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Karen age 9 - 2010-01-24
I had just bought another spotted green puffer from Walmart. The poor thing was in an empty tank with tons of food and algae in there. The tank also had another puffer with a broken right eye. The puffer I have gotten was just sitting in a corner looking dead. I do not think the workers knew how to take care of the puffers...

LiLy Pierre - 2010-01-22
I work at Wal-Mart unfortunately. Over the years I have been asked to leave my department to get fish for customers. I can tell you horror stories. There is no training on how to handle the fish, how to keep the ph balance of the water ajusted, the spreading of fungus and salmonella...among other things.
I just recently for the first time saw green spotted puffers in a tank. I fell in love with them. The's been about 2 weeks starting to act depressed and sick. He stays at the bottom of the tank. The new depart. mgr. doesn't know what she is doing. I want to buy all of them to save them. Unfortunately, I don't know anything. I am trying to learn here.
Can anyone tell me what size pump for a large aquarium and how to know what size of filter and cartridge to buy. I tried to read the boxes but couldn'nt find any helpful advice. Thanx

Raven - 2010-01-17
Green spotted puffers aren't just fin nippers their murders! I got a brand new male and female swordtail fish cause they said that you can put them in there with mollies. Well Swords are out of the mollie family and the lady at the store said that you can put them in there with him! Well guess what happened, the spotted puffer killed my male. He took a huge bite out of the underside of him!

sam - 2010-01-08
This is a nice site, but if you want the best info on puffers then go to, it has happy to help people who are highly educated and experienced with all puffers. And the information on the species requirements is very accurate. I won't mention any names or anything but I see alot of bad information being passed on around hear about puffers. Whenever you post everyone is friendly and very helpful and quick to respond. See you there. SammyDee out

Anonymous - 2010-01-06
Brian- This is VERY important: You have to feed them snails once a week. These should be about the size of their eye. GSP have two front teeth; sort of like a beaver. The snail shells help them to keep their teeth short. If they are not fed snails, their teeth will grow so large that they will not be able to eat! This is probably what has happened to your last puffer. RIP
I cannot stand that WALMART sells these! They have no business doing so! They cannot even take care of their goldfish.
Also- Your puffers would prefer to be acclimated to brackish water, and then eventually salt water. They live much longer, happier, healthier lives.
Good luck! :)

alina - 2009-12-31
Hi, I just bought 2 green spotted puffers from Walmart 2 days ago and they look happy. I'm feeding them freeze dried shrimp (the guy from Petsmart said to give them 2 twice a day) but one of them (his name is Butros) is eating all of them, attacking them like a great shark does seals! The smaller puffer (her name is Suly) has only nibbled here and there but for sure hasn't been able to eat a full shrimp. I even tried hand feeding her, and she ate more than usual. I also noticed that when I took the shrimp away from Butros he got mad and started nipping at Suly. What do I do?

Justin - 2009-12-27
the girl who has the tail rotting fish u need to get a pack of Maracyn fast dissolvin powder form it is pricey but it helps really well and HOPE UR FISHY GETS BETTER

Justin - 2009-12-27
Tail rotting fish... you need to get a pack of Maracyn fast, the dissolving powder form. It is pricey but it helps really well, and HOPE YOUR FISHY GETS BETTER.

mel - 2009-10-16
Hi, I am writing because about 3 weeks ago I rescued 2 green spotted puffers,1 silver finned cat shark, and a clown fish from tenants who had abandoned the tank in the rental when they left. They were in a salt water tank, so I gave the live rocks and the clown fish to a worker at a local pet store by me. I then acclimated the 2 gsp's and the shark to freshwater. They are doing well. I dont really see the really aggressive behavior. They are in my tank with a the cat shark, sucker fish, an african cichlid, 1 lemon oscar and 4 parrot fish. The parrot fish and the cichlid swim right next to them and they don't do anything. I do see the tail of the shark has been torn up, but I can only assume that it happened becuase I dont know how long they were abandoned for with no food, also the tank they were in was so filthy, covered completely with algea.

Anonymous - 2009-09-27
I got two green spotted puffers about two weeks ago. One of them is doing fine but the other one is getting me worried. Around its eye is turning red and now it's other eye is starting to do that too. If this has happened to anyone else please help.


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