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The Gold Datnoid has long been an industry favorite, and just one look at this healthy large fish says it all!
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samiran roy,india - 2011-12-16
I was thinking that where could I find the most cheap Datnoid.Yesterday,when I visited a nearby market,and in the market there is a place where thy sell aquarium fishes at cheap rate.I decided to have a look in there and I saw a pair of datnoids. I then asked the seller that how much was the just for the sake of curiosity. They were about 3 inches long. The seller said they were 300rs for a pair. I then bought the two fishes and I have identified them as gold datnoids. I have heard that datnoids go at very high rates,but this is the most cheapest datnoid I have ever seen.

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  • hemanth rancho - 2012-05-30
    Can you pls pls tell me where in India you get datnoids for that price?
    Can you pls give me complete address and phone number?
Val Durio - 2011-06-23
I have been into dats since the early 80's. I raised 2 in a 240 gal. plexiglass tank to what I think was max. I lost them due to a mistake of adding a friends peacok bass which was sick. Over the years I've had different kinds of dats but not the true 4 wide bar Indos. I recently found 4 true Indos which I traded everything in my 125 gal glass show tank. It's fun watching them during feeding. I can't wait till they get large. I feed them only frozen foods, blood worms, brian shrimp and when they get larger, silversides.

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  • Laura Exercise\r\n - 2011-08-16
    This is exactly what im searching for, much appreciated!
  • lori - 2011-09-02
    What area are you in? I am trying to find a good home for my 8 inch gold tiger day
    It's got perfect bars. I am asking $120 obo
  • Val - 2011-09-30
    I'm in the bay area near Sacramento. I recently picked up two more gold tigers. there all about 3.5 to 4 inches now they are growing faster than I expected. I took all the gravel out and they are starting to show there true colors. they really like frozen krill. Sorry I cant put any more fish in the tank. one thing I have to consider is as they get larger they eat more and that means more $$$$$$
  • Alex Burleson - 2011-09-30
    While that is an upsetting loss, the new Indos you have now must surely be, an exciting addition to your home! Feeding fish such as Datnoids can be a very exciting experience as well!
rgonzales - 2011-04-23
There is some misinformation regarding the indo datnoid on your site. There is no known captive breeding of this fish, which is one reason prices stay high and explains why wide bars datnoids are all but extinct. Instability of a datnoids color is not a sign of poor health or sickness. They just do that. Also a minimum recommended tanksize for datnoids would be 180 gallons. When keeping datnoids it is best to keep 1 or a group of 5 or more to disperse aggression.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-25
    Thank you for letting us know. We will look into that obviously and correct as necessary.
  • Clarice Brough - 2011-04-25
    Thanks for you input on this beautiful fish. Nice additional info regarding changes in coloration, and the suggested tank size for an adult. For people that wish more than one specimen, we've added your suggestion of keeping them in a group of 5 or more to disperse aggression. On breeding, that sounds like an open question. The author, with several decades experience in the import business and many close connections with breeders in Indonesia, briefly discusses commercial breeding happening there. It will be interesting to see if, and how, this unfolds in the industry! Thanks again for your thoughts!
  • Val Durio - 2011-06-23
    I found that their color varied depending on dominance. If there was a threat or a larger fish they darken if they are the larger fish they show true color.
bernard Uy - 2010-11-08
Is there a way that they can grow faster? Or any tips so they grow faster?

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  • J.T.Y. - 2010-12-23
    Don't feed them goldfish, or any other feeders from the carp family as they
    contain chemicals that inhibit growth.
  • rgonzales - 2011-04-27
    The best way to increase growth rates is frequent large water changes and a big tank. In addition feeders help the rate but this is something I don't like to do. Even with the tips given your still only looking at a half to 3/4 inch growth per month.
  • Val Durio - 2011-06-23
    They grow slow. Enjoy them at each stage of growth, 6 months at a time I saw increases in size.
marie - 2010-10-13
Can gold darnoid live with betta and bata shrike?

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  • evan - 2011-06-18
    Your beta will get eaten when the tiger gets bigger.
  • Val Durio - 2011-06-23
    NO! They will out grow then eat any fish that will fit in their extra large when extended mouths.
Hein Thant - 2011-05-29
I've two AT and 1Ntt

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-30
    Hey great 3 of them. They are attractive just enjoy.
Mark dierking - 2010-05-16
I'm getting a golden datnoid that is a about 10cm in length. But I have a problem:it's wild caught and it only eats live fish which is kinda a problem for me. But I wanna know how do I get it to eat pellets?

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  • Aaron - 2010-06-05
    I currently own 14 datnoids that are all eating pellets and shrimp. What I did to get them on pellets was fed them what they would eat and would wait 36 hours before I would make an attempt to feed them again with the pellets. You have to make sure they are begging for the food. With larger specimens it is ok to try and only feed pellets to try and convert them. I had one that was 15cm that went a month without eating before it finally ate pellets.
  • paka - 2010-08-09
    It normally and hot long time getting the golden datnoid
The who - 2010-02-28
I bought 5 Indonesian datnoids around 2 weeks ago. 2 Died in the first 48 hours due to gill flukes and starvation. Now I have three left and they are very strong, active and healthy, and always wanting food. I feed them blood worms, mysis shrimp and brine shrimp, all frozen. They love it. Great fish!!

Pershaun Starks - 2007-06-08
i have owned one for about 2 years. he was a nothing you can see with your own eyes but now he's beautiful, healthy, and growing everyday. slow grower but worth the reward. His parent's were wonderful and the only reason I bought him or her. very lucky, I got to have the pick of the litter, would send picture's if i could. One of top show fishes I love right, there with the frontasa, longfin oscar, and arrowana. I have them all in my 180 gallon. WONDERFUL MIX, WONDERFUL TANK. thax for listening

Angelo Masiello - 2006-05-12
my gold datnoid is 5.5-6 inches long. he is very mellow. if you think that there might be a chance that the fish with him will fit in his mouth, even if only by a long shot, dont put it in there because chances are it can. if it can it will be put in there when your not expecting it. these guys are great fish to own. mine eats other fish, shrimp, and small soft shell cray fish