 2011-06-08
My puffer is sick.....I think! He has gone from a white belly to a gray belly back to white and back to gray. I have tested the the salinity and the ph and I think it was ok. He is not eating and there are ghost shrimp minnows and snails in the tank. His teeth don't look long.....that is if I know what I'm looking at. I think he was cold too so I warmed the water. Please help!!!!!????

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-08
    Don't panic - at least not yet. Puffer fish do change colors. They do it in their natural enviornment with some degree of regularity and they also do it in an aquarium situation but less frequently. The color change is many times due to stress - temperature change in water or condition of water or too many fish in the tank etc. Obviously, it can also be because he isn't feeling all that great. I have included an article "Fish Disease and Treatment" from Animal World. Check the tank enviornment throughly. Also, what size is your aquarium? It is recommended for 1 puffer that a 20 gallon be used and if there are other fish to go to at least a 50 gallon. Good news it is not unusual for puffers to change color, but the YUK news is that it is usually do to stress. Check the tank conditions and do the recommended treatments. Not eating is also a sign of stress.
    Read the article on the Puffer because the tank enviornment required is there. Also to be careful of amonia and nitrates as they don't necessarily eat all their food so tank gets messy. Also article says to change 30 - 50% of the water per week. Bunch of little things that can be happening here but let's just check them out one at a time. OK?
  • Daniel Yap - 2011-07-09
    You are crazy, warming up the water sometimes makes matters worst....
    It's normal 4 a green puffer to change colour of the belly. It's a healthy little guy, except if it stays with grey colour.....
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Jenna - 2010-10-15
I have a young amazon puffer that I thought had ick. We have treated our tank now for 3 wks and he still has ick. I'm now wondering if maybe he has something else. We have used IckEase for 4 consecutive days, with a 50% water change prior to treatment and after treatment. We raised the temp to 86 degrees and turned out all the lights. We have now switched our water to brackish water..and nothing is getting rid of it. None of my other 9 fish have any spots. Does anyone know if this fish is a carrier of any other sort of illness that this might be? He is still eating his bloodworms and is active in the tank.

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  • Angie - 2010-11-21
    We've been experiencing the exact same thing today...we're freaking out! He just all of a sudden started "playing dead" but he's clearly still alive. We have done ALL the proper maintenance as well....right down to the last detail...someone help!
  • Will - 2011-02-23
    Mine too! It went very quickly but has reappeared today. Neither have looked that bad. Only had him a week so will keep observing.
  • Ashley Kavanagh - 2011-04-14
    I don't know whether this will help at all, but quite commonly scaleless fish such as the pufferfish can get a disease called "velvet" a very harsh disease despite the name. The best treatment I find that works is the "interpet velvet and slime treatment" but be sure to halve the dose as you probably already know, they are very sensitive to treatments. You may further wish to supplement the treatment (after the velvet treatment is finished) with a fish tonic of some kind. Aquarium salt is a great addition to all aquariums. But again be very careful with dosages. It may pay to ask the store you buy the treatment from what dosage level it would be worth having in the aquarium. Hope this helps.
  • samuel - 2011-05-26
    I have a fresh water puffer. He has lived in my tank for about 1 year. He has had ick 2 times. I used ick-ease but took out the filter in the pump. The next day did a water change but actually took out bout 60-70% of the water. He has stayed looking happy and healthy ever sense... :)
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Ashley - 2011-01-23
Hi Kim,
The puffers and betas definitely shouldn't go together! As much as people love to say how aggressive betas can be, he'll probably get his pretty fins torn apart before he knows what hit him. The puffers would need a separate tank for sure! Cycling basically means that the tanks ammonia and nitrate levels have dropped to zero, making the tank inhabitable. When the tank begins with new water, wastes build up causing a large ammonia and nitrate spike, making the tank uninhabitable for anything. Natural bacteria in the filter build up as these levels rise and these bacteria eventually make the ammonia and nitrates drop to zero, making it so that fishes can be safely in the aquarium. I can explain in full detail how to set up a small saltwater tank via email, and I can tell all about puffer care. Also, Craigslist is an awesome starter to look for tanks, some people even sell full set ups for super cheap due to moving, no time to take care of, etc.

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  • Nadja - 2011-02-20
    I've had multiple bettas in with my two gsps and they go great together. They only like to attack our shrimp. Every betta's fins are perfectly fine and they actually own the tank.
  • wendy - 2011-05-24
    i kicked my boyfriend to the curb and replaced him with two green spotted puffers and I've never been happier;-) They are a lot easier to take care of too. Thanks to my local pet store and their over population of nuisance snails, they eat for free. They'll pretty much eat anything I'm eating at the moment. If I'm eating a turkey sandwich...then so are they! A great replacement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kris - 2009-02-14
can avocado puffers live in brackish water and if they do how high should the gravity be??

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  • Anonymous - 2010-10-13
    No please don't make the fish suffer. It's freshwater only.
  • chris - 2011-05-12
    Actually, it needs a GRAVITY of 1.005-1.008 but CAN surrvive in a FRESH WATER aquarium.

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