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The wiggly little Kuhli Loach keeps quite busy snacking on foods left uneaten by the other fish!
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Megan - 2008-01-05
I had 2 of these wonderful creatures in my first tank and they disappeared. I kinda forgot about them and a year later while thoroughly cleaning the tank they were both alive and very fat! One started coming out regularly, and would swim in circles! I just got a new 5 gallon eclipse which i decorated with an asian temple decoration. It has 4 small openings and he quickly found this and now lives in the asian temple, every once in a while sticking his head out. Awesome! He doesn't bother his tank mates and has such a mysterious personality! I love him!

kaden porter - 2007-08-30
just got 3 neon tetras and the coolie loach likes racing them!

dan smith - 2007-05-24
Had one of these a few years ago. It was one of the hardiest fish I have ever had. Once, it managed to get out of the tank during a water change, and starting moving across the floor. Then, we didn't see him for months and had assumed he died/had been eaten. When the tank was finally empty, we took out all of the decor and after about 5 hours, found him hiding in a hollow rock. He lived for months after that.

Mike - 2006-03-14
Great fish. Bought it at PetsMart a while back, and it just jumps around in my tank in the early morning and late night. Loves to swim around with my tetra.