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The gorgeous Pakistani Loach is known to be a very playful fish, and a great scavenger as well!
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Rhiannon - 2007-06-13
I have 2 YoYo fish, and they are great sizes. They are very friendly towards my clown loaches and i think they might be ready to breed. They are always out any time of the day. They are cute in a weird way but i love my YoYo fish.

michael - 2007-06-02
my yoyo loach is about 4 inches longs, and not aggressive at all. he just sits there under his rock cave and comes out when its time to eat, or in the late afternoon, or at night. hes not aggressive at all.

Laura - 2007-02-07
They're definitely cute! but they freaked me out when I first bought them because I thought they were dead, but then I realised that that's how they sleep! One of them likes to lay down on the plants, he has his own little hammock!

Evan - 2006-08-19
They only get to be about 4" although a closely related ladder loach grows to about 7" and they look very similar. My yo-yo loaches are very playful with each other never bothering any other fish.

Smack - 2006-07-10
Hey yea, my yoyo attacks other fishes too.

ashley - 2006-06-01
My three yo-yo loaches (i've had them for under 6 months) are already over 3" one is almost 5" so yes, they do get bigger than 2.5" and rarely they'll get to be over 8. 6" is more like their max size.