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The Peppered Loach is one of those cute but shy burrowing loaches, that will quickly disappear!
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Catfish Lover \"The Expert In Anything Catfish\" - 2014-10-13
Pepper loaches are active fish and are out all the time,either digging,cleaning,or just chilling.I keep them in a heavily planted 35 gallon with:2 African Brown KnifeFish,1 Female Rainbow shark,1 Male Betta,1 Iberian ribbed newt,2 corydoras cats,1 synodontis cat,1 banjo cat,1 BN Pleco,1 Kuhli Loach,1 Yoyo loach and 1 silver dollar tetra,60 gallon filter,airstone,2-3 green cabomba,willow moss,hornwort and duckweed.I will soon be adding 2 Spotted Raphael Catfish.Overall a great fish and the alternative to weather loaches in a tropical aquarium.I reccomend keeping weather loaches first as they are very similar in food,behavior and care.

bruno - 2011-09-24
This fish are so nice.My peppered loach clean my aquarium fallen food.Like all loach,when day hide in the cave.

Janice - 2007-06-27
I bought one of these fish believing it was a dojo loach. I have kept dojos before and this little guy is more peaceful even than dojos! He is slightly more attractive in a small community tank. He exhibits the same mannerisms as similar loaches and is extremely mild-mannered.