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The Myer's Loach is one of the most handsome of the Pangio group of Kuhli loaches!
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Snuffy - 2008-01-29
The Myers Loach was a great addition to our tank. I am thinking about getting another on to keep this one company (that way we may see him more!). Very neat looking fish, and keeps the fallen food cleaned up really well.

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  • Bree Andy - 2012-09-20
    I have just one, bought at least 5 years ago, before I knew how social they are, & now I can't find them anymore. I've read they can live 10 years or more. Would love to give my Slimy a couple of friends, although (s)he does come out more since I added some of the common but smaller beige kuhlis. Any ideas out there? I'm in Los Angeles.