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The gorgeous Pakistani Loach is known to be a very playful fish, and a great scavenger as well!
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Laurel - 2014-10-29
Hi I have had a few Yoyo loaches and I have to disagree about the size they get in an aquarium. I a few in a 75g with angels and a few other fish and they are about a year old now and they are a 5-6 inches now, the male being a little smaller then the female.

Aalsen Geertsma - 2014-09-13
They're ravenous when it comes to food and snails, and they're quite fearless when they discovered eggs. They love digging for all kinds of snails, or dwarf shrimp. But they failed stealing eggs from hole breeding L-numbers or apistogramma cacatuoides. They're quite energetic and acrobatic here, and will swim full lengths of a tank in a display of dominance. I think it's best to keep them with other species of fish which aren't shy, because they bump into other fish on purpose quite often. Corydora's don't appreciate this, most tetra's neither. I have 7 of them in a 240 litres tank, they'll transform a still life aquarium into a more dynamic one, without agression. Nematobrycon palmeri is a superb combination with these botia's.

Oh and did anyone notice they have spikes under their eye's? My 8cm adult botia has spikes of approximately 4mm, she got stuck in a net...

bill - 2006-10-07
I have 4 yo yo loaches in a gallon container they were in my big 55 gallon tank, but they were eating the fry. Love these guys, but tend to be a little more aggressive than people say. At my store we put them under semi-aggressive fish. They are definitely good scavengers and will clean your tank. The only thing that gets me is that when they sleep they look like they're dead. When you go to get them they take off.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-06-29
    I'm looking at getting a yoyo fish to kill my snails I'm quite nervous for my guppies, cause some websites say they eat them.
Tina - 2013-11-12
I recently found out the name of this fish. LOL I have had this Yo-yo guy since 2000. It was by accident when I purchased a water plant for my aquarium. He made himself at home by eating all the snails including the big apple snails, he out lived my betas and other small fish. He even outlived a big pink aggressive cichlid that I thought would make a great tank mate for him. He even managed to survive many times of me finding him outside the tank after he jumped out while I was sleeping. Oh yeah, he really seems to enjoy my cat more than he does me since he only seems to come out of his hiding place whenever my kitty comes around. To this day he is still currently enjoying his food, I think his home and the odd snail he finds. I gave up on getting him a new tank mate. :s

JohnB - 2012-10-21
I have a 2 inch Yoyo in with my Betta and two Green Cories. He is always 'hanging' with the Cories and they even nudge him as if he is part of their shoal.

Melanie - 2012-05-21
I have a variety of yoyos for nearly 5 years now and I just love their markings. Each one has its own unique patterns. I've never had a problem with any of them as far as getting along w/my other fishes. Yet I to have wondered abt. their breeding. Maybe someone out there can help me. Tonight while cleaning my tank I came across several globs of what looks like mucus. I sat here a good 45 minutes wondering who did this. Anyway I have 2 yoyos that look very much pregnent I mean fat for like over 6 months. Well that mystery substance is coming from 1 of them. It's getting late and got to get some zs! Can anyone please tell me anything. Thank you!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-21
    These fish will sometimes produce an excessive amount of slime coat. Check your water levels.
  • james1981 - 2012-07-13
    hi, i just read ur comment and its an interesting one, i myself am a keen fan of loach, i have a number of clown, yoyo and zebra loach, had them all for years, always wanted to breed them but wasnt sure how, i looked into it and got some advice, in the wild they only spawn once per year ond this is at the start of the rainy season, when i learned this i seperated my yoyo loach to a small community tank for about eight month, then moved them to a larger tank, cooler by 2 degrees, lower wattage light, and used a fluval pump raised out of the water with a long pipe attached, pierced the pipe in several places to mimic rainfall, since doing this i have observed behaviors such as chasing each other, swimming rubbing side by side, the males barbs have turned red and the famale is now huge, they go deeper and very plump before spawning, im expecting them to any time now
Tiffiny - 2006-05-07
here is something about the yo yo loach and its weird behaviors. i have a yo yo loach that attacks my other fish. it seems to be consistantly chasing them and trying to eat their tail fins.

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  • Andrew - 2012-05-25
    That is a normal behavior. It is usually done by a male yoyo loach, or is sometimes done in a playful manor
Babs - 2012-04-28
I've just given away two pakistani loaches after keeping them for eight years. They have bullied and hounded every fish in my tank to the death. Beautiful fish to look at, fascinating to watch but down and out bullies. Would never give them a place in a tank again.

Sarah - 2012-03-22
i love these fish. I have 3 and I have kept them all with cichlids for over 2 years. Never had any fatalites even when one of my loaches was only 1 inch and it was living with one of my cichlids who was about 6 inches at the time and who is now 8 inches.

andrew - 2010-12-16
Yo-yo loaches can easily reach 6" if provided a large enough aquarium. When adult they can easily defend themselves from aggressive cichlids like Kenyi and venustus