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kristen - 2009-05-27
Right now, I have one puffer and it is so adorable! I feed him/her dried shrimp and bought five ghost shrimp not long ago. Then, my puffer's belly started to turn black spotted. If your puffer is like that, don't worry! It's just unhappy. Here are some ways to keep it content:

*feed treats
*play with it
*buy another puffer [if you only have one puffer].

Diana - 2009-05-24
My husband and I have had a green puffer for about 8 months. He/she is in a tank with
two Oscars, a blue lobster and a plex. We have had no trouble with him being aggresive to me when I clean the tank, but he sure likes to nip fins. He usually likes to hide behind the plants and loves to eat dried shrimp. He is about 4 inches long and a big round belly.

Danny - 2009-05-18
Does anyone know what you can run with Green Puffs that will eat alge that they will not kill. I feed them daily the eat like crazy and seem very healthy but they kill anything that I put in there with them I have 4 Puffers in a 40 gal each are about 2 inchs. I'm down 4 Plexs of all sizes, chieense alge eaters, coy cats etc....their great little fish but have Mike Tyson's personality. Help, I'm over run with green alge.

max - 2009-05-16
I just got a pgf and I lefted it in the bath tub while I was changing the tanks water so my fishies would have clean water and when I came to get all my fishies and my frog the pgf attacked my frog for no reason. It was passing by and the fish bit one of his eyes of out. I am not sure what to do with my poor frog. I feel really bad for him and I hope that he does not die. If any one knows what I should do with my frog, let me know PLEASE!

JTC - 2009-04-27
I have 2 GSP in a 20 Gallon tank. I also have an algea eater and 3 tetras. The Tetras were the 1st in the tank (for almost 6 months). About 2 months ago I got the 2GSP, and about a month ago got the baby algea eater. I have had no problems with any of them nipping at the other fish and they all have been eating flakes until today, I bought some ghost shrimp which I feed to my Senegal bichir which is in a 20 gallon all alone and is about 3.5". So I put 4 of the ghost shrimp in the tank with the puffer and their bellies seemed to swell up and in about 20 minutes all of the shrimp were gone. I know that these fish are omnivores but I hope that I have not made them want to eat the others in the tank.

Carrie - 2009-04-11
:( I had 3 GSP with my other fish and they were nipping their fins. Not knowing what to do with them we took them out and put them with my 2 oscars (4&5 in oscars). My 5 inch oscar tried to eat the puffer, spit him out, and my oscar died with 15 mins! : ( : (

Olga - 2009-03-29
I purchased 3 spotted puffers at Wal-Mart. They are so cute. The first time I fed them it was plain tropical flaked food. Later that night for the second feeding, the light was off, so I turned it on to feed them. And observed their bellies were turning black, I thought for sure they were goners. So I proceeded to feed them, not a minute passed and their darkened bellies turned white and they came to life. Has anyone experienced this? My husband and I couldn't believe that this happened so rapidly!

Elliot - 2009-03-16
I had a GSP in a salt water tank for about 3 years with no munching on coral or anything. He\She recently passed away after I cleaned the foam over the powerhead and didn't get it back on quick enough ;-(. Anyway, I went out to walmart and bought another. slowly adjusted him to the salt water and it has been doing great for about 2 months so far. These fish are really fun to watch just be careful if you have to put your hands in the tank. They can nip your fingers.

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Penny - 2009-03-04
I have a pea puffer named Wilford. He lived w/ gouramis, neons, and barbs in a 30 gal tank. I just love the little guy but he recently had to be moved to his own tank because he ate one of his friends! It was the 1st sign of aggresion I had ever seen and I've had him for almost a year. So he may play nice for awhile but beware of Mr.Hyde! lol

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Kenny - 2009-03-04
It is very towards my other fish. I change my water twice a week and they don't like to get the water changed. When they do get there water changed I noticed that they won't even eat until after a week or two.


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