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The Dojo Loach is a true curiosity with their habit of becoming very active when there is a weather change!
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Christopher Hall - 2008-01-28
The reason this afforable little loach farts is related to its name: the weather loach. Most fish have swim bladders, small sacks filled with air that help maintain bouyancy. In this fish, the swim bladder is attached to some bone. When a low pressure system moves in (as when a storm developes), the swim bladder changes in size. Because of the bony attachment in the loach, it feels this change. This causes it to become more active, often racing to the surface to grab a gulp of air (something like us trying to pop our ears in an air plane). Sometimes this air goes into the digestive tract, and gets espelled. There is your farting fish.

These fish do like to be touched; I've held one in my hand for several minutes. They are quite funny and anyone who dislikes them based on their looks don't deserve them.

ariel & eaven - 2007-12-09
We have two dojo loaches and love them very much! Even more than the other fish we have. We have many fancy and regular gold fish, cory's, kuhli loaches, rosy barbs, mollies, blue gouramis, scissor tail danios (they like to jump out of the tank so watch out), chinee alge eaters, guppies, glow light, and tetras. They get along great with everyone. The dojos love each other- best in pairs. They are so playful! It's so funny when they FART! We haven't found any info on this. They enjoy dried shrimps and medium size koi pellets. We highly recommend that everyone should have them and fall in love with these silly creatures.

Tish - 2007-10-04
I recently purchased a single, very small Dojo. To my surprise the other day, I found that after only 9 weeks in the tank alone, she had babies. I can now enjoy 3 baby Dojos and the mom! I am really excited! :-)

Thomas Nett - 2007-09-04
I read the info on this page and noticed that it said they liked to be touched, so i stuck my hand in the tank. My dojo was scared at first, but warmed up very quickly! He let me pet him quite a bit! I started at the tail and he eventually let me pet all over him! I thought it was a little odd that a fish was that trusting but it was very cool!

Julia - 2007-07-25
I bought a dojo loach 2 weeks ago and i have enjoyed watching him swim and just pop out. I have especially loved watching him find food. I have been cracking up because everytime he finds a flake of food on the bottom he will go straight up and have his head digging in the gravel and his tail way up in the air. The dojo loach is my favorite fish and gets along with all the other fish. I have never seen him nip at anyone. He is a joy to have in my tank.

RHONDA - 2007-06-07
I absolutely love my Weather Loaches! I've completely changed my tank setup for them. Got rid of the gravel and went to a Black "Volcanic" Sand substrate. (If you get sand, make sure it's not the "live sand" for marine tanks.) The loaches love the sand! They burrow, dig, and sift through it all day and night long. Sometimes, all I see is their whiskers sticking out. I have a mix of artificial/live plants, some ornaments and rocks with hiding places and holes they can swim through. The most dramatic change was getting the Fluval 405 canister filter and replacing the old lid. I cut the plastic in the new lid with a soldering iron so it fits snuggly against the hoses. No gaps or holes. Now my tank's a safer cleaner environment for all my fish to live and play in. Plus, my loaches are more active than ever!

Darren - 2007-04-21
I bought a Dojo Loach a couple of weeks ago and have found it to be a very great pet to have. it is loads of fun to be around as it always chases other fish around and jumps out of the water. I have also found that it enjoys clowning around doing its own thing. i have been trying to train my Loach to jump out of the water and let me touch it and i have had a lot of success. it only took me about 4 days to get such great success. i do think it was worth the money and i do think it is the best fish to buy. as it is such a great fish, i think everyone should have one. it is a great thing to have, i mean who wouldn't want a fish that you can train or have it just sit there. I HAVE NO REGRETS GETTING ONE.

Joey - 2007-01-08
I have a pair of dojo loaches called Ziggy and Zorro and everyone who has seen them instantly falls in love with these litte guys. They are friendly and gentle with the other fish (A mix of fancy goldfish and three hillstream loach) and seem really attached to each other. i feed a wide variety of foods, including flake, tubifex, bloodworm, catfish pellets and algae wafers. But the dojo loaches favorite is chopped earthworms which they go totally nuts for! They are really active fish who take everything in their stride.But they do like to have hiding places however or they will get stressed. I have a piece of curved bog wood in my aquarium which the loach (both the dojo loach and the hillstream loach) use as a kind of bedroom, all disapearing into it and then popping their heads out if they think something is going on! dojo loach do tend to dig up tank ornaments, plants and even the tubing for the air stones. So you need to make sure you have a good depth of gravel in your tank and that plants are bedded into the gravel firmly. But these guys are well worth a bit of extra work.

Yesac - 2006-11-23
I have TWO dojo loaches and I love them. Both have their own personalities! Roxy is very scared when a human looks at her very closely. Stormy, on the other hand is very brave and is not easily startled.
Roxy was stuck in a place in the fish tank that has little water and no filteration and I just got her out yesterday!! She survived and is in very good shape.

Kail - 2006-09-25
I have two dojo loaches and I LOVE them. They have distinct personalities and their non stop comedy antics are exactly that,
NON STOP! After getting to know these wonderful little fish I just shudder at the thought of people eating them, or worse, using them as live bait.