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The Dojo Loach is a true curiosity with their habit of becoming very active when there is a weather change!
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jeff - 2006-02-20
My loach is so active when i get new fish. I recommend them for anybody with a new fish tank (or old). i hope to see one in every fish tank i see. I'v had one for over 2 years now and hes still doing fine. jeff

Mike - 2006-02-04
Just got a Dojo. What a personality!!!! He is goofy and really a treat. He is loving his tank mates which are guppies and danios. Loves those snails but I usually have to crush them so he can get them at the bottom. High maintence not at all. I enjoy his joy at finding them fall to the bottom.

dravon vega - 2006-01-28
My Dojo Loach is very lazy and you can barely see its poop

allie - 2005-12-13
Fantastic loach I recommend them to anyone! My 2 are getting very big now (around 15cm) but still love positioning themselves half way up my plants. The bigger one (i call him male but have no proof of this yet) willingly loves to nibble on food from my hand. Looked into their background a bit as i bought them on a whim and found out that they were named 'weather loach' because of their tendancy to belch or growl when it thunders or when a storm is on the weird! Great animals will be getting more and looking out for the golds!!

Nate Montes - 2005-11-05
Though I have collected a wide variety of small fish for many years, I only recently purchased a 55-gallon tank with the intention of expanding the number of species I could keep without overcrowding- I generally stick to smaller fish types such as Tetras and Rasboras. Having had a Khuli Loach several years ago for more than a year before it jumped out the tank over a weekend, I knew I definitely wanted more of these stunning creatures. I purchased three of them, and they are simply a joy to have in the tank. Here are the observations I have noticed in the two months I have had them:

-They eat anything and are very easy to care for. In particular, they have done an excellent job controlling my snail population, as I have two rather large snails that lay eggs almost every day. However, my Dojos appear to only eat the eggs and newborns. I have a number of snails that are only 4 to 5mm long, and they never bother them.

-They never ever bother any of the other fish, including my tiny Dwarf Pencilfish or Neon Tetras. They are very gentle and friendly, and commonly lounge around together or with my corydoras.

-They love rooting around in the substrate and dig up even my biggest plants several times a week. They are so fun to watch that this is little more than a mild annoyance for me, though I am still working on getting all my many plants potted.

-They jump- keep your tank covered! Apparently they can live for some time out of the tank if they decide to go exploring in this manner, but I personnaly dont take that chance. I have two hatchetfish tetras which are also jumpers so I already have my tank fully covered.