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Patti Jo - 2008-03-29
I just acquired 4 humpheads about a week ago. They are not only very hardy, but prehistorically beautiful! I love these fish!

edmundlkm - 2007-10-25
The Humpback is very beautiful!
It's a unique glass fish with
scales than shine like a rainbow.

Edmund Loke/Singapore

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samiran roy,india - 2011-12-16
I was thinking that where could I find the most cheap Datnoid.Yesterday,when I visited a nearby market,and in the market there is a place where thy sell aquarium fishes at cheap rate.I decided to have a look in there and I saw a pair of datnoids. I then asked the seller that how much was the just for the sake of curiosity. They were about 3 inches long. The seller said they were 300rs for a pair. I then bought the two fishes and I have identified them as gold datnoids. I have heard that datnoids go at very high rates,but this is the most cheapest datnoid I have ever seen.

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  • hemanth rancho - 2012-05-30
    Can you pls pls tell me where in India you get datnoids for that price?
    Can you pls give me complete address and phone number?
Andrew Wallace - 2012-03-24
Hi All !!! I used to have Beautiful Datnoids when I was younger, about 20 years ago . I loved them !!. I recentl just bought a 155 gallon bowfront aquarium, and want some beautiful Datnoids in it !! I remember there were 2 different kinds of Datnoids?. I think ,1 was more silver, and the other a true beige & black stipped tiger Datnoid ?. Which is the better of the 2?, would any one know?. I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada . I am looking all over for a tiger Datnoid, could anyone help me find a baby?, or a ? Tiger Datnoid ?. Thanks Very Much !!!!!!

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  • Andrew Wallace - 2012-03-24
    I would love to order a true Tiger Datnoid, where could I do this ?. Please if anyone could help me, I would Greatly Appreciate it !! Thanks !! in Advance !!!! Andrew
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-24
    Normally you can go to a pet shop and have them order you one. I wouldn't go to a change. Try a smaller store that just deals with fish.
Val Durio - 2011-06-23
I have been into dats since the early 80's. I raised 2 in a 240 gal. plexiglass tank to what I think was max. I lost them due to a mistake of adding a friends peacok bass which was sick. Over the years I've had different kinds of dats but not the true 4 wide bar Indos. I recently found 4 true Indos which I traded everything in my 125 gal glass show tank. It's fun watching them during feeding. I can't wait till they get large. I feed them only frozen foods, blood worms, brian shrimp and when they get larger, silversides.

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  • Laura Exercise\r\n - 2011-08-16
    This is exactly what im searching for, much appreciated!
  • lori - 2011-09-02
    What area are you in? I am trying to find a good home for my 8 inch gold tiger day
    It's got perfect bars. I am asking $120 obo
  • Val - 2011-09-30
    I'm in the bay area near Sacramento. I recently picked up two more gold tigers. there all about 3.5 to 4 inches now they are growing faster than I expected. I took all the gravel out and they are starting to show there true colors. they really like frozen krill. Sorry I cant put any more fish in the tank. one thing I have to consider is as they get larger they eat more and that means more $$$$$$
  • Alex Burleson - 2011-09-30
    While that is an upsetting loss, the new Indos you have now must surely be, an exciting addition to your home! Feeding fish such as Datnoids can be a very exciting experience as well!
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Doreen - 2009-05-04
I have three mono`s that are the size of a dinner plate. I have had them for 11 years, and they have lived in a freshwater tank since I got them at about 1 in. They also had three angel fish, and three silver dollars. all pretty big fish now. I just noticed that the monos are killing the other fish that they have lived with all these years. Does anyone know why? Are they getting to breeding size? Should I put them in a saltwater tank? They have been in a 125 tank. HELP""""""

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  • Terry - 2011-02-09
    Doreen--Seems obvious but big fish=big appetite. Larger tank and no smaller fish with them or take them to a fish store that may give you some credit. Any fish that eats my fish is going away. Might consider fillets and invite friends over for a nice fish dinner. Good luck.
  • conor - 2011-12-28
    I have two silver mono and I have two large angelfish and I was wondering weather they could be housed in the same aquarium . ?
ALAICA - 2008-06-11
The mono is a great looking fish and they are full saltwater aquarium fish as they mature. I have one in my reef tank. I had 2 but they are very nippy as an adult and it killed the other one that I had. I have not been able to add more since then, he kills them all. He actually hunts them down and attacks them. But none the less, they are very attractive saltwater aquarium fish. They seem to retain the yellow coloration in their fins better in saltwtaer.

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  • Margaret Watch\r\n - 2011-07-18
    This piece of info is very useful for me, thank you!
ANDY - 2011-08-17
i have breed about 80s mono

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rgonzales - 2011-04-23
There is some misinformation regarding the indo datnoid on your site. There is no known captive breeding of this fish, which is one reason prices stay high and explains why wide bars datnoids are all but extinct. Instability of a datnoids color is not a sign of poor health or sickness. They just do that. Also a minimum recommended tanksize for datnoids would be 180 gallons. When keeping datnoids it is best to keep 1 or a group of 5 or more to disperse aggression.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-25
    Thank you for letting us know. We will look into that obviously and correct as necessary.
  • Clarice Brough - 2011-04-25
    Thanks for you input on this beautiful fish. Nice additional info regarding changes in coloration, and the suggested tank size for an adult. For people that wish more than one specimen, we've added your suggestion of keeping them in a group of 5 or more to disperse aggression. On breeding, that sounds like an open question. The author, with several decades experience in the import business and many close connections with breeders in Indonesia, briefly discusses commercial breeding happening there. It will be interesting to see if, and how, this unfolds in the industry! Thanks again for your thoughts!
  • Val Durio - 2011-06-23
    I found that their color varied depending on dominance. If there was a threat or a larger fish they darken if they are the larger fish they show true color.
bernard Uy - 2010-11-08
Is there a way that they can grow faster? Or any tips so they grow faster?

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  • J.T.Y. - 2010-12-23
    Don't feed them goldfish, or any other feeders from the carp family as they
    contain chemicals that inhibit growth.
  • rgonzales - 2011-04-27
    The best way to increase growth rates is frequent large water changes and a big tank. In addition feeders help the rate but this is something I don't like to do. Even with the tips given your still only looking at a half to 3/4 inch growth per month.
  • Val Durio - 2011-06-23
    They grow slow. Enjoy them at each stage of growth, 6 months at a time I saw increases in size.

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