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The Mono Fish is a shiny diamond shaped fish that's perfect for the brackish water aquarium!
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Amanda - 2012-06-20
I have 4 mono's and 3 columbian sharks in my 110 gal tank. We have had two monos for over a year and added two more a week ago. I've noticed one of my new monos have been getting picked on and he looks depressed, swimming at the top away from the others. How can I get them to all get along? Please help! I love all my fish but it's very sad to see this!

andychoo - 2011-09-01
I have 80 over mono silver moony. But my fish have a problem at fin side fungal after few day the fish probably get sick and died... I've been try so many method but still can't understand ? any body can help me to solve this .

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-01
    I don't know the answer but Animaol World has a Fish Symptons and Disease page wna dyou can scroll downto the symptoms and see what the symptoms are your fish. The recommended treatment is there. They have been doing fish for 30 years and pretty clear article and symptoms are clear. I just can't tell from what you are decribing. Click on article, it is attached and look for treatment. OK
anton - 2010-03-06
They have bitten my orandas, pls let me know, are they not suited with gold fish?

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  • nirmal - 2010-04-09
    Orandas are usually peaceful fan tailed fresh water gold fish on the other hand silver moony's prefer saltwater. Usually silver moony's are peaceful and shy fish but are fin nippers, silver moony and oranda are not good tankmates as silver moony will nip the fins and tails of oranda which will stress the fish and eventually the fish may die.
  • neel - 2011-05-19
    See mono are a type of agressive fishes and orandas are calm in nature. 1st of all your fish provider should guide you regarding the same it would be better. That at the earliest shift your monos to the other tank.
  • neel - 2011-05-19
    See since the fishes are converted from salt to fresh water and time has passed almost 11 yrs it would be better if you would keep them in fresh water.
  • Anonymous - 2011-09-05
    They are Basically tough and relatively fast moving and enjoy the similiar accompany of fishes...preferably brackish water fishes...hence I suggest do not mix them up with orandas and gold fishes...
Werner - 2012-07-08
The Mono Angelfish is a brackish fish, but I can proudly say I have 4 of them in a normal freshwater aquarium and they are doing great.

Doreen - 2009-05-04
I have three mono`s that are the size of a dinner plate. I have had them for 11 years, and they have lived in a freshwater tank since I got them at about 1 in. They also had three angel fish, and three silver dollars. all pretty big fish now. I just noticed that the monos are killing the other fish that they have lived with all these years. Does anyone know why? Are they getting to breeding size? Should I put them in a saltwater tank? They have been in a 125 tank. HELP""""""

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  • Terry - 2011-02-09
    Doreen--Seems obvious but big fish=big appetite. Larger tank and no smaller fish with them or take them to a fish store that may give you some credit. Any fish that eats my fish is going away. Might consider fillets and invite friends over for a nice fish dinner. Good luck.
  • conor - 2011-12-28
    I have two silver mono and I have two large angelfish and I was wondering weather they could be housed in the same aquarium . ?
ALAICA - 2008-06-11
The mono is a great looking fish and they are full saltwater aquarium fish as they mature. I have one in my reef tank. I had 2 but they are very nippy as an adult and it killed the other one that I had. I have not been able to add more since then, he kills them all. He actually hunts them down and attacks them. But none the less, they are very attractive saltwater aquarium fish. They seem to retain the yellow coloration in their fins better in saltwtaer.

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  • Margaret Watch\r\n - 2011-07-18
    This piece of info is very useful for me, thank you!
ANDY - 2011-08-17
i have breed about 80s mono

pete - 2009-04-23
You broke the cardinal rule of stocking. All fish of the same species must be kept singly or in a school, preferably 4 minimum. Brackish fish, in particular, will kill any new tankmates of the same species, especially juveniles, especially if there's only one or two. Adding one fish to an established school might work, or vice versa-- adding a school to be with a singly kept fish.